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Planning your Beijing tour? If you are farmers, agribusiness people, or just those who are  interested in rural life,  DQY Eco-Farm in Beijin  is highly recommended to be included on your Beijing travel plan.

Managed by Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology Co.,LTD., DQY Eco-Farm is located between Beijing Songshan National Nature Reserve and Guanting Reservoir in the south, adjacent to Guyaju Cave, in the northwest of Yanqing County of Beijing city. The Forest of Songshan Mountain and the wetland from Guanting Reservoir provide fresh air and clear water to DQY Eco-Farm with scenic views.

Established in the year 2000, DQY Eco-Farm is now the NO.1 Brand of Chinese egg industry. It has ended China’s “Three No Eggs” – No Brand, No Standard and No Production Date. It has become a global leading eco-agricultural enterprise, creating circular economy with sustainable development.

In 2007,  Beijing DQY Agricultural Technology established China’s largest egg farm biogas plant. Two 2Mw gas turbines promote realizataion of the grid. DQY Biogas is the first biogas project in the world producing electricity by using the poultry dung. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited DQY Eco-Farm on Nov. 02, 2010. He wrote “Renewable Energy Promotes Sustainable Developement.”.

DQY Eco-Farm’s recycling economy includes Organically Raising, Food Process, Clean engery, Organic fertilizer, Contract Agriculture and Organic Planting.

DQY Eco-Farm mainly comprises Pullet House, Feed Mill, Layer House, Egg Packaging Plant, Liquid Egg Plant, Organic Planting, Biogas Power Plant. Walking along an enclosed special passage inside the egg package plant, visitors can see the whole packaging process incluing moving eggs from the layer house into the egg processing plant through an automated belt, egg cleaning, egg drying, people have to wear white gowns before visiting egg packaging and wrapping.

Then each package is stamped with date and information on when and where the egg was processed.  After eggs are wrapped and stacked, they are ready to be shipped.

Entering the biogas power plant, within a short distance, you can see how poultry dung turned into clean energy: Poultry dung first enters directly into a hydrolytic pond though an automated belt. After mixed with dirty water of daily life,  it goes into a fermented tank.  Then biogas is created and purified and produces electricity though 2Mw gas turbines.  The left-over after fermented is good-quality organic manure.  Just in the north of DQY Eco-Farm, there is an orchard the size of about 100 mu and eight greenhouses planted with several organic vegetables. 

Now please follow us to touch DQY Eco-Farm!

The name of DQY Eco-Farm in Chinese on its entrance.  One member of its staff gives us a brief introduction to the layout of DQY Eco-farm.

One member of its staff gives us a brief introduction to the layout of DQY Eco-farm.
We have to wear white gowns before visiting egg packaging plant.
We have to wear white gowns before visiting egg packaging plant.
Now we are inside the egg packaging plant.
Now we are inside the egg packaging plant.
Egg checking and sorting
Egg checking and sorting
Egg Packaging
Egg Packaging
DQY Eco-Farm is similar to a garden with Beijing Songshan National Nature Reserve  in the north and Guanting Reservoir in the south.
DQY Eco-Farm is similar to a garden

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