Dalinur Lake

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Plan your East Inner Mongolia Tour? Dalinur Lake is worth your exploration. Dalinur Lake ( or simply called Dali Lake )literally means”a lake large like sea. The lake is located on the southwest of Gong Geer Grassland,  90km to the west of Jingpeng Town in Hexigten Banner, 300km to the north of Chifeng, 680km to the north of Beijing. It is the second largest inland lake in Inner Mongolia. Dalinur Lake is an enclosed half salty lake with an area of 240 square kilometers and an average depth of 10-13 meters.

Dalinur Lake has two sister lakes – Ganggennur Lake and Duolunnur Lake. The three lakes are connected by the three rivers including Liangzi River, Gong Geer River and Shalihe River, which form a lake area on the Inner Mongolia Plateau. Now Dalinur Lake has become a national-level reserve, the largest grassland and meadow ecco system area in China.

The Dali Lake is a happy habitat for over 160 species of birds including some rare birds like red-crowned cranes,bustards,swans and many more. Dalinur Lake is one of the three swan lakes in China with other two being Bayinbuluk Lake in Xinjiang and Panyang Lake in Jiangxi. The lake is also the largest passage for migrant birds in the northern China. In the Dali Lake live two kinds of fish – carps and Huazi Fish. The Huazi fish is very famous locally.

As a tourist destination, the Dalinur Lake is open to touists on its two sides – the north side and south side. You have to pay to visit either the northern lake area and the southern lake area. You buy entrance tickets separately – RMB70 each place. The northen lake area has four major highlights – Zhen Zi Mountain, Geopark Museum, Dalinur Lake Park and Bird-watching. In the north lake area, you may stay overnigh at the yurts; in the south, you may stay in the Mantuoshan Resort.

To visit the southern lake area, you have to drive south along the only road from the northern Dalinur lake to the southern Dalinur Lake. The Mantuoshan ( Mantuo Mountain ) is the best place for taking an panoramic view of Dalinur Lake, sunrise or sunset.  You can choose to climb up to the mountain top of Mantuoshan or just drive up to the top.

Standing on the top of the Mantuoshan Mountain, to the north you will have a bird-eye view of the lake and to the south you will see the sandscape of Hunshanda Desert.

In different seasons, the Dalinur Lake presents different pictures of the natural beauty of grassland landscapes: April and May for bird watching; June, July and August for grassland landscapes; September and October for autumn foliage and winter for fish catching.

How to get there?
If you start your Dalinur Lake exploration from Beijing, you may have the following two travel routes:

1) First take the overnight trains from Beijing North Railway Station to Chifeng, then from Chifeng, you take a long-distance bus to Jingpeng Town where you rent a van or jump onto a local coach for Dali Lake in Hexigten Banner.

2) You may drive from Beijing to the Dalinur Lake, a 680km road trip passing by Zhangjiakou and Sanggedalai.
Dalinur Lake in Spring

Dalinur Lake in Spring

The Dalinur Lake in Autumn


The Dalinur Lake in Winter

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