The Best Place to View Peach Flowers in Beijing

Approx. 80 km northeast of Beijing city center, Pinggu District is home to the world’s largest peach orchard with about 11,000 hectares of peach trees. Pinggu features totally 218 kinds of peach trees with 4 species of yellow peach, white peach, nectarine and peento.

Pinggu peaches are big in size, sweet in taste and brilliant in colour. The local peaches are exported to over 10 countries with a total annual production of 1300 thousand kilograms. The harvest time falls on autumn – September and October when Pinggu will hold a festival known as “The Feast of Immortal Peaches” to celebrate the happy time for peach picking and tasting.

Another moment, no less important is Pinggu Peach Festival – the viewing of the magnificent sea of peach flowers in spring starting Mid-April through May. If you happen to visit Beijing in spring, a side trip to Pinggu for a glimpse of the “Sea of Peach Flower” is an amazing addition to your Beijing trip.

The best spot in Pinggu to see peach blossoms is Dahua Town ( 大华镇) which is home to the peach orchard dubbed as “Sea of Peach Blossoms”.  Of course, there are many separated peach orchards of big or small, sponsored by individual villagers. For entry into some of their peach orchards, you either need to pay a small sum of money or buy some of their peach products.

Many of the peach orchards are fenced, you are only allowed to see from their outside fences. In Dahua Town, the major peach orchard is fenced and circled with a long wooden walkway where you can easily have a glimpse of the peach flowers inside the fences. For small and privately owned peach orchards, you can enter either paying or buying to snap the pictures of the blooming peach flowers.

How to get to Pinggu or Dahua Town in particular?
For self-driving, just set your GPS at Dahua Town and drive along g the famous peach blossom sea road (highway No.330) and skip over the downtown Pinggu.

For public bus users, you may take the public bus 852 from Dongzhimen Transportation Hub for Pinggu District.  Arriving at Pinggu District Bus Terminal, then you change for the local small bus Dahua Town or the famous peach blossom sea road (highway No.330).

Once you are in Pinggu, you will have more interesting local attractions that bestow on you, such as Pinggu Glass Sightseeing Platform, Jingdong Krast Cave, Jinhai Lake and more.

Follow me to have a virtual tour of viewing the “Sea of Peach Blossoms” in Pinggu.

Pinggu Orchard – the largest of this kind in the world
Selfie in front of blooming peach flowers
Peach blossom selfie
Kissing in the sea of peach blossoms
Senior Peach Flower Enthusiast
Peach flowers against sunlights
Peach Flower Photography
Flowering Peach Trees
Blooming Peach branches
Peach blossoms
Old branch and new flowers

More Attractions in Pinggu, Beijing

1) Flying Dragon Valley
2) Bolitai Great Wall
3) Jinhai Lake
4) Pinggu Glass Sightseeing Platform
5) Jingdong Karst Cave
6) Huangsongyu Reservior
7) Diaowo Village

Hassle-Free Private Tour to Visit the Glass Sightseeing Platform
If you don’t want go the daunting do-it-yourself-route and prefer an organized hassle-free private tour to visit the glass sightseeing platform and view the peach flower orchard, no worry and we have the following options:

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Tip: Hassle-free Beijing Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Beijing guided tours:

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