Poetic Winter Scenery Viewed from Su Causeway in West Lake

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The scenery viewed from Su Causeway across West Lake in spring is lauded as one of the top 10 classical sights in Hangzhou. But for me,  Su Causeway offers the delightful views in all four seasons, not just in spring.  When you plan your Hangzhou tour,  do arrange a walking trip along Su Causeway even you don’t visit Hangzhou in spring.

Last week, I had a stroll along Su Causeway under the extreme cold weather from the south to the north on the west side of West Lake. It was a 2800-meter scenic walk crossing six stone moon bridges, hence the nickname of “Six Bridge Causeway”.

Thin tourist crowd in low tourist season allowed me to own the whole charming causeway, fully taking in the scenes along and viewed from the causeway. Everything looks surreal and poetic! Weeping willow trees look like threads of beards move softly in wind. Withered brown lotus leaves still stand firmly in the water with poetic reflections on the water.

Distant cruising boats, lake shorelines and the islands in West Lake all create a dream fairyland. The lake shorelines are dotted with pavilions, bridges and houses under the sky, presenting a poetic picture of Chinese landscape painting.

Weeping Willows, Boating on West Lake viewed from Su Causeway


Withered lotus leaves, the pavilion bridge


A red dot in the picture of a large tree on the edge of Su Causeway


The poetic weeping willows and the distant pavilion bridge


The poetic scenery of weeping willows, boats and the distant south hill of West Lake

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