Xian Tourist Traps, Xian Tourist Scams

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Plan you Xian Tour? Xian is the capital of Shannxi Province, located in the southern part of Guanzhong Plain. As one of the ancient capitals of China, Xian is now a popular destination for both domestic and international business travelers as well as sightseeing tourists. There are several tourist scams that visitors should be aware of. Always be careful with what you do and with who you can trust.

Xian “Black” Taxis
“Black” taxis don’t mean that the colors of the taxis are black, but refer to the illegal taxis or cars that can be found Xian. It is not strange that Black Taxis are popular in some places like train stations and the airport in Xian.

They will not only overcharge you but there have been reports of tourists taken out into the middle of nowhere where several of the black taxi drivers friend showed up and took all of the tourists belongings. Your personal safety should be put at the first. You are kindly reminded not to use “black cars” though sometimes they are convenient.

Xian “Black” Tour Guide
You can find “Black” Tour Guide almost everywhere of Xian City. An attractive male or female will approach the tourist and offer to be a free or a very cheap tour guide.

They take visitors to some stores on the way to the attractions and force them to shop. The products in the stores are expensive with poor quality. The visitors are all cheated by the “Black” tour guide. Just remember, there is no free lunch in the world, so leave them far away from you.

“Antiques” Traps along the Street
Xian is an ancient cultural city, visitors like to buy some antiques here. If you are not an expert, you’d better not buy the antiques. What’s more, when you are walking around the street, remember don’t touch the things on the stalls.

Sometimes the vendors put the goods into triangular on purpose. As long as you touch them, the goods will fall down, so that the vendors can have an excuse to ask for money from you. In fact these good are worthless. Don’t be deluded.

“Flake” Emperor Underground Palace
In Xian, there are many Flake Man-made Attractions, Emperor Underground Palace, for example. Some black tour guide will introduce the Emperor Underground Palace to you. The entrance fee is CNY 20. In fact, it is a man-made attraction with no historical value. It has nothing do to with “Emperor”. You should make it clear before you plan your visit.

Pickpockets always can be found in the major tourist sites of China, Xian is not an exception Always keep your eyes on your bags, and carry your wallets in a front pocket or a pocket inside your coat when you are walking on the street or taking the bus.

Beware of these young men and also of the ladies in whose interests they ply their trade. If you are stolen, or you find other being stolen, or you have pickpocket clues, you are encouraged to call the anti-pickpocket hotline 110.

Book Signature in Terra-Cotta Army
The honorary Director of the museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses signs books in the museum. Some guides will cheat you that it is your fate to meet the old director. If you can meet the old man, you should buy a book and get a signature from him. This is not true. The old man is there every day. If you like the book, buy one; if you don’t like, just don’t buy it. It is a waste of money.

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