Nanjing South Railway Station (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Nanjing tour? If you take a high-speed train from Beijing or Shanghai to Nanjing, you’ll arrive at Nanjing South Railway Station. Nanjing has two major train stations – Nanjing Railway Station (for T and K trains) and Nanjing South Railway Station (for high-speed trains).

Nanjing South Railway Station is one of the largest high-speed train stations in China and the largest railway station in East China.

The location of Nanjing South Railway Station (Google)

It is located in the south of Nanjing linked to the city center of Nanjing by Nanjing Metro Line 1, Line 3, Line S1 and Line S3.

Nanjing Railway Station Inquiry Phone Number: 025-025-52414183;
Ticket booking: 025-52414183.

3th Floor: Waiting Hall ( for departure )
2nd Floor: Platforms
1th Floor: Transport interchange (bus, taxi and subway)
B1 & B2: Subway

3th Floor: Waiting Hall ( for departure )

The 3th floor is the huge waiting hall for passengers leaving Nanjing. Your taxi can take you directly on to the parking lot on the 3th floor of Nanjing Railway Station. If you take subway to Nanjing South Railway Station, you can take the connected escalators directly to the waiting hall on the 3th floor.

Waiting Hall ( for departure ) on the third floor

Check your departure gate for your train through the huge electric screen flashing out the latest train timetable. Inside the huge waiting hall, you will find shops and restaurants on the the 4th floor on the two sides of the 3th floor. In the middle of the waiting hall is the information centre where you ask some of the questions pertaining the “Red Cap Service” and “the Left Luggage”.

In the middle of the waiting hall is the information centre

2nd Floor: Platforms

The platforms are on the second floor. For departure, you will walk down to the platform from the departure hall on the 3rd floor through escalators or the stairs; for arrival, you will take escalators or walk down on steps to the first floor for transport interchange.

The platforms are on the second floor

1st Floor: Transport interchange (bus, taxi and subway)

On the first floor inside the station building, there are gates leading to the taxi and bus services.

1st Floor: Transport interchange (bus, taxi and subway)

There are also entrances down into the B1 floor for interchange for subway.

For public bus transportation, you have to walk out to either to the north square or the south square of the station building.

For taking taxis or private vehicles, you have to walk either to the east or west side of the train station building.

B1 & B2: Subway

You will walk down to the subway from the first floor of the station building.

Take subway line 1 from Nanjing South Train Station to the city center of Nanjing.


The train tickets booking offices are available on the 2rd and first floors.

KFC on the first floor

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9 thoughts on “Nanjing South Railway Station (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. I will need to travel from Nanjing Railway Station to Nanjing South Railway Station. How long will that take? Should I take the subway or taxi?

  2. Hello Gareth,

    Yes, you can park your car at the underground parking lot, RMB 30 per car withing 24 hours. Just for your reference.

  3. I want to travel from Nanjing Airport to Nanjing South Railway Station. Is there a subway connecting them? If yes, which line and how long will the trip take? Or is it faster to go by taxi? We have 4 hours time to do it.
    Thks a lot for Information, Hanne

  4. Hello Hanne,

    No direct subway line linking Nanjing airport and Nanjing South Railway Station. It is better to take a taix from the airport to the train station: 33Km, about 40-minute taxi drive and approximately RMB 100

  5. I would like to arrive at Nanjing South, visit the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre and return to Nanjing South to catch a train for Suzhou. Can you advise me please how long it will take on the subway to the Memorial Hall from Nanjing South, and whether I can leave my luggage at the station?
    Many thanks

  6. Hello Neil,

    You should allocate at least 3 hours for a round trip by subway ( Nanjing South – the Massacre – Nanjing South). Yes, you can leave your lugggae at a deposit office. There are locker facilities available at Nanjing South Station.

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