Hohhot Taxi: Hohhot Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Plan your Hohhot Tour?  Generally it is convenient to travel around the capital of Inner Mongolia by taxi. But people still find it not easy to hail a taxi during the rush hours.

Compared with the present population in Hohhot, the taxi volume in Hohhot is 21.13 per ten thousand people, well below Beijing 47, Changchun 37, Shijiazhuang City 29, Taiyuan 32, Xi’an 30, Yinchuan 60, Xining City 49, and
Baotou City 41.

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Taxi Models in Hohhot

The main two taxi models in Hohhot: Sonata, Jetta, Citroën Fukang, Sagitar, Elantra, Red Flag, Passat…
Taxi Colours in Hohhot.

Most of the taxis in Hohhot are coloured Green and yellow, white and yellow, and sky blue and grey…

Hohhot Taxi 1
Hohhot Taxi 2
Hohhot Taxi 4

Hohhot Taxi Fares

•RMB 6 just for getting in for 2km
•RMB 1.3 charged for additional 1km after 2km
Minnight 11:00 pm – 06:30am
•RMB 1.4 charged for additional 1km beyond 2km
•Waiting in a traffic jam or for the lights to turn green, it is charged as 1 kilometer per 5 minutes. •Driving after 10 km, RMB 1.50 yuan per kilometer is charged instead of RMB 1.30.
•No tipping for Hohhot taxi. Very important notice:
One extra yuan will be charged beyond 2km to balance the oil hike according to the policy of the local government.

Taxi Call in Hohhot

Tel: 0471-8936669

Important Notice:

At the time of writing, there are some complaints about the taxi service offered the local taxi drivers. The lack of taxis in Hohhot is quite serious. At both Hohhot airport and train station, sometimes, taxi driver will fight for passengers for more business. Take care!

Hailing a Taxi in the city of Hohhot

• Hotels, Scenic Spots, Historial Sites, commercial streets, Airport and Train Station are the right places to take a taxi.
• It is difficult to hail a taxi on the streets. Be mindful of “black taxis”.

Hohhot  Taxi riders’ rights

As a taxi rider,, you have the rights as below:

Direct driving to your destination without any compulsory car pooling
Go to any place in and beyond Hohhot
Your car driver should know the streets in Hohhot and the road to major places in Hohhot
Your driver should know and abide by all the local traffic laws
Air-conditioning on demand
A radio-free trip
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger
No Tipping

Hohhot Taxi Stands

There are no particular taxi stands in Hohhot . People just hail a taxi anywhere they feel safe and convenient.

Hohhot Taxi Complaints

If you ever have any problems with a Hohhot Taxi, contact the phone number below:
Taxi Supervition: Tel:  96155
Police: 110

Hohhot Taxi Useful Information

•Using a meter instead of bargaining with your taxi driver
•Say no to a forced pooling taxi in Hohhot

Estimated taxi fares

Hohhot Airport – Hohhot Downtown: RMB 40
Hohhot Train Station – Hohhot Downtown RMB 10-15
Hohhot – Xilamuren Grassland RMB 600 Hohhot – Gegentala Grassland RMB 700 Hohhot – Baotou RMB 900

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