How to Visit Wangjiang Tower Park in Chengdu

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Plan your Chengdu tour? Wangjiang Tower Park is one of the famous historical and traditional cultural sites in Chengdu along with Wuhou Shrine Chengdu and Du Fu Thatched Cottage. “Wangjiang” literally means “River Viewing”. The park is located in the southeast of Chengdu, standing along Jinjiang River (Brocade River), south of Jiuyanqiao Bar Street, just next to Sichuan University.

There are a few renowned ancient buildings of Qing Dynasty ( 1644 – 1911 ) in the park, including the River Viewing Tower ( Wangjiang Tower, also known as Chongli Pavilion ), Brocade Washing Pavilion, Poems Chanting Pavilion and etc.

The park was originally built in Ming and Qing dynasties in commermoration of Xue Tao (768 – 832), a famous poetess in Tang Dynasty. She was versatile and pretty. She wrote over 500 poems, She was greatly admired by her contemporaries. 

There are three gates to the park – North, West and South. You are advised to enter the park through the north entrance walking from Jiuyanqiao Bar Street along Jinjiang River.

Bamboo Grove

Bamboos will catch your eyes when you enter the park. Xue loved bamboos very much. Therea are over 150 kinds of bamboos in memory of Xue Tao. The bamboos garden in Wangjiang Tower Park is the best and finest one in Chengdu.

Bamboo Grove

The Memorial Hall of Xue Tao

Memorial Hall 1

Memorial Hall 2

Memorial Hall 3

Xue Tao Well

Xue Tao Well

Xue Tao Tomb,

Xue Tao Tomb

Chong Li Pavilion ( popularly known as Jijiang Tower )

Wangjiang Tower 1

Wangjiang Tower 2

Poetry Chanting Pavilion

Poetry Chanting pavilion

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