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Beijing Great Wall 4-Day Hiking Tour ( Closed )

Tour Code: BGH-04
Departure: Daily
Duration: 4 Days
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel in Beijing around 01::00pm
Finishing point and time: Your Hotel around 6:00pm in 4 days
Hiking Time: Day 1 = 2-3 hrs, Day 2 = 4-5 hrs, Day 3 = 4-5 hrs, Day 4 = 2-3 hrs
Hiking Level: Intermediate

Cable car, Toboggan: Available ( except Juyongguan Great Wall )
Best time to go: Summer & Autumn
Distance: 450km
Payment Types: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire

Day 01: Your hotel in Beijing - Juyongguan Great Wall by road
Pick from your hotel in Beijing around 02:00pm. First drive 60 km to the Juyongguan Pass Great Wall. Start the day with the 2-3 hour's hike across the west section of the Juyongguan Pass Great Wall. The Juyongguan Pass Great Wall is narrow and steep! It is circular with a perimeter of about 4140 metres circling the 2 passes. Most people walk the west part of the Great Wall for its beautiful views and challenging hike. Tonight stay at the Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel located under the Great Wall at Juyongguan. Dinner at the hotel. Free for rest of the day. ( D )
Day 02: Juyongguan Pass Great Wall - Mutianyu - Jinshangling by road
After breakfast, again walk around the passes and enjoy the beautiful views of the Great Wall. Then drive 80 km and get to the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Mutianyu Great Wall is densely wooded with fantastic natural views. Hike the Mutianyu Great Wall for about 2-3 hours. Then come down and drive to a local restaurant for lunch. On the way, you will have the chance to see and feel the local village life. Eating the barbeque trout is a must on your lunch menu. After luch, then drive 60 km and get to Jinshanling Great Wall. Stay at Jinshanling Hotel under the Jinshanling Great Wall. Dinner at the hotel. ( B L D )
Day 03: Jinshanling - Simatai Great Wall ( hiking for 12 km )
After breakfast, around 11:00am starting the hike from th east section at Jinshanling Great Wall to the west section of Simatai Great Wall. The hike is about 12 km and takes about 4-5 hours traveling across 30 towers! Get down the wall at the foot of Simatai at about 04:00pm and check-in at a local inn - Simatai Great Wall Courtyard Hotel under the Simatai Great Wall. Take a bath and have some relaxation. Enjoy a local dinner at the hotel. ( B L D )
Day 04: Simatai Great Wall--Downtown Beijing by Road
After breakfast at your hotel, hiking the east section of the Simatai Great Wall for 2--3 hours in the morning. There are in total sixteen watchtowers built at intervals along this space and it will take about 2-3 hours to reach the twelfth watchtower. Beyond this stage the condition of the stairs and walkways is poor and the passage becomes both steep and narrow which means that it is often safer to use the adjacent footpath rather than try to walk on the Wall itself. So the towers from 13th to 16th are not allowed to hike. Have lunch at local farmhouse restaurant and get back to your hotel downtown Beijing later afternoon. ( B L )

B---Breakfast, L---Lunch, D---Dinner

Mutianyu Great Wall Jinshangling Great Wall Simatai Great Wall

Tour Enquiry
Travelling Party Tour Cost Per Person
1 person $910
2 persons $540
3-5 persons $460
6-9 persons $390
Juyongguan Great Wall Hotel / Jinshanling Hotel / Simatai Great Wall Courtyard Hotel

Booking Note:
1. Don't forget to bring water, sunscreen, sun-glasses, and cap etc.
2. At Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, you will meet lots of local vendors who will follow you from the beginning to the end. Don't worry about the these farmer turned vendors. Just treat them with respect and they will treat you the same. They can be quite helpful if you have any difficulty on the way. The local vendors make a living by selling bottled water, postcards, tourist books, T-shirts and souvenirs at higher prices. You are not obligated to buy from them but it can be hard to make them go away. If you don't want to buy anything, tipping is expected.
3. Features: wild, ruined, preserved and original

1.Air conditioned vehicle
2.Chinese meals as listed
3.Entrance fees for the Great Wall
4.Three-night stay at our designated inn or hotel
5.Englsih Speaking tour guide
6.The above private transfer is customized for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other travelers will join in your group.
Gratuities to drivers and guides.
Available: Daily

Travel Tips on Great Wall Hiking:
1.What is the level of hiking for the 4 days tour?
It is an Intermediate level. Daily hiking for about 2-3 hours. And the hike from Jinshangling to Simatai takes about 4-5 hours. The 4-day hiking tour covers part of the 4 sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. Hiking section by section. But we have arranged the hiking from Jinshanling Great Wall to Simatai Great Wall for 20 km.

2. How about the inn or hotel in each section of the Great Wall?
We have arranged comfortable inns or hotels at the foot of each section of the Great Wall in Beijing. All the hotels offer standard rooms with shower facilities.

3. Can we take a cable car up to the Great Wall? Which section of the Great Wall has a cable car?
Yes, the cable car is optional. You can take a cable car on the sections of Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai.

4. Can we visit some local village while driving from the section to the next section?
Yes. We can arrange the visits to some local villages on the spot when you are interested in mixing with the locals.

5. Does your tour guides speak English? Are they knowledgeable on the history of the Wall to be visited?
Yes. We will arrange English speaking tour guides to escort from the beginning to the end. They have received special training in learning the history and construction of the Great Wall.

6. Any tips on what dress to take for each of the seasons?
April, October, and Earlier November: daytime hiking clothing: shorts; evening time: warm clothe, sweater. May, June, July and August: Summer dress : many T-shirts shorts; evening time: jacket

7. Do we have a van or car for our own use?
Yes. You have a van or car exclusively for your own use from the beginning to the end.

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