When is the best time to visit Xian?

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When you are planning your Xian tour, one of the frequently asked questions likely to tantalize you is “When is the best time to visit Xian?”.  As one of the oldest cities in Chinese history, Xian is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

Unlike other scenic cities in China, Xian is well known for its historical sites and relics which are little influence by seasons. As a matter of fact, Xian is a place which you can visit on all seasons.

Xian enjoys four distinct seasons with warm spring, hot summer, cool and rainy autumn and dry winter. The weather is generally pleasant all year round. Use this travel guide to help you make a smart decision about when to visit Xian. Check out below to have some information on each season:

Xian in Spring ( March – May )

Spring or autumn is considered as the best season to visit Xian, which is neither too hot nor to cold. But the sporadic sandstorm in spring has kept people on alert when they plan their spring trip to Xian.

In spring, you can visit the historical relics, such as Terra-cotta Warriors or Horses Big Wild Goose Pagoda; you can also go to climb Mount Hua.

With gentle breezes and warm sunshine, spring in Xian is really a good time of year for outdoor activities and traveling.

Xian in Spring
Xian in Spring

Xian in Summer ( June – August )

Summer in Xian, which usually lasts from June to August, becomes both hot and humid. The blooming flowers and colored leaves dot the mountains.You have to make full preparation from sunburn.

There is always rainstorm in summer, be sure to take the umbrella with you. Of course, if you are interested in Xian Snacks, go there in summer is a good choice for you. The night markets come alive as the sun went down in summer.

Xian in Autumn (September – November)

During autumn, Xian is filled colors as several species of trees change the color of their leaves. Autumn is the high season for people to visit Xian. Fall period are the months of September, October and November, and the weather is fine and pleasant.

You are kindly advised to skip over China National Holiday in October when you plan your Xian Tours, since there are so many people during that time.

Xian in Winter ( November – February )

Winter is an off-season for traveling in Xian. If you are more of a person who loves winter and would like to go skiing down some of the most breath-taking sites in Xian, Xian still welcomes you during the winter months.Winter lasts from December to February, dry and cold with a little snow.The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 0 C. The most advantage to visit Xian in winter is that you can save money and see fewer visitors, thus avoiding tourist crowds. Winter in Xian is cold, make sure to take enough thick clothes with you. Crowd Information
Xian gets very crowded and busy during school vacations and public holidays. You are kindly advised to skip over the Official Chinese Holidays when you plan your Xian Tours. Please jot down the following public holidays:New Year’ Day ( 1st Jan, three-day holiday )
Chinese New Year ( later Jan and early Feb )
Tomb Sweeping Day ( Early April, 3-day holiday )
Mid-Autumn festival ( Aug-Sept, 3-day holiday )
May Day ( 1st May, three-day holiday)

Tip: Hassle-free Xian Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Xian guided tours:

Xian Tour
Xian Day Tour
Xian Tour Packages
Beijing Xian Tour

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Any questions, just drop a line.

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16 Responses to “When is the best time to visit Xian?”

  1. rose says:

    My name is Rose, i come from Malaysia. I would like to ask you where i can rent a car and guide for my group. Can you please give me any agent number, email. And also a hostel or guesthouse that you know which is in town area.


  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Rose,

    You may check the link below for more travel and tour information”:


    Have a nice time in Xian!

  3. lau aih ngiik says:

    I am from malaysia. will be visiting xian next year in march (still a long way though but i am keen to make proper arrangement for my group) Is there any recommended trusted travel agