Where to Stay in Xian (Tips & Map)

Plan your Xian tour? The city center of Xian is a very compact and walkable, and most of the places of interests are just a breeze from where you stay in the walled city.

As an ancient capital in China, Xian now still keeps the fortifications built in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls.

Xi’an City Layout

You may stay within the city wall or outside the city wall. But most travellers prefer to stay inside the old city wall. The wall measures 14 km in circumference, 12m in height, and 15–18m in width at the base.

Check out Xian City Layout for information.

Xian City Layout Map

The city layout within Xian City Wall is based on a grid pattern centrally denoted by the grand Bell Tower (钟楼), which levels out four main avenues clockwise: East avenue (East Street 东大街), South Avenue ( South Street 南大街), West Avenue  (West Street 西大街) and North Avenue (North Street 北大街). 

Xian Railway Station is located outside the northeast corner of Xian city wall. Xian North Railway Station is 12km north of Bell Tower; Xian Airport is located 40km northwest of Xian city center. Terracotta Warriors Museum is located 30km to the east of Xian city center.

Stay around the Bell Tower Area

Bell Tower Area is the most central part of Xian with four main streets merged here. Under the Bell Tower, the Subway line 02 takes you to Xian North Railway Station  ( 10 km north of the city center) or the exhibition center in the south.

To the northwest of Bell Tower, there is a Starbucks (Bell Tower Shop).  Walk westward from the Starbucks, you will see some local famous restaurants providing Xian dumplings and Yangrou Paomo (Bread and Mutton Soup).

Further west, you come across Drum Tower. North of Drum Tower is the famous Muslim Quarter.

Suggested hotels around Bell Tower:

Melody Hotel Xian,
Citadines Xi’an CentralBell Tower Hotel XianIbis Hotel Xi’an.
Xi’an Century Landscape Hotel
Ramada Bells Tower
Skytel Xi’an

Stay on the East Avenue Area in Xian

The East Avenue used to the most commercial street in Xian. Now its popularity is fading with its position having graduated taken by South Avenue and West Avenue. Outside the east gate of Xian City Wall is Shaanxi Song & Dance Theatre which puts on Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show every day.

Suggested hotels around East Avenue:
Grand Metropark Hotel
Xi’an Grand Noble Hotel
Xi’an Canaan International Hotel
Super 8 Hotel Xi’an He Ping GateS

Stay on the South Avenue Area.

The South Avenue is the shortest avenues of the four with its southern tip meets the South Gate of Xian City Wall. The South Avenue is lined with high end and upstart shopping malls.Its city wall south gate is often used as a tourist spot where people start to work. Forest of Stone Tablets is also located to the east of the south gate.

Union Alliance Atravis Executive Hotel
Skytel Xi’an (Formerly Prince International Hotel)

Stay on the West Avenue Area

The West Street is rebuilt in a Tang Dynasty architecture style. This is the most beautiful street, especially sparkling in the evening.

Suggested hotels around West Avenue:
West Capital International Hotel
Rongmin International Hotel Xi’an
Meihua-Goldentang International Hotel

Best for Business Travel: North Avenue Area

The North Avenue is the least commercial street of the four streets where Xian’s office buildings and government buildings are dotted here and there around the North Avenue.

Suggested hotels around north avenue:

Sofitel Xian on Renmin Square
Mercure on Renmin Square
Xian Huashan Mountain International Hotel
Aurum International Hotel
Xian colorful hotel apartment
Days Inn City Centre Xian

Stay on the Xian Railway Station Area

Xian Railway Station is located on the northeast corner of the city wall. It is a very bustling and commecial area.

On the east square of the train station, there are directly buses going to Terra-cotta Army and Huaqing Hotspring.  

Suggested hotels around Xian Railway Station:
Grand Soluxe International Hotel
Xi’An Hilton Xi’an
Jinjiang Inn (Xi’an Jiefang Road)

Stay on the South of Xian City Wall Area

The area outside the City Wall in the south is quite with some walkable attractions like Big Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi Museum.

Suggested hotels:

Tangcheng Hotel Xian
Shangri-la Hotel Xian

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