How to Visit Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Suzhou tour, Hangzhou tour, or Shanghai tour? It is highly recommended to have an excursion to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (周庄古镇) either from Suzhou, Hangzhou or Shanghai. Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is known as the No.01 Water Town in China.

The location of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town ( Google Map)

This over-900 year old water town has become a trove of oriental culture with its simple and pristine custom, unique folklore, the well preserved ancient residential houses and mesmerizing water town views.

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is typical of all the water towns in Jiangnan (south of Yangtze River) in the triangle area of Yangtze River Delta. “Zhouzhuang” literally means “Zhou’s village”, a village named after Zhou Digong. Zhou Digong was a pious Buddhist.

In 1088 during the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhou Digong donated his 13 hectares of land to the local Fuquan Temple as its temple property. Later the local villagers called the land “Zhou Village” – Zhouzhuang in appreciation for Zhou Digong’ generosity.

How to get to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

1. Suzhou – Zhouzhuang Water Town

You may take a long-distance bus to Zhouzhuang from the Suzhou Railway Station North Square Passenger Bus Station or from Suzhou North Bus Station.

Operating hour: 6:00 – 17:30
Bus ticket: RMB 17
When you arrive at Zhouzhuang Long-distance Bus Station, you still need to take a RMB10 taxi ride from the bus station to the entrance to Zhouzhuang.

2. Suzhou – Tongli – Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

You may visit Tongli Ancient Town and Zhouzhuanng on the same for a day trip from Suzhou. From Suzhou to Tongli, you can can take subway line 4 from Suzhou Railway Station and get off at the last station of Tongli ( 同里). The subway ride takes about 50 minutes.

After sightseeing in Tongli, take a half hour bus ride from Tongli Bus Station to Jiangze (江择). Jiangze County is only 300m away from Zhouzhuang, but Jiangze is under the administration of Wujiang District of Suzhou while Zhouzhuang is under the jurisdiction of Kunshan City.

3. Kunshan – Zhouzhuang Water Town

In Kunshan City, take Bus No. 133 to Zhouzhuang bus station, then transfer to Bus No. 261 to Xinpai Lou, then walk to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town.

4. Shanghai – Zhouzhuang Old Town

From Pudong International Airport station, take maglev to Longyang Road station, then interchange for metro Line 2, again interchange for line 11 and get off at Huaqiao station, then transfer to Zhouzhuang.

There are also direct shuttle buses to Zhouahzuang from Shanghai General Bus Station, Shanghai West Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station.

5. Hangzhou – Zhouzhguang Ancient Town

Hangzhou North Bus Station (Jiubao Passenger Transport Center): Take the bus from Hangzhou North Bus Station to Zhouzhuang.

It takes about 100 minutes to drive to Zhouzhuang ancient Town.

Entrance Fee: RMB 100
Enquiry: 4008282900
Complaint: 0512-57211654
Medical Care: 0512-57216107 (Day)
Medical care: 0512-57219990 (Night)

Virtual Tour of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Follow me to visit Zhouzhuang Ancient Town.

After visiting Tongli ancient water town, I walk to the Tongli Bus Station and jump on the bus for Jiangze (江泽),the last stop of the bus line with a bus fare of RMB 1.

Tongli Passenger Bus Station

Taking a public bus from Tongli to Jiangze (江泽), which is only 300m away from Zhouzhuang Town.

The bridge is a division line between Zhouzhuang(周庄) and Jiangze County (江泽). I get off the bus and leave the bus station of Jiangze. I walk on my right side. Soon I come across a bridge which is said to be the divided line between Zhouzhuang and Jiuangze.

I walk across the bridge, the divided line between Jiangze and Zhouzhuang.

Crossing the bridge, soon I see a decorated archway inscribed with two big Chinese characters “周庄” – Zhouzhuang. It is the main street of Zhouzhuang Town leading to the main entrance to its old charming water town.

The main entrance to Zhouzhuang Town

Entering the traditional archway, I find myself on the new town area of Zhouzhuang Town. The 4-story buildings line along the wide and clean main road in the town.

Walk on the new area of Zhouzhuang Town

Soon I come arcoss a road direction sign pointing to the main entrance to the Zhouzhuang old water town.

The road direction sign (The Entrance of Tourism) to the old town

Looking at the road sign, I turn to the right and stroll on a wide street leading to the main entrance to the water town. The street is teeming with street front shops and restaurants.

Local specialities like tea, wine, snacks and the list could be much longer.

Wanshan Hock is one of the most delicious local flaovers. Wansan pork hock,named after Shen Wansan, the richest man in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty in Jiangnan.

Wanshan Hock is one of the most delicious flavors.

A stone archway bridge with its reflection on the water and overhead willow trees falling over the bridge.

A stone archway bridge
A boat at anchor well protected with rain proof cover.
The old residential houses with faded white-washed wall and still inhabited by the local villagers
The boat is passing by the residential canal house.
The waterway is getting narrower here.
A stone bridge built with large flat slabs
The white-washed canal houses l with their amazing reflections on the water.
A water edge family with a simple dock
The famous double bridges – a round archway bridge and a square archway bridge.
Boating on the canal like The Venice in the East.

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