How to Visit Jingdong Karst Cave in Beijing

Plan your Beijing excursion? Jingdong Karst Cave, is popularly known as Jingdong Big Cave or Big Karst Cave in Pinggu. It is located in Heidouyu Village at Pinggu District, 90km east of Beijing city proper. “Jingdong” literally means “East of Beijing”.

Jingdong Karst Cave have existed ever since 1.5 billion years before, hence the name of “The Oldest Karst Cave in the world”. This karst cave stretches over 25,00m including a 100m boat trip inside the karst cave. The temperature inside the karst cave is stable, warm in winter and cool in summer.

The karst cave is divided into 8 viewing areas named after the unique rock formations, the stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that can be found inside the cave. The formations were created over thousands of years by dripping water. Some of the eight viewing areas are given interesting names like “Fairyland in Penglai”, “Spring Rain in Southern China”, “Water Curtain Cave”, “Heavenly Torch” and so on.

The normal visiting time inside the cave takes about one and half hours. Visitors will be escorted by a karst cave tour guide from beginning to the end. The entrance ticket is RMB65 p/p.

After having your ticket checked, you walk through a 140m man-made tunnel which is linked to the cave inside. The stalactites, stalagmites, and columns are lit by lamps of different colors. You have to walk slowly to keep from falling down due to the wet and slippery stone steps.

How to get there?
For public transportation, you take the 918 from Dongzhimen Transport Hub. Arriving at Pinggu Bus Terminal, you are required to connect bus 25 passing by Jingdong Big Karst Cave and get off the Jingdong Karst Cave.

For self-guide drive, you drive along Jinggu Expressway, then branch off and follow the road sign pointing to Jingdong Big Karst Cave.

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The the stalactites look like icicles.

The rock is naturally carved with th forms of gingers

The rock is naturally carved with th forms of gingers

The stalactites are still growing and the stone rocks are formed by fast-flowing water rich in calcium carbonate and carbon.

The stalactites are still growing

The other major Attractions in Pinggu, Beijing

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5) Jingdong Karst Cave
6) Huangsongyu Reservior
7) Diaowo Village

Hassle-Free Private Tour to Visit the Glass Sightseeing Platform
If you don’t want go the daunting do-it-yourself-route and prefer an organized hassle-free private tour to visit the glass sightseeing platform, no worry and we have the following options:

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6 thoughts on “How to Visit Jingdong Karst Cave in Beijing

  1. How ofter does bus 25 come by?
    How much would a taxi cost from Pinggu to the caves?
    What is the difference between the Jingdong Karst Cave vs the Big Karst Cave?
    I took bus 918 from Dongzhimen to Pinggu, this is a 2 hr bus ride, I saw 852 also runs these same points. After waiting for over and hour I did not see any bus 25. One a small silver van with tinted windows and bus #25 and 29 in their window, there was 1 bench seat in back, they wanted 20 rmb to go. I did not feel safe getting into this fake “taxi”.
    Also which comes first on bus 25 the Stone Forest Gorge or the Caves?

  2. Hello Erin,

    Thanks for your time writing your questions!

    These are good questions, which make us offer more accurate information for netizens who would like to visit either the Cave or the Gorge. We are pleased to answer your questions as below:

    1. Pinggu District Downtown is located 76km to the northeast of the city center of Beijing.
    2. The Jingdong Karst Cave (also known as the Big Karst Cave) is located on the way to the Stone Forest Gorge (Shilinxia). Both the Jingdong Karst Cave and the Stone Forest Gorge are located to the northeast of the downtown Pinggu – the Jingdong Karst Cave (17km) and the Stone Forest Gorge (25km).
    3. How to get from Beijing downtown to the two attractions?
    1) First take bus 852 or 918 from Beijing Dongzhimen to Pinggu downtown. It is better to take Bus 852 which runs on the Jingping highway, so it is faster the Bus 918 which runs on along the old road with more stops.
    2) No matter you take bus 852 or 918, you all get off at the final stops at the Pinggu New Bus Station (平谷新车站). In the Pinggu New Bus Station, you will find the Bus 25. The bus 25 runs every half hour on weekday and 10 minutes on weekend. There are two kinds of the bus 25: 25-seat bus and 19-seat bus both in green and white.
    4. About the silver van
    The silver vans are fake Bus 25
    5. Most all the taxis in Pinggu downtown are “black taxis” except some taxis coming to Pinggu on business. Taking a local black taxi to the Cave or the Gorge takes you about RMB 40 and RMB 50.

    Not advisable to take the local black taxis!

    Thanks for your questuions and good luck!

  3. I just got back from visiting Jingdong’s Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area and Karst Cave over the Dragon Boat Festival. Bus 852 takes 1 hr 20 min(vs 918 is 2 hr). 9rmb with card else 15 rmb. Local buses didn’t stop at the stop unless you were getting off and no one was waiting. Most bus stops not designated, but the tourist destinations had a small sign on a pole with the #25 to designate a bus stop. The local bus is 2rmb w/o card, if you have the card need to swipe when you exit to get reduced price like you do on a distance fare bus. It was about 35 min to get to the Gorge. The gorge is actually 78rmb entrance.
    We visited the Cave on the way back, 80rmb entrance with additional 10rmb inside cave for boat ride and another 10rmb for further cave possibly leading back to the entrance. We didn’t pay the extra 10rmb and were directed a back exit leading to a different tourist destination between the cave and the gorge. Couldn’t find the bus stop as it’s not posted here and had to walk back to the cave entrance to get the bus.

  4. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for your valuable time writing this detailed travel tips regarding the visit to Jingdong’s Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area and Karst Cave. Much apprecaited!

  5. Hi I am planning to visit both pinggu glass bridge and karst cave, could you please tell me how to reach through public transport. I came to know I have to take 852 bus and then 25. but not sure where to get down first glass bridge or cave. if get down near cave, then how to reach glass bridge again..and if we are leaving by morning 9AM is it possible that we can complete both destinations with in 3PM and reach back Beijing within 7PM

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