How to Visit Xian in November

Plan your Xian tour in November? Xi’an is getting colder in November with average temperature at 12 ℃ during the day and 3 ℃ at night.

As a historical city, Xian doesn’t lose its charm with cold weather coming.  The bonus is that some hotels start to offer discounted room rates from mid-November and domestic tourist volume is getting thinner.

Taking Pictures of Terracotta Warriors
Taking Pictures of Terracotta Warriors

Unlike scenic landscapes of rivers and mountains, Xian is a typical Chinese jewel peppered with relics and historical sites, indoor and outdoor. You can visit Xian in all seasons despite weather change.

The Weather in November in Xian

Xian’s average temperature falls between 12 ℃ during the day and 3 ℃ at night, as autumn also starts to transition into winter. In the first half of November you can still catch  somewhat autumn hues.

The later half of the month puts Xian into winter season. But the good thing is that the city heating starts from Mid-November.

Historical Weather Data for November in Xian

We’d like to present to you the historical weather data below, which is very useful for you to plan your trip to Xian well in advance.  You may refer to the data to decide how to dress,  what to pack for  your coming trip to Xian.

DateAverage HighAverage LowExtreme HighExtreme Low
Nov 0116℃6℃24℃(1977)-1℃(1957)
Nov 0216℃6℃24℃(2002)0℃(1969)
Nov 0316℃6℃23℃(1977)0℃(1956)
Nov 0416℃6℃22℃(1987)-2℃(1972)
Nov 0516℃6℃22℃(2002)-2℃(1963)
 Nov 0616℃6℃22℃(1987)-1℃(1957)
Nov 0715℃6℃22℃(1959)-1℃(1992)
 Nov 0814℃5℃22℃(1959)-2℃(1969)
Nov 0914℃5℃21℃(1959)-2℃(1981)
Nov 1013℃3℃20℃(1987)-3℃(1954)
 Nov 1113℃4℃20℃(1957)-5℃(1952)
 Nov 1213℃3℃21℃(1957)-2℃(1952)
Nov 1313℃4℃22℃(1957)-3℃(1963)
 Nov 1412℃3℃23℃(1977)-4℃(1965)
 Nov 1512℃3℃19℃(1951)-3℃(1962)
 Nov 1612℃3℃22℃(1951)-5℃(1952)
 Nov 1712℃3℃19℃(2002)-4℃(1963)
Nov 1811℃2℃20℃(1982)-5℃(1963)
Nov 1911℃2℃18℃(1997)-5℃(1957)
Nov 2011℃1℃21℃(1997)-5℃(1953)
Nov 2111℃1℃19℃(1959)-11℃(1963)
Nov 2211℃1℃18℃(1997)-15℃(1972)
Nov 2310℃1℃21℃(1977)-17℃(1981)
Nov 2410℃1℃18℃(1977)-8℃(1981)
Nov 259℃1℃18℃(1977)-6℃(1981)
Nov 2610℃1℃19℃(2003)-6℃(1951)
Nov 279℃0℃15℃(1979)-6℃(1991)
Nov 288℃0℃19℃(1979)-5℃(1966)
Nov 299℃0℃16℃(1979)-12℃(1978)
Nov 309℃-1℃16℃(1979)-11℃(1978)

What to wear

Wear layers (knitwear, or thermal wear),  plus normal jackets, or suits and wind coats , easy to peel off when it is getting a bit warmer at noon and to reapply when it turns chilly.

In the evening you may wear thick coat if the temperature drops well below zero.

Where to Stay

Xian is a very compact and walkable city, so no matter where you are going to stay you will easily get to the major attractions and shopping areas in Xian. Some hotels start to offer discounted room rates from mid-November. Domestic tourist volume is getting thinner.

The city layout within Xian City Wall is based on a grid pattern centrally denoted by the grand Bell Tower (钟楼), which levels out four main avenues clockwise: East avenue (Dong Dajie 东大街), South Avenue ( Nan Dajie 南大街), West Avenue (Xi Dajie 西大街) and North Avenue (Bei Dajie 北大街).

Xian Railway Station is just located on the northeast corner of Xian city wall while Xian Airport is located 40km northwest of Xian.

The areas near Bell Tower, East Avenue, South Avenue, West Avenue and North Avenue are considered ideal places to stay in Xian.   Check out the link for more information – Where to Stay in Xian.

What to See

Xian is well known for its historical relics, both above ground and underneath. Season or weather changes make no  big difference for sightseeing in Xian though October is a good time for autumn views.

So if you travel Xian in October as a first-time visitor, you may cover the major attractions like Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall, Xian Muslim Quarter,  the Great Mosque Bell & Drum Towers and the list could be longer if you stay in Xian for quite a few days.  Check out the Top 10 Attractions in Xian for more information.

In the first half  November, you still can see a subdued autumn colours around Xian. If you are a leaf-peeping enthusiast, Xian does have something to offer. But most of the places for autumn leaves in Xian are out of town.

For the time-strapped visitors, Xingqing Palace Park (兴庆宫公园) is a good alternative. Xingqing Palace Park is located in the eastern suburb of Xian, about 6km to the east of Bell Tower, the city center of Xian. It was built on the former site of the Xingqing Palace of the Tang Dynasty.

It is very easy for you to take a bus from Bello Tower to Xingqing Palace Park 兴庆宫. Take the buses from the east of Bell Tower – Bus 43, 622 or 203 along the East Avenue and get off at the stop of the North Gate of Xingqing Palace Park 兴庆公园北门站 ( 5 stops and 20 minutes ), then walk 210 meters to the park.

What to Eat

Xian is a haven for eaters. Hitting the food streets of Muslim Quarter is a must for first-time visitors. It is said there are over 300 Muslim local snacks on the streets in Xian Muslim Quarter that attract a consistent flow of visitors everyday coming here to savor or just have a glimpse.

The Food Streets of Muslim Quarter
The Food Streets of Muslim Quarter

Have a bite of some of the local food: the famous Xi’an Liangpi (cold skin noodles) , the lamb skewers, the cuttlefish, the yogurt, pomegranate juice and the list could be much longer.

Check out Tips for Visiting Muslim Quarter in Xian  for more information.

November Events, Holidays & Festivals

Annual Events and Festivals
1. China Journalists’ Day
China Journalists’Day falls on 08 December which was  inaugurated in the year 2000.  It is one of three holidays marked for professions in China. Journalists still work on this special day just as nurses and teachers on their own holidays.

2. National Fire Protection Publicity Day

3. Skiing Activities (滑雪活动)
Later December, some ski resorts in Xian start to offer avid skiers with clean clothes  and comfortable

Tip: Hassle-free Xian Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Xian guided tours:

Xian Tour
Xian Day Tour
Xian Tour Packages
Beijing Xian Tour

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