List Beijing railway stations

Plan your China train tour starting from Beijing? How many train stations in Beijing and which railway station you should use for your next destination? This list of current railway stations in Beijing will be helpful in getting yourself familiar with the current train station in Beijing.

1.Beijing West Railway Station (北京西客站)
Trains to Xian,Guilin, Luoyang, Chongqing, Chengdu, Lhasa, Wuhan, Baotou, Hohhot, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Kunming, Kowloon, Shenzhen…
How to get there:
1) Beijing Downtown to the West Station:
Beijing West Railway Station has two squares – North Square and South Square. Some public buses stop at its south square and others stop at its north square. You can also take the subeway line 1 and get off  the station of Military Museum and walk south to Beijing West Railway Station.
2) Beijing capital airport – Beijing West Railway Station: Take airport shuttle bus no.07
Add: Lianhuachi Donglu, Fengtai District Tel: 51826253

2. Beijing South Raiway Station (北京南站)
Trains to Tianjin, Tanggu, Shanghai, Jinan, Taishan, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Suzhou…
How to get there:
1) Beijing downtown to Beijing South Railway Statio: take subway line 4 and get off at the south railway station; Public buses, No.20, 64, 102, 106, 203, 381,458.
2) Beijing capital airport – Beijing Railway Station;take airport shuttle bus no.10
Add: Yongdingmenwai Dajie, Chongwen District Tel: 51867999

3. Beijing Railway Station (北京站)
Trains to Datong, Harbin, Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Changchun, Hefei, Lanzhou…
How to get there:
1)Beijing downtown – Beijing Railway Station: take subway line 2 and get off at the sation of Beijing Railway Station
2) Beijing airport – Beijing Railway Station: take airport bus no.03
Add: Beijing Zhan Jie, Dongcheng District ( centrally located just south of Beijing International Hotel) Tel: 51019999

4. Beijing North Railway Station (北京北站)
Trains to Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing
How to get there:
1)Beijing downtown – Beijing North Railway Station: take subway line 2 and get off at the stop of Xizhemen
2) Beijing airport – Beijing North Railway Station:first take the airport express train and interchange for subway line 2 and get off at the stop of Xizhimen
Add: Xizhimen, Xicheng District Tel: 51866223

5. Zhengyangmen Railway Station (正阳门站)
No longer used. It haas been turned into China Railway Museum
It is located at the northwest corner of Tiananmen Square.
How to get there:
Take subway line 2 and get off at the stop of Qianmen

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