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Plan your Tianjin Cruise Port Beijing Transfer ? Tianjin Port  (Xingang Port) is the largest made made sea port in mainland China. It is 30 kilometers to the east of Tanggu, 70 kilometers to the east of Tianjin downtown, and 180km to the east of Beijing city proper.
Here “Tianjin Port” refers to Tianjin Internationl Cruise Home Port (now it replaces Xingang Port though the term of Xingang Port is still in use in cruise industry).
The Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is the first home port in the northern China. It is located in the the north of Dongjiang Port of Tianjin Port, ajoining the largest free trade zone – Dongjiang Port free trade zone.
Tianjin Port Taxi Quantity and Service
At the time of my writing,  there are some taxis ( 20-30 ) by the home port. Most of the taxi drivers at Tianjin Home Port are reluctant to use meters. Instead, the drivers would like to bargain with you for higher taxi prices.
There do exist some black taxis at the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port. You are kindly advised  not to hail “black cars” though sometimes they are convenient. Your personal safety should be rendered at the first. Make sure to take the registered taxis and ask for Fabiao (receipt) in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.
Taxi Models in Tianjin Port (same as Tanggu)
The main two models of the taxis at Tianjin Port are Weizhi sedan, Corolla, Sonata, Jetta,Charade, Sagitar, Elantra, Red Flag,  Passat…
Tianjin Port Taxi Fares ( as in Tanggu and Tianjin)
Two kinds of Taxi Fares
First Kind
•RMB 8 just for getting in and for 3 km
•RMB 1.70 for each additional km
Second Kind
•RMB 8 just for getting in and for 3km
•RMB 2 for each additional km
The following are for all models of taxis:
•1km charged for each 5 minutes stopped in traffic
•After over 10 kilometers, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip
•No tipping.
Tianjin Port Taxi Companies (same as in Tianjin and tanggu ):
Taxi Corporation Tel:26353731
Haihe River Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel: 26352844
Kaifaqu Good Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel:26300013
Gan Jin Taxi Companies Tel:23192652
Founder Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel:28332760
Golden Shield Car Rental Co., Ltd. Tel: 27357468
Fei Yada Taxi Company Tel: 28302924
Farm Taxi Company Tel: 28185650
Gold Warehouse Taxi Co., Ltd.Tel: 28139454
Jinbao Taxi Company Tel: 23249146
Sword Taxi Company Tel: 27210745
Fangyuan Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel: 24159405
Weilong International (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tel: 23514771
Hechuan Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel: 88212928
Dongli District Car Rental Services Tel: 24394513
Baoda Taxi Company Tel: 24397018
Leda Taxi Company Tel: 27562856
Taxi Services company Tel: 23395216
Hebei District Zhonghai Taxi Tel: 26216807
Jiuding Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel:26957539
Huibao Taxi Company Tel: 28249515
Silver Grant Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel: 23927632
Hua Xu Taxi Company Tel: 84255427
Everbright Taxi Co., Ltd. Tel:24696099
Power Taxi Company Tel: 24407096
Wanshida Car rental companiy Tel: 26519287
Hailing a Taxi in Tianjin Home Port (Xingang Port )
• It is difficult to hail a taxi at the Tianjin Port.  Be mindful of “black taxis”.

Tianjin Port  (Xingang Port) Taxi riders’rights
As a taxi rider,, you have the rights as below:
Direct driving to your destination without any compulsory car pooling
Go to any place in and beyond Xian

Your car driver should know the streets in Xian and the road to major places in Tanggu
Your driver should know and abide by all the local traffic laws
Air-conditioning on demand
A radio-free trip
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger
No Tipping

Tianjin Port  Taxi Stands
At present, there are some taxi stands at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port.  You have to line up for your safe drive in Tianjin Port.

Tianjin Port Taxi Complaints
If you ever have any problems with a local Taxi, contact the following:
Tianjin Passenger Traffic Management & Supervision Office:
Kindly reminder:
Before you make any complaints, be sure to provide such information as time, place, license plate number, invoice etc.

Tianjin Port (Xingang Poet ) Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with your taxi driver
•Say no to a forced pooling taxi

•Estimated taxi fares for the often used taxi service at Tianjin Port
Tianjin Port – Tanggu Railway Station Approx. RMB 55
Tianjin Port – Tianjin Railway Station  Approx.RMB 160
Tianjin Port – Beijing downtown         Approx.RMB 600 – 800
Tianjin Downtown – Tanggu              Approx.RMB 160
Tianjin Downtown – Tianjin Port         Approx.RMB 220 

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