Tianjin Taxis: Tianjin Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone

Plan your Tianjin Tour?  Basically it is convenient to travel around Tianjin by taxi.

If you are going to catch flight or train, upfront booking is highly recommended. If you want to rent a car with driver to travel around Dalian, you may check out the link: Tianjin Car Rental.

Tianjian Current Taxi Models

There are a number of different types of taxis in Tianjin.

Major Types: Weizhi sedan, Corolla, Sonata, Jetta,Charade, Sagitar, Elantra, Red Flag,  Passat…

Taxis are waiting at Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

Taxi Fares

Two kinds of Taxi Fares

First Kind ( for taxis below 1.6L)
• RMB 11 just for getting in and within3 km
• RMB 2.2 for each additional km

Second Kind ( for taxis above 1.8L)
• RMB 13 just for getting in and within 3km
• RMB 2.5 for each additional km

The following are for all models of taxis:
•1 km charged for each 3 minutes stopped in traffic
• After over 10 kilometers, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip
• No extra charge for night drive
• No tipping.

Taxi Call in Tianjin

Tel:022- 95128

Hailing a Taxi in Tianjin

Hailing a taxi is very easy in Tianjin.  Stepping off the curb and holding out your arm.
•When just the front is lit, the cab is available.
•When no lights are lit, the cab is occupied.

Tianjin Taxi Riders’ rights

As a taxi rider, you have the right to:
Direct the destination and route used;
Travel to any destination in and beyond Tianjin;
A driver should know the streets in Tianjin and the way to major destinations in Tianjin;
A driver knows and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tipping

Taxi Stands

There are over 200 hundred taxi stands in Tianjin. Taxi stands are located at major transit hubs, hotels, office and retail centers and hospitals throughout Tianjin.

But these are not enough for people to take taxis. So very often you have to hail a taxi from a non-taxi stand.

Tianjin Taxi Complaints

If you ever have any problems with a Tianjin Taxi, contact the following:

Tianjin Passenger Traffic Management & Supervision Office:
Address: Pingshandao No.02, Hexi District Tianjin  Zip Code: 300074

Kindly reminder:
Before you make any complaints, be sure to provide such information as time, place, license plate number, invoice etc.

Taxi Useful Information

•A maximum of four passengers a taxi;
•4 passenger limit.
•It is always more difficult to get a cab when it’s raining or during peak hours.
•If you want to call for a ride (rather than hail a cab) you will need to contact a taxi company in advance.

Estimated taxi fares for the often used taxi service

Tianjin – Tianjin Cruise Port: Approx. RMB 180
Tianjin Airport – Downtown: Approx.RMB 60
Tianjin – Beijing: Approx. RMB 600 – 800

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58 thoughts on “Tianjin Taxis: Tianjin Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone

  1. We are arriving in Tianjin on the Diamond Princess on the 9th October. Can we hire a taxi or car or bus to take us to Tianjin Railway station to catch the bullet train to Beinjing.

  2. Yes, basically there are some taxis waiting in line outside the cruise home building. Just take a taxi to the Tanggu Railway Station or Tianjin Railway Station and buy the bullet train tickets for a latest train for Beijing. There are plentiful trains from Tianjin to Beijing, but limited number of trains from Tanggu to Beijing.

    Tianjin Cruise Home Port – Tianjin Railway Station Taxi fare: about RMB 160
    Tianjin Cruise Home Port – Tanggu Railway Station taxi fare: about RMB 40

  3. We are arriving on the Diamond Princess on 1st May at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port Terminal. With it being a public holiday we want to take a taxi to Tianjin Railway station because the Bullet Trains are much more regular and available without booking.

    Will the price still be about RMB 160? What is the translation for “Please take me to Tianjin Railway station”

    Thank you

  4. RMB 160 is only for your reference. “Please take me to Tianjin Railway station” Chinese version:


    Have a nice trip!

