Visit Beijing in March

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In Beijing, the winter-long indoor heating will be turned off on the official date of March 15 of each year. That means a harsh and freezing weather has left us.

With the passing of the dry and harsh January and February, March foresees the local weather will become warmer and warmer. But people can still feel a bit chilly in March, especially in the first half month of March.

The drawback about the weather in March is the possible sandstorms which often hit the city during the month. The whole month is in the shoulder season. In the first half March, crowds level is quite low due to the cold weather.

Note: The possibility of sandstorms in March is getting less in recent  years due to the forestation around Beijing.

In the later half March, crowds level is higher since the weather in later March is a little warmer. Well plan your Beijing tour and Beijing hotel booking in advance if you visit Beijing in later March.

Check the historical data below to better appreciate your travel experience in Beijing – how to pack and how to wear for your Beijing trip.

Historical Climate Data for March in Beijing

This past 50-year historical weather data is quite useful for you to plan your trip to Beijing well in advance.  You may use the data to decide what to wear on your coming trip to Beijing.

By the way you may also check our  Beijing March Realtime Weather Photos  for more vivid and timely information on the Beijing weather in March.


Date Average High    Average Low    Precipitaion   Extreme High    Extreme Low
March 01 7℃ -3℃ 0mm 14℃(2001) -11℃(1951)
March 02 8℃ -3℃ 0mm 15℃(1986) -11℃(1958)
March 03 8℃ -3℃ 0mm 17℃(1999) -15℃(1971)
March 04 8℃ -3℃ 1mm 20℃(1986) -12℃(1969)
March 05 9℃ -3℃ 0mm 16℃(2006) -10℃(1969)
March 06 9℃ -2℃ 0mm 19℃(1995) -10℃(1985)
March 07 9℃ -2℃ 0mm 19℃(1995) -8℃(1965)
March 08 9℃ -2℃ 0mm 17℃(2002) -9℃(1966)
March 09 9℃ -2℃ 0mm 19℃(1958) -9℃(1970)
March 10 10℃ -1℃ 0mm 22℃(2008) -8℃(1957)
March 11 10℃ -1℃ 0mm 22℃(2002) -9℃(1969)
March 12 10℃ -2℃ 0mm 22℃(1962) -12℃(1969)
March 13 11℃ 0℃ 0mm 18℃(1988) -8℃(1955)
March 14 11℃ 1℃ 0mm                 21℃(2002) -6℃(1957)
March 15      12℃ 0℃ 0mm 21℃(1951) -4℃(1954)
March 16 12℃ 0℃ 0mm 23℃(2006) -5℃(1962)
March 17 13℃            1℃ 0mm 22℃(1981)        -4℃(1995)
March 18 12℃ 1℃ 0mm 22℃(1981) -4℃(1976)
March 19 12℃ 1℃ 0mm 24℃(2001) -5℃(1976)
March 20 12℃ 1℃ 1mm 24℃(2001) -5℃(1976)
March 21 12℃ 1℃ 1mm 22℃(2001) -5℃(1984)
March 22 11℃ 1℃ 0mm 19℃(1953) -6℃(1970)
March 23 12℃ 1℃ 0mm 21℃(2001) -8℃(1970)
March 24 13℃ 1℃               0mm 22℃(2001) -9℃(1979)
March 25 14℃ 1℃ 0mm 24℃(2005) -5℃(1987)
March 26 15℃ 2℃ 0mm 25℃(2000) -4℃(1962)
March 27 15℃ 3℃ 0mm 22℃(1973) -5℃(1958)
March 28 16℃ 3℃ 1mm         25℃(1997) -6℃(1958)
March 29 16℃ 4℃ 1mm 24℃(1997) -5℃(1958)
March 30 16℃ 4℃ 0mm 25℃(2005) -3℃(1958)
March 31 16℃ 4℃ 0mm 29℃(2002) -4℃(1978)

March Events, Holidays & Festivals

In Beijing, the winter-long indoor heating will be turned off on the official date of March 15 of each year. That means a harsh and freezing weather has left us. With the passing of the dry and harsh January and February, March foresees the local weather will become warmer and wamer. But people can still feel a bit chilly in March, especially in the first half month of March.

Annual Events and Festivals
1. Lianghui 两会
Lianghui , literally “two meetings”,  refers  to the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The two meetings last about one week which ends at Mid March. The Two Meetings are often regarded as  the Senate, house of Representatives in China. These are the most important political meetings in Beijing China.

2. March 8 International Women’s Day 三八国际妇女节
On this special day, some attractions in Beijing offer free entrance tickets to female visitors. Some working units allow female workers half day off or with extra pay if  they are too busy to have day or half day off. Some markets or shopping malls will give more discounts to female buyers to increase business.

3. Beijing Fashion Week 北京时装周
Beijing’s Fashion Week is held twice a year – Late March and Mid-November. It highlights the work of Chinese designers and their growing influence on the market.

4. China Tree Planting Day (Arbor Day) 中国植树节
March 12 is China’s Trees Planting Day.  It is getting warmer in Beijing. Beijing celebrates Arbor Day with tree planting.  Beijing has established over 100 reception points for urban residents to “adopt” trees or green land.

5. World Consumer Rights Day 国际消费者权益日
World Consumer Rights Day was established on 15 March 1983 to promote consumer rights around the world.  On this special day, in Beijing, you will see a CC TV evening gala sponsored by the government to crack down the poor quality products and companies without trust and reputation.

6. Hand in Hand Poverty Alleviation Program 手拉手情系贫困小伙伴全国统一行动日
March 16 is the special day for Hand in Hand Poverty Alleviation Program. This event  is mainly used to help children and other vulnerable groups in poverty- stricken areas. People will donate on this special day.

