Huangsongyu Reservoir

Plan your Beijing excursion? Huangsongyu Reservoir could be your peaceful escape from your bustle and hussle of city life. It lies at the foot of Huangsongyu Great Wall in Huangsongyu Village in Pinggu District, about 100km in the northeast of Beijing city proper.

The construction of Huangsongyu Reservoir was completed in June, 1971. It has a tank capacity of 1040 cubic square meters with flow control area of 49 square kilometers. it is built with a main dam, a flood spillway, 3 electric generators. The principal dam is as high as 48 meters with its dam top of 185 meters. The power station has a capacity of 439 kilowatt.

Today Huangsongyu Reservoir has also become a leisure place for middle class urban residents who come here to rewind themselves on weekends, fishing, camping and homestay at Huangsongyu Village or Diaowo Village. The best season to visit the reservoir falls between June and September.

Huangsongyu Valley was once an important Great Wall pass connected to Huangsongyu Great Wall. The building of the Huangsongyu Reservoir has cut the Huangsong Great Wall into ywo parts – west section and east section. The east section of Huangsongyu Great Wall leads to Jiangunguan Great Wall and Huangyaguan Great Wall. These two sections of the wall are wild, broken overgown and original.

How to take a public bus to Huangsongyu Reservoir? Just take the public bus 918 at Dongzhimen Transport Hub to the downtown of Pinggu District. After arriving at the bus terminal of Pinggu, change for Bus 25 passing by Huangsongyu Reservoir. For self-drive holiday makers, first drive along Jingping Expressway, then follow the sign pointing to Huangsongyu Village and Huangsongyu Reservoir.

Now we are driving along the newly finished expressway branching off the Jingping Expressway and approaching the Huangsongyu Reservoir Dam.

A zigzag mountain road runs along the east side of Huangsongyu Reservoir. 

A zigzag mountain road runs along the east side of Huangsongyu Reservoir.

The Huangsongyu Great Wall is still visible on the west of the reservoir.

The Huangsongyu Great Wall is still visible on the west of the reservoir.
The dam was constructed on the south of the reservoir
The eastern part of the reservior has an amazing backdrop of Stone Forest Gorge.

The major Attractions in Pinggu, Beijing

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2) Bolitai Great Wall
3) Jinhai Lake
4) Pinggu Glass Sightseeing Platform
5) Jingdong Karst Cave
6) Huangsongyu Reservior
7) Diaowo Village

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