  5. Are there taxi’s available at the cruise port in Tianjin or must one book a private transfer ? Thank you

  6. None of the numbers listed works when called from the China mobile network: is a prefix necessary?

  7. Yes, you first dial the local code 022, then dail the taxi company’s phone number.

  8. The services from the local Taxis are very bad.
    I recently visited Tianjin and wanted a Taxi from the train station to my Hotel. None of the Taxis in front of the station wanted to take me there as my Hotel was to close by.
    This was also for my general travelling in Tianjin. I was very dissapointed and will NOT take one of these Taxis again.
    I will take the private ones.

  9. We arrive at on the Diamond Princess on 7th May at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port Terminal early in the morning and need to go to Tianjin Binhai International Airport right away. What are our transportation options and the related cost and travel time for each option?
    Many thanks.

  10. Hello Stephen Wong,

    As far as I know, there is no shuttle bus service between the Tianjin Cruise Home Part and Tianjin Binhai International Airport. You may take a taxi waiting outside the cruise terminal building, and go for the airport, 70km, one hour, approx. RMB 180.

    Alternatively, you may first take a taxi to Tanggu (30km), where you can take a local bus to Tianjin Binhai Airport. Seldom passenegrs will do like this considering the inconvenience of carrying the luggage all the way.

  11. We arrive in PEK at 9:30pm on May 1, 2013 and need to taxi to downtown Tianjin (Renaissance Marriott. )
    How much approximately should we pay? What is expectation for tipping?

    Is there anything we should avoid or be careful about?

  12. Hello Diane,

    You have two types of transportation to reach your hotel in Tianjin from Beijing capital airport.

    1. By Taxi
    Beijing Airport – Tianjin Renaissance Marriott:
    Distance: 148km
    Taxi fare: approxi. RMB500
    Tipping: No (You don’t need to tip your taxi driver)
    1) For such a long-distance, most taix drivers in Beijing don’t want to use meters ( they have to return to Beijing empty) and usually you have to bargain with them for the taxi fare. I have just consulted with a taxi driver and the approx. taxi fare is about RMB 500.
    2) Some taxi drivers are reluctant to take the business either due to safety problem or their taxi company’s regulation.

    2. By Airport Shuttle Bus
    There are daily 20 shuttle buses running from Beijing airport to the downtown Tianjin (Tianhuan Station – 天环站)
    The last shuttle bus from Beijing airport to Tianjin Tianhuan Bus Station leaves at 23:00.
    Maybe you can catch the last bus if you are able to finish your customs and claim your luggage before the shuttle departure time.

    You just follow the shuttle bus sign and walk to the shuttle departing point and buy your bus tickets from the ticketing office by the bus starting area.

    Be ready for the cash RMB82 for your ticket to save your money exchange time.
    Bus fare: RMB82 per person
    Bus Driving time: 2 and half hours

    Bus Station in Tianjin: Tianhuan Station (天环站)
    From Tianjin Tianhuan Bus Station, you can take a local taxi to your hotel – Renaissance Marriott
    Distance: 8km
    taxi fare: around RMB30

    Please show the Chinese address and name of your hotel to your taxi drivers and they cannot speak any English:

    Hotel Name: 天津滨江万丽酒店
    Add: 天津 和平区 建设路105号

  13. Hello Diane,

    Just follow up to my previous email.

    The taxi fare RMB 500 includes the toll fees of the highway from Beijing to Tianjin.

    Always go to the official taxi stand at the Beijing airport to take your taxi for Tianjin.

    When you get to your destination, please pay your taxi fare and ask for the receipt. Usually a receipt has the name of the taxi company where your taxi driver works.

  14. Hi admin,
    I also going to travel to tianjin on 1st may frombeijing airport. Any idea, which taxi company should we take?

  15. Hello Mohd shah,

    Basically, you have no choices to choose which taxi company you use for your transfer from Beijing airport to Tianjin. Normally you should go to the official taxi stand at the airport and take your turn to have a taxi. It makes no big difference as which taxi company if you take a taxi from an official taxi stand.

