How many railway stations in Chengdu

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Plan your Chengdu Tour by train or transit at Chengdu railway stations? Here you will learn some useful information on Chengdu train stations.

At present, Chengdu has 3 train stations and plan to build the fourth train station in near future. The three train stations are Chengdu North Railway Station, Chengdu East Train Station and Chengdu South Train Station. The city is going to build the fourth train station – Chengdu West Train Station.

Four Train Stations in Chengdu

Four Railway Stations in Chengdu

Both Chengdu North Train Station and Chengdu East Train Station are the major railway stations in Chengdu while Chengdu South Station and Chengdu West Station are the auxiliary train stations.

Before the completion of Chengdu East Train Station, Chengdu North Railway Station was the largest train station with great passenger volume. Now the East Train Station is the largest one in Chengdu.

Make sure you are in the right train station for your train trip to  Chengdu or beyond.

Chengdu North Railway Station
Located to the north of Renmin Road, just outside the second ring road in the north and south, the arterial avenue cuts Chengdu into two parts – East and West.
The Chengdu North Railway Station is designed for Baoji Chengdu rail line and K and T trains.

Chengdu North Railway Station

Chengdu East Railway Station
Located around Hualong Road, Wuduan Chengdu. The east train station is focused on Chengdu Chongqing train line, Chengdu Guizhou train and Chengdu Xian railway.

It will become the base for high speed and D trains in Chengdu.

Chengdu East Railway Station

Chengdu South Railway Station
Located at Airport Expressway Exit, Wuhou, Chengdu. The south train station is built for operating the Chengdu Kunming train line, including the D train to Pujiang, Yaan, and Dujiangyan.

Chengdu South Raiwlay Station

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