Gong Geer Grassland (Tips, Photos & Map)

Location of Gong Geer Grassland

Gong Geer Grassland (贡格尔草原) is located 35km to the west of the Jingpengzhen (or Jingpeng Town 经棚镇), the seat of Hexigten Banner((克什克腾旗) in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.

The location of Gong Geer Grassland (Goolge)

The Gong Geer Grassland is reputed as the”Natural Garden” epitomized by the boundless pasture, numerous flowers, clear waters and roaming hordes, a picturesque grassland.

Its west is linked to Dalinur Lake (Dali Lake) Nature Reserve. Gong Geer Grassland has numerous lakes of various sizes.

The Gong Geer Grassland occupies the area of 320,000 hectares, a spectrum of natural landscape, ethnic minority customs, cultural landscape, places of historical interest and grassland culture as well as a mecca for photography fans.

Best to Visit Gong Geer Grassland

Each year the time from July and August is the best period to visit Gong Geer Grassland. The boundless pasture is rife with wild flowers, crisscrossed by plentiful clear rivers and accompanied by numerous singing birds.

Gong Geer Grassland

People come here feeling as if they were in a huge natural garden, fully enjoying the boon given by the nature, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities and the trivials in our daily life, and making our bodies and souls spread out in the pure grassland and extending further.

The Gong Geer Grassland has about 20 lakes of various sizes with Dalinur Lake being the largest. Dalinur Lake (Dali Lake) is the second largest lake in Inner Mongolia, one of the three swan lakes in China with other two being Bayinbuluk Lake in Xinjiang and Panyang Lake in Jiangxi.

Gong Geer Grassland

Now the Dalinur Lake has been set as a national nature reserve with an area of 1200 square km aimed at protecting rare birds and their habitat such as lakes, wetland, grassland, deserts and forest.

How to get to Gong Geer Grassland

Well, basically the city proper of Chifeng is the springboard for entering the Gong Geer Grassland. The grassland is about 265km to the northwest of Chifen city and 500km to the north of Beijing.

The trains from Chifeng run to Beijing, Hohhot, Shenyang and Jinzhou. Daily flights connect Chifeng to Beijing and Hohhot.

Then take the long-distance buses from Chifeng to Keshiketeng Qi (Hexigten) where you rent a local van or bus to the Gong Geer Grassland and Dalinur Lake or continue to drive along the north route and get to Baiyin’aobao National Nature Reserve which is a beautiful nature reserve mainly for protecting the sandy spruce forest rare in the world. Further extend to the Asihatu Stone Forest.

Where to stay on the Gong Geer Grassland

You may stay overnight at the Jingpeng Town, 35km to the west of the Gong Geer Grassland. In Jingpeng Town, you have more chances to select your hotel. Or you may put up at night in a tent in the Gong Geer Grassland or at the Dalinur Lake.

Many local restaurants in Jingpeng Town offers many choices with smiling faces. You just sit down for a cup of milk tea and enjoy local flavors like dried beef, roasted whole sheep and fish feast and many more. You also can stay overnight in a yurt by the river.


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