    Alternatively, there are about 10 daily airport shuttle buses going from Beijing airport directly to the downtown Tianjin (Tianhuan Station – 天环站)

    The last shuttle bus from Beijing airport to Tianjin Tianhuan Bus Station leaves at 23:00.
    At Beijing airport, you just follow the shuttle bus sign and walk to the shuttle departing point and buy your bus tickets from the ticketing office by the bus starting area.

    Be ready for the cash RMB82 for your ticket to save your money exchange time.
    Bus fare: RMB82 per person
    Bus Driving time: 2 and half hours

    Bus Station in Tianjin: Tianhuan Station (天环站)
    From Tianjin Tianhuan Bus Station, you can take a local taxi to your destination in Tianjin.

    Please show the Chinese address and name of your destination to your taxi drivers and they cannot speak any English.

  16. Hi, we arrive on the Diamond Princess Oct 7/2013. We will take a train into Beijing. We are staying in the Wangfujing area, does the bullet train stop near here? Also where do we purchase our train tickets at the Tianjin Station?

  17. Hello Dianne,

    The bullet train arrives at Beijing South Railway Station, which is about 9 km to the south of Wangfujing area, the taxi fare is about RMB 35. When you arrive at the Beijing south railway station, please patiently wait for the taxis at the official taxi stand ( following the sign for taxi). There will be a huge crowd of passengers waiting for taxis. Just patiently wait in line and tell your driver the address of your hotel ( it is better to have a Chinese name for your hotel since most taxi driver cannot speak any English).

    When you arrive at the cruise port in Tianjin, you just take a taxi from the port to Tanggu Railway Station, which is about 30km to the west of the port and 45km to the east of Tianjin and buy your train tieckets from Tanggu to Beijing. If all the trains from Tanggu to Beijing are fully booked, you may buy your tickets for Tianjin, then again buy your tickets from Tianjin to Beijing. Have a nice trip.

    By the way, if all the trains from Tanggu to Tianjin are fully booked, you may take a taxi from Tanggu to Tianjin and buy your train tickets from Tianjin to Beijing.

    Following links may be useful for you:

    Tanggu Raikway Station:

    Tianjin Railway Station:

    Beijing South Railway Station Arrival Hall

    Beijing Taxi

  18. Hi
    You say that a taxi fare from Beijing Intl. airport and to the hotel Marriott in Tianjin will cost me around 500 YEN.
    What if we (me and my wife) want to go from the port “Voyager of the Seas” on the 19th of september and up to Beijing – Wangfujing Street near Tiananmen Square. Is that possible and what will I pay. Can we make a reservation?

    Best regards

  19. Hello Helge Methi,

    The taxi information on this blog post is just fory your reference, not an actual taxi rate. Some taxi drivers in Beijing are reluctant to go beyond Beijing. In most caese, you have to rent a private car or van for your transfer. For the quotations for the transfer from Tianjin Port to Beijing, please check the link below or you may just send your enquiry via email to [email protected]. Have a good time in Beijing!

    Tianjin Beijing Transfer service

  20. Is taxi service available from the Tianjin airport to the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port? I was told that drivers do not like to make the long trip to the cruise port. Is this correct? How difficult will it be to communicate my destination to the driver as I speak only English?

  21. Hello Max Schneider,

    Taxis are always available at Tianjin Airport. Some taxi drivers are reluctant to go to Tianjin Cruise Port mainly because he will possibly return empty. If a good deal, most taxi divers will take the business. In case of the difficulty communicating with your taxi driver, you may print Tianjin Cruise Port in Chinese and show it to your taxi driver.

    Tianjin Cruise Port: 天津国际邮轮母港 ( Chinese )

    Have a good transfer in Tianjin!

