Tips for Visiting Muslim Quarter in Xian

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Plan your Xian tour? The Terracotta Warriors Museum will be definitely a must-to-see on your Xian travel plan. But one equally important thing to do  and you cannot afford to miss is to have a taste or glimpse of the exotic food on the streets in the Muslim community in Xian. These back streets are full of life with a rich strong feel of Islamic cultural vibe.

The Muslim Community is known as Muslim Quarter in Xian or colloquially called “Huifang (回坊)” in Chinese. It is said there are over 300 Muslim local snacks on the streets in Xian Muslim Quarter that attract a consistent flow of visitors everyday coming here to savor or just have a glimpse.

The local snacks on the streets in Xian Muslim Quarter

The local snacks on the streets in Xian Muslim Quarter

The Museum Quarter in Xian is easily accessible, just behind ( north of ) Drum Tower, about 430 meters to the west of Bell Tower in the center of the downtown Xian.

Get off at Zhonglou ( Bell  Tower ) Subway Station of Metro Line 2 and walk from Bell Tower toward the drum tower for about 430 meters, passing by Starbucks (Bell Tower Shop). Soon you will reach the north of Drum Tower, your starting place for further delving into the streets where the Muslim community has had a presence for many generations.

Xi’an Liangpi (cold skin noodles)

Xi’an Liangpi (cold skin noodles)

The Muslim food community is composed of several streets like Beiyuan Men Street, Beiguangji Street, Xiyangshi Street and Dapiyuan Street and all the streets are stone-paved streets flanked with the traditional buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties. All the low level of the buildings  is open daily, hosting food stalls, restaurants and souvenirs stalls.

Practice your Chinese numbers before you visit the Muslim Quarter as not all vendors speak English. But the good thing is that they all have a calculator on hand.

2. Give yourself about two hours to stroll through the several streets in the area.

3. Put on comfortable walking shoes, take your camera and some money.

4. The food is cheap and most things between 5 yuan and 15 yuan.

5. The food streets come alive around 9:00 am each day till mid-night.

6. A good place for people watch, mixing with the locals and visitors alike. Day in day out, night in night out millions of people flood the Muslim Quarter each year.

7. The best time to come here in a day is after the sunsets when the Muslim quarter sparkles with lights. But It will be very crowded, a bit noisy and a little bit chaotic but a lot of fun.

8. Beside eateries, the food streets also offer a couple of souvenirs stalls selling typical local products like tiger-head shoes, and don’t forget to bargain!

9. Don’t be worried about hygiene, the street sweepers and garbage collectors work hard to constantly keep the whole area clean.

10. Try a bite of some of the local food: the famous Xi’an Liangpi (cold skin noodles) , the lamb skewers, the cuttlefish, the yogurt, pomegranate juice and the list could be much longer.

11. If you prefer a quiet place for a peaceful mind in this busy Muslim Community, you may go to the Xi’an old mosque known as the Great Mosque,  located right in the middle, behind a maze of small lanes and alleys and worth your visit.

12. If you don’t like the local street vendors, you can go to the  nearby Starbucks, McDonald’s, or KFC in the square.

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9 Responses to “Tips for Visiting Muslim Quarter in Xian”

  1. Sabrina Mohd Said says:

    Hi, just out of curiosity. Since it is location near the Muslim street, are the food sold in Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC have the Halal certification?

  2. Beijing Tour says:

    Hi Sabrina Mohd Said,

    Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC are mainly targeted at the tourists and locals as a whole. As far as I know, they don’t offer Halal food.

  3. Khalijah Masud says:

    Hi! Just wondering if the halal foodstalls are open during the week after Aidilfitri, the celebration after Ramadhan, month of fasting?

    Are there any special celebrations for Aidilfitri in the Muslim quarters?

    Thank you.

  4. Daniel says:

    Dear Khalijah Masud,

    Some of the halal foodstalls are still open. Not sure about any special celebrations for Aidilfitri in the Muslim quarters.

  5. Dina Saad ibrahim says:

    thanks to tell me If xian near to Guangzhou?
    thanks and best regards,

  6. Daniel says:

    Dear Dina Saad ibrahim,

    Xian is about 2 and half hours’ flight to Guangzhou. So it is very far away.

  7. Rabiatul says:

    Hi, may I ask, do the foodstalls open during winter ? Cause I have been planning to visit Xi’an late January 2019.

    And one more, do Xi’an have snow during that late January(24-26 Jan) ?

  8. RABIATUL says:

    Hi, may I ask, do the foodstalls open during winter ? Cause I have been planning to visit Xi’an late January 2019.

    And one more, do Xi’an have snow during that late January(24-26 Jan) ?

    Thank you😄

  9. Daniel says:

    Dear Rabiatul,

    Sorry for my delayed reply! The food stalls are still open in winter. It is hard to tell whether it will snow during the time. Have a nixce time!

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