Top 10 Hostels in Xian

Xian is a mecca for foreign travelers when they plan their China tours. Xian is more Chinese than Beijing with plentiful traditional Chinese buildings and historical sites. The local people in Xian are simple and hospitable.The influx of western travelers into Xian has seen the hostels booming in every conors in the city of Xian.

If you are looking for an ideal hostel for your Xian Tour,  please follow me to explore the top 10 hostels in Xian.  I’m doing best to dig out the official websites of these hostels for you to have a first hand information. So you can check, compare and decide which hostel you will use for your Xian Trip .

1.  Xian HanTang Inn International Youth Hostel (西安汉唐驿国际青年旅舍)

The hostel is near the center of town, close to the Bell and Drum Tower with walking distance to the post office, to bus stops and city attractions. The staff is simply great, everybody speak good English and are eager to help you. The rooms are really nice but a little simple but it’s a hostel so it is a great value. There are three computers that you can use for free and couches on which to sit.

Add: No 07, Nan Changchengxiang, Xicheng Plaza, Xian 西安市新城广场南侧南长巷7号
Tel: 0086-029-029-87389765, 87287772

Xian HanTang Inn International Youth Hostel
Xian HanTang Inn International Youth Hostel

2.  Xian Shuyuan International Youth Hostel (西安书院国际青年旅舍)

It is centrally located. This hostels is a large  courtyard turned residence. So you will see some traditional decor. The staff here are really friendly and helpful. Breakfast area very nice. Free internet access (4 computers), a free coffee or tea on arrival, and a free beer at night. The room has a TV in it and a beautifully appointed bathroom.  Free pick up from the Xian train station.Add: No.2 Shunchengxixiang South Street Xi’an China 西安市南门里顺城西巷甲2号
Tel:87287728, 87287721

Xian Shuyuan International Youth Hostel
Xian Shuyuan International Youth Hostel

3. Xian 7 Sages (Qixian) YH ( 七贤国际青年旅舍)

It is a historical building in which former 8th army was headquarted. The property has been in existence for 100 years. The staff is extremely helpful, trusty and speaks good  English.

The rooms are fine, and the showers are  okay. The bar is very active and full of backpackers. The hostel is within walking distance of the train station and located on a quiet back street. 4 Computers for internet with reasonable rates.Add: Courtyard 5 of Qixianzhuang No, Beixin Street, Xian 西安市 北新街七贤庄1号5号院
Tel: 0086-29-66296977

Xian 7 Sages (Qixian) YH
Xian 7 Sages (Qixian) YH

Xi’an Your Tour International Youth Hostel  (西安悦途国际青年旅舍)

Xian Your Tour International Youth Hostel is located in downtown of Xi’an, within the hutong (alley houses) neighborhood behind the ancient city wall- Hanguangmen .

The hostel provides a peaceful getaway from a busy urban life. It is only 10 minutes walking away from the the famous snacks street “Muslim Street”.Next to our hostel, there are many public buses from which you can easily go to  most of Xi’an’ s top sites.It offers clean and comfortable beds with a great atmosphere, as well as a five-star chef for your well-cooked delicious food. More comfortable public areas and a cozy little yard, so that you can communicate and share travel happiness with friends from around the world.

Add:  No.31,Huoyaoju Xiang, Hangguangmen, Lianhu, Xian 西安市含光门里西行300米(火药局巷31号)
Tel: 029 – 87628808
Webpage: Xian Your Tour International youth hostel

Xi'an Your Tour International Youth Hostel
Xi’an Your Tour International Youth Hostel

5. Xiangzimen Youth Hostel (湘子门国际青年旅舍)
It is centrally  situated in a beautiful historic building where a brother of one of the Ming emperors once lived. It has very nice rooms and a really good bar and restaurant. The staff are helpful and informative when it comes to organize Xian city tours and call for taxis. Good breakfast menu and descent lunch/dinner.

The many of the staff speaks good English. Picking up people at the train station (free service). The room is comfortable with AC and private bathroom.

Add: No.16, Xiangzimiao Street, Nanmenli, Xian 西安市南门里湘子庙街16号
Tel: 029 – 62867999
Webpage: Xiangzimen Youth Hostel

Xiangzimen Youth Hostel
Xiangzimen Youth Hostel

6. Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xian (西安钟楼国际青年旅舍)
The bell tower youth hostel is located  right in the centre of town. Its location couldn’t be better!  You can easily walk to the Muslim Quarter, the Bell and Drum Towers. The front desk staff are  friendly, fast and efficientm and speak good English.

The room is large and relatively clean and the shower fine. TV in the room, tea and electric cup are offered. Good internet. Breakfast  is  good, though the service is a little slow.

Add: No.1 North Main Street Xi’an, China
Tel: 86-29 – 87233005, 87231203

Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xian
Bell Tower Youth Hostel Xian

7. Hanwood Youth Hostel Xian (汉文武德青年旅舍)
Hanwood Youth Hostel is located across  from Big Wild Goose Pagoda.  Every night  on the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Musical Fountain Square  there will be  spectacular musical fountain in the brilliant night. And you can watch.

The staff members are very helpful. The free services  are offered by the hostel including travel information; bike rental, DVD,  collection mail package, luggage storage, 24 hour hot water, tea together.

Add:  just opposite to south door of Tang Da Ci’en Temple ruins park, the South Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian
Tel: 86-029-85516916

Hanwood Youth Hostel Xian
Hanwood Youth Hostel Xian

Xian Sunflower Backpacker Hostel (小花国际青年旅舍)
( Mainly cater for girls )

It is a girls’ hostel. Xi’an Sunflower Backpacker Hostel is located in the center of Xi’an, a perfect location for food, shopping and visiting.

When staying in it, you may think this is not simply a hotel, but a home, a home away from home. Wrapped by sweet atmosphere and security environment, it is also a part of your travel. Public computer, Wi-Fi and laundry are available here. We also offer tourism information, package tour booking, train and airport pickup services.Add: Xidajie 157, Lianhu Dstrict, Xian  西安市西大街157号

Xian Sunflower Backpacker Hostel
Xian Sunflower Backpacker Hostel

9. (Xian Fenghe Youth Hostel) 西安丰禾国际青年旅舍

It has a convenient location, just 10 minutes walk from the Xian Railway station, 5 minutes from the bus station. Plentiful small stores and vendors Great noodles and dumplings available across the road and a good cobbler just around the corner.There are various kinds of rooms ( eight-bed room, six-bed, four-beds and standard rooms in the Fenghe Hostel.The rooms are air-conditioned. All rooms offer hot water, private bathroom, self-catering restaurant, TV… long distance calling, laundry service, and bicycle and car rental service. Ticket-booking services are also available .Add: No. 11 Fenghe Road, Xian 710014 西安市丰禾路11号

Tel: 029-86395990

Xian Fenghe Youth Hostel
Xian Fenghe Youth Hostel

10. Yan Ying international Youth Hostel   西安雁影国际青年旅舍

 Yan Ying youth hostel has decent facilities and clean rooms offering you the most comfortable space to rest.   Living in Yan Ying youth hostel, you can easily go to  lots of attractions by walking. Yan Ying  provides you the most beautiful and comfortable travel experience.Bar,coffee,air-conditioner,restaurant, multi-media, free Internet access, store, travelling information, table football, bicycle, etc.Add: Building 12 of Tai Ping Bao, east of south square of Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Qu Jiang New District, Xi’an

Tel: 029 – 85261481
Webpage:  Yan Ying international Youth Hostel

Yan Ying international Youth Hostel
Yan Ying international Youth Hostel

Tip: Hassle-free Xian Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Xian guided tours:

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