  22. Hello Nova,

    The distance between Tianjin and Dongying is about 300km. If you are going to rent taxi from Tianjin to Dongying, the taxi driver will possibly return empty. So the taxi fare will be much higher. You have to bargain with the taxi driver for a discounted taxi fare. I guess the taxi fare will be between RMB 2000 and 2500. Just for your reference.

  23. You say there are plenty of taxis at Tianjin cruise port,we are 4 people with just hand luggage,will one taxi take us to either tanngu,or Tianjin railway,is there any way of booking,or do we just take pot luck.

  24. hi

    i will be arriving Tianjin Binhai International Airport on 9th April 2014 evening 6:25 & want to move to Tianjin Renaissance Marriott, Can you please let me know the best mode of transportation and the distance.


  25. Hello MKM kunju,

    You may take a taxi directly from Tianjin Binhai Airport to your Renaissance Hotel in Tianjin. There are three “Renaissance Hotels” in Tianjin.

    Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel 天津万丽湖景宾馆
    Add: 16 Bin Shui Road,He Xi District Tianjin 300061 China
    Tianjin airport – the hotel: 25km, taxi fare about RMB60

    Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel 天津滨江万丽酒店
    Add: 105 Jianshe Road, Heping District, Tianjin
    Tianjin airport – the hotel: 18km, taxi fare about RMB45

    Renaissance TEDA Hotel – Tianjin 天津万丽泰达酒店
    Add:economic development area binhai district,Tianjin, China
    Tianjin airport – the hotel: 45km, taxi fare about RMB150

  26. Hi,

    My daughter took a taxi in Tianjin yesterday and forgot to collect her suitcase from the trunk. She went to the police station for help, but the police said that they can only help if the driver gives the suitcase to a police station.

    As she was in a rush, she forgot to take the taxi number & license plate.

    How can she get her suitcase back? Is there any number to call for lost and found?


  27. Hello Rudi,

    Sorry for your daughter’s story! If you are lucky, the taxi driver may hand it to a police station or his taxi company. But you do’t know which taxi company the taxi driver is from. Now you may try to find a Chinese speaking guy who can help you to call the major taxi companies to locate the lost suitcase.

    Or you may turn to Tianjin Administration Office for Passenger Traffic for help. This is the government organization that supervises the service of taxis. Its website ( Chinese ):
    Its Phone Number: 022 – 23549000

    By the way, next time, passengers must ask for Fapiao ( receipt ) from taxi drivers. The receipt has his taxi company’s name and phone number. Good luck!

  28. I will arrive Tianjin on Oct. 13, 2014. Is it easy to get a taxi from Tianjin cruise terminal to Tianjin railway station in the morning? Normally how much would be the taxi fare?

    Thank you

  29. Hello Lee,

    So you are from Holland America Volendam. Basically there is a taxi stand in front of the cruise terminal building. You may take a taxi from the port to Tanggu Railway Station ( bullet trains going to Beijing ) or Tianjin Railway Station for bullet trains to Beijing.

    Tianjin Port – Tanggu Railway Station: Taxi fare: Approx.RMB 60
    Tianjin Port – Tianjin Railway Station Taxi fare: Approx.RMB RMB 180
    The taxi fare above is just for your reference and basically you have to negotiate with your taxi driver for an actual price.

    We do have transfer service for passengers from Holland America Volendam. Check out the link below:


    Wish you a pleasant journey!

  30. Hi daniel
    We will arrive Tianjin by Amsterdam on Oct. 13, 2014. Please advise whether your company will arrange shuttle transfer service to Beijing g on that day.


  31. Hello Lee.

    Sorry, this year, we don’t offer shuttle transfer from the port to Beijing for Amsterdam. Only a private transfer is offered. See the page below for more information:

    http://www.tour-beijing.com/xingang_beijing/holland_america_volendam.php ( should be ms Amsterdam )

    You may post a message on the ship to have more passengers to split up the cost for a private van or even coach transfer. We are considering to open a shuttle bus for Amsterdam passengers next year.

    Thanks for your enquiry!