7.  Chinese Medical Festival  中国国医节
March 17 is Chinese Medical Festival which dates back to the year 1929. On this special day, some hospitals would go on to the streets in Beijing for complementary health checks and other medical activities involved.

8.  Plum Blossom Festival at Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park  北京明城墙遗址公园赏腊梅节
Plums are the early flowering trees that bloom as earlier as mid March in Beijing and end in mid April. The best place to see plum blossoms is Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park.

The park is located just south of Beijing Railway Station. The park is the only remaining city wall relics built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Beijing. The remnant city wall is about 1.5km in length, which is composed of the wall relics itself and the southeast corner tower of the former inner city in Ming and Qing Dynasties.April

Beijing Weather in Each Month

Beijing in November Beijing in December Beijing January
Beijing in February Beijing in March Beijing in April
Beijing in May Beijing in June Beijing in July
Beijing in August Beijing in September  Beijing in October

Tip:  Hassle-free Beijing Guided Tours
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Any questions, just drop a line.

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18 Responses to “Visit Beijing in March”

  1. andrea baptista says:

    I’m scheduled to arrive in Beijing on March 4, 2013. I want to know about the weather, in order to be dressed properly for the tours. After 6 days, we move on to Shanghai for another week. Is this part of the year still very cold? What about the appropriate footwear? I also have a question about money exchange. Is it better to exchange my USD before I travel? or more advisable to change my USD when already in China? How accessible are the money changers in Beijing and Shanghai?

  2. admin says:

    Hello Andrea Baptista,

    Beijing is still a bit cold in early March with a big temperature difference between day and night. It is advisable to wear a winter or warmer jacket, especially in the evening. In addition, Beijing in March could be blustery.

    Shanghai, too, is a bit cold and humid. As for the footwear, the common sports shoes are all right both for Beijing and Shanghai.

    It is better to exchange a small amount of USD at home and have some Chinese money cash on hand for emergency (taxi or cafe) when you arrive in Beijing. Once in China, you can do the money exchange when you feel it is necessary. You can easily exchange your money at the bank outlets at airports and your hotels, or even at the banks not far from your hotels.

    All the exchange rates are the same in China and basically there is no “black market” for money exchange. All the money exchanges are done by banks or their outlets at airports or hotels. There are no private money exchange agents in China at the time of my writing.

    Most of the places in Beijing and Shanghai (shopping malls, hotels, large restaurants) accept credit cards (visa, master…). So don’t necessarily exchange too much money and it is not safe to carry too much cash while traveling.

  3. nur says:


    May I know about the weather due i arrived to Beijing on 21 March 2013.. What is appropriate footwear and dress for the tour.

  4. admin says:

    Hello Nur,

    Basically, Beijing has a late spring, and normally in the early April people in Beijing can feel a warmer spring. So The weather around March 21 could be still a bit chilly, plus the possible dust in March, you need to wear a jacket or a dustcost. Put on a pair of sportshoes.

  5. Somi says:

    May I know about the weather due I arrived to Beijing on 20th March 2013. Specially about the sandstomes. Thanks.

  6. admin says:

    Hello Somi,

    Historically, the average temperature at the end of March in Beijing is between 15℃(day) and 3℃(night), a big temperature difference day and night. Wear a light jacket or a dust coast. It is hard to predict where you will meet the sandstorm or not. Just be ready for a mask.

  7. Nurul says:


    May I know what to wear when I get to Beijing in 28 to 31 March? Is it enough to wear trench coat only? or I have to wear winter coat pr jacket? Thanks.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hello Nurul,

    Basically, Beijing has a late spring, and normally in the early April people in Beijing start feel a warmer spring. So the weather at the end of March could be still a bit chilly in the early morning or in the evening, plus the possible dust in March, you need to wear a jacket or a dustcost. Not necessary to wear winter clothes.

  9. val says:

    Hello we’re arriving on March 05 just want to know the weather. thank you in advance.

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi Val,

    It is hard to predict the exact weather, but you can check out the two links below to get more information on the weather in March in Beijing:

    1. Realtime weather photos day by day in March

    2. Visit Beijing in March

  11. Gazi Md Ali Afzal says:

    We want to visit Beijing from 25th Feb 2017 to 05th march’17. Please inform me about weather , clothing , place to visit. Thanks. – Afzal

  12. Daniel says:

    Hi Gazi Md Ali Afzal,

    Thanks for your inquiry! Please check out the weather on the page.

    AS for the places to visit, please check out the link below:

    Top 10 Attractions in Beijing

    Have a nice time in Beijing!

  13. mrs toh says:

    We will be visiting Beijing on 15th March to 19th March 2017 with few senior citizens.
    Kindly advise the weather conditions and clothings. Thanks

  14. Daniel says:

    Hi Mrs Toh,

    The mid-March in Beijing is still a bit chilly. As you know,the warmer spring time comes in early April. The average temperature in March would be 12℃ (day) and 1℃ ( night ). March tends to be windy in Beijing. So you should wear jackets or Women’s Rain & Wind Jackets during the day and add sweater or thin down jacket or warm clothes in the evening.

    Have a nice time in Beijing!

  15. Ira says:

    Hello. We are going to beijing on 17 march 2018, Is ski activities can be done? Would you suggest outdoor activities that available for young tourist?

  16. Daniel says:

    Dear Ira,

    Skiing is not possible in 17 March due to the warm spring weather in Beijing.

    Shared bikes are everywhere in Beijing, so biking is a better choice. You may also consider walking tours in Beijing and hiking in Great Wall of China around Beijing.

    Have a fun!

  17. Aida says:


    I’ll be arriving in Beijing on 3rd March next week. Is skiing possible at that time?

  18. Daniel says:

    Dear Aida,

    Sorry, as far as I know, most of the ski resorts around Beijing are closed at the end of Feb.

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