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Hohhot Food

Hohhot food is closely related to Mongolian cuisine and dairy products. Hohhot is known for being the production base for the nationally renowned dairy giants Yili and Mengniu.

Hohhot also has a long tradition in the making of hot pot and shaomai. There is also a wide selection of Korean and Muslim restaurants as well cuisine from other regions of China.
Hohhot Food

Mutton Hot Pot: Hot Pot is very popular in Hohhot, especially during the winter time.
Hohhot Food
Shaomai: Shaomai is a popular local snack, and has a long history in Hohhot. The making of the snack is unique. Meat, such as mutton, pork, beef, chicken or fish, should first be sliced, and then roasted on a heated iron plate. Next, the meat is seasoned with sauce, pepper, mustard, ginger and mashed garlic before eating.
Hohhot Food

The naked oat flour is often processed in a special way. After washing and drying by airing, the naked oats will be baked and then milled into flour. The flour can then be made into noodles and other kinds of food. Hohhot Food
Hohhot Food
Local dished popular among farmers.

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