  32. Hi we will be arriving in April to Tianjin cruise port terminal and would like a Taxi to Park Plaza hotel. We would have 2 large suit cases and 2 carry bags. How long and how much would this cost?
    And can we secure the Taxi now ? Thanking you in advance for your feed back

  33. Hello Peter K,

    Thanks for your enquiry! One of our staffers will contact you soon for the details.

  34. We are at the Renaissance Hotel now. Any recommendation as what is the best way to get to the (Princess Sapphire) Tianjin Cruise Terminal from our hotel on Nov. 10?
    We have 2 suitcases and 2 hand carried suitcases.

  35. Hello Kong,

    We do have a shuttle service from a designated place in Beijing to Tianjin Cruise Port ( US$ 35 per person ).

    There is more than one the Renaissance Hotel in Beijing. Which one? How to contact you? Our office will be closed at 6:00pm today and Tomorrow we don’t work. Please contact us urgently.

    As for the shuttle service, please check out the link below for more information:


    Now you have two choices:

    1) please call one of our trip advisors named Mr.Will on his mobile: 13466539797 to book your seats before 9:00pm today.

    2) Tomorrow you yourself go directly to the meeting place listed on the page of http://www.tour-beijing.com/xingang_beijing/cruise_coach_transfer.php, and then try to find the shuttle bus on your own and pay cash on the spot.

    Have a good transfer !

  36. Hi. Our group of 3 adults and 2 children (aged 3 and 1.5) will arrive in Tianjin International Cruise Home Port on 24 June 2016. Do you have a shuttle service to Binhai International Airport and how much would it cost? We need to reach the airport by 10am.

  37. Hi I have the whole of 21st July in Tianjin with no other free time. Is it possible to hire a taxi for the day to cover Great Wall (Huangya Pass) and Forbidden City? What would be the estimated charges? I’m likely assigned to stay in Victoria International Hotel so will I be able to get a cab from there? Appreciate any help, thanks

  38. Hi Matthew,

    Personally I suggest you take the earliest bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing South Railway Station, then interchane for Subway line 4 to get to Beijing North Railway Station going for Badaling Great Wall ( see the link: http://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/beijing-travel/how-to-visit-great-wall-by-train ).

    Come back on the S trains and then go to Forbidden City by subway again ( see the link: http://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/beijing-travel/forbidden-city-travel-tips-the-palace-museum-travel-tips )

    Return to Tianjin on bullet train ( half hour ). Badaling Great Wall is more attractive than Great Wall (Huangya Pass) which is too artificial. Badaling Great Wall is easily accessible either by train or Bua ( see the link: http://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/beijing-travel/travel-review/badaling-great-wall-bus )

  39. I want to book a taxi from Tainjin Cruise terminal to Yujiapu Railway Station to catch Bullet Train is there a service that can be booked and waiting we we disembark the ship. We are arriving on the 26th April 2017 on the Ovations of the Seas. If you have any info please advise. We went last time from Beijing to Port but do not know how it works the other way any info would be great.

  40. Hi Carol,

    Happy Holidays!

    There are taxis waiting outside the cruise terminal. Please look for the taxi stand and go. No worry.

  41. i want to go to Binhai Airport from wuqing how many minutes by taxi and what is the fare please?

  42. How frequent are buses 102 and 512 from the cruise port towards Tanggu and Citizen Square? Where is the place to board the bus near the Cruise terminal?

  43. Dear Rao,

    As far as I know, there are no public buses available fromthe Cruise terminal.

    You’s better take a taxi.

  44. Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to book a taxi from Tianjin to Pekin airport in advance, and how much can it cost. Thank you!

  45. is it possible for your cars to enter the container port of Tianjin I can send you the exact location and the name of the ship

  46. Dear Svilen,

    Thanks for your inquiry! All the taxis are waiting outside the cruise terminal building. When you finish your customs service, just walk and see the taxis waiting on the official taxi stand.

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