How to Visit Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area

Plan you Nanjing tour? Visiting the Confucius Temple (夫子庙)and a stroll around its neighbour is worth your time during your short stay in Nanjing. The Confucius Temple in Nanjing is popularly known as Fuzi Miao or Fuzi Temple.

Nanjing Confucius Temple

Fuzi Temple ( Nanjing Confucius Temple ) is one of the four most famous Confucius temples in China. Temple of Confucius is a temple devoted to the memory of Confucius (551–479 BC), the sage and great philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history.

Today, the Confucius Temple accompanied by its surrounding neighbourhood (pedestrian streets) has become a mecca for holiday makers. Every day it seems all the locals of Nanjing throng here, eating, drinking, and shopping.

Nanjing Confucius Temple-the Qinhuai River Scenic Area

Now Nanjing Confucius Temple with its old world charming surrounding area is popularly and officially known as Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area (夫子庙秦淮风光带).

The Qinhuai River is the biggest river in Nanjing It’s also the birthplace of the age-old Nanjing culture. As such, it’s called “Nanjing’s mother river”. Qinhuai River is a branch of the Yangtze River, running about 110 kilometers, a major watercourse around Nanjing City.

20-minute walk from Gate of China to the scenic area.

The famous Qinhuai River winds past the south of the Confucius Temple. Boating on the Qinhuai River is one of the highlights visiting Fuzi Temple. There is a huge dragon screen, 110m long and 20m high, recognized as the largest screen in China, on the south bank of the Qinhuai River.

This scenic area is more than the two major attractions – Nanjing Confucius Temple and the Qinhuai River put together. It is centred on the Confucius Temple, including Qinhuai River as its axis linking the numerous national key cultural relics protection units such as the City wall. It covers an area of 4.69 square kilometers.

How to get there

It is most convenient to take subway line – take subway line 1 and get off at the station of Sanshan Jie (三山街), and exit from Exit 3 (Jinshanjing 金沙井) and walk a few steps to get to the site of the Confucius Temple area.

Take Nanjing Metro Line 3 to Fuzimiao Station, get off at Exit 2 or 3, walk south along Pingjiangfu Road, you can reach Qinhuai Archway, Imperial Examination Museum in the scenic area.

Virtual Tour of Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area

A large Confucius Temple Pailou ( a traditional Chinese archway), serving as an open entrance to Nanjing Confucius Temple-The Qinhuai River Scenic Area. But there are also other lanes and streets through which you can easily enter this expansive scenic area.

A large Confucius Temple Pailou
The entrance to the Nanjing Confucius Temple
Dachen hall is the main dedicated to Confucius
For many, not just for the temple, but for the fun.
Packed with leisure travellers and fun seekers
Boating on the Qinhua River
Qinhua River flanked by the traditional style of houses
The night view of Qinhua River
Shopping a local vendor
Eating, shopping, walking, talking…
Chatting, taking a rickshaw…
The famous local snack – Stinky Tofu (smelling Smelly tofu)
Steamed buns

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