Jiuyanqiao Bar Street in Chengdu (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Chengdu tour? Chengdu is heavy with history. Basically the popular Chengdu travel bucket list tells you to visit Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Wu Hou Shrine, Qingyang Palace, the hutong-like Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, etc.

If you are not overly interested in history and look for something light-hearted, cheerful and active, Jiuyanqiao Bar Street (九眼桥酒吧街) and Shaoling Road Bar & Pub (成都少陵路酒吧一条)are two of the places to feel Chengdu vibrating with nightlife.

ABC of Jiuyanqiao Bar Street

The name of the bar area is taken from the bridge by which all the bars and pubs are scattered. The name of the bridge is called “Jiuyanqiao” which literally means “nine-eye bridge” (nine-arch bridge).

The real Jiuyan ( nin-eye ) Bridge was originally built in the Ming Dynasty ( 1368-1644) and had been here around for more than 400 years. It was first called Hongji Bridge, which was considered the oldest bridge in Chengdu.

The splendid bridge people now see was built in 1988, a steel frame cement bridge with its arch holes far more than 9. Jiuyanqiao can be said to be a misnomer, and has completely disappeared into a place name, a sign of historical name.

How to get there

All the bars and pubs are dotted along the river banks close to the “Jiuyanqiao Bridge” and the fancifu Anshun Bridge. The bridge is located southeast of the downtown Chengdu, between Dongsanduan of No.01 Ring Road and Dongsiduan of No. Ring Road, just close to Sichuan University and Wangjiang Tower.

The location of Jiuyan Bridge Bar Street ( Google Map)

Around Jiuyanqiao Bar Area, there are also many restaturants which offer various local snacks and flavors.

Brief Virtual Tour of Jiuyanqiao Bar Street

Now follow us to have a brief virtual tour of Jiuyan Bridge Bar Area.

The Anshun Covered Bridge spans the south section of Jinjiang River. Anshun Bridge has a long history. Marco Polo was impressed by anshun Bridge in his travels.

The Anshun Covered Bridge spans the south section of Jinjiang River

Standing on the Anshun Bridge and see the Jiuyan Bridge in a distance flanked by the bars along the banks.

Standing on the Anshun Bridge and see the Jiuyan Bridge in a distance
The Anshun Bridge Restauarant
The open air bars along the bank of Jinjiang River
A Sichuan food restauarant in the Jiuyanqiao Bar Area
The bars along the bank

Hassle-free Chengdu Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours, here are some options for Chengdu and Sichuan guided tours:

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  1. I am visiting Chengdu SWJTU this week from South Africa. What is the best or easiest way to travel from SWJTU via subway to get to Jiuyanqiao Bridge and visit the pubs and restaurants?

  2. Hi Ferdie,

    There are several locations for Chengdu SWJTU. Which one? You may ask the staff members of the university for the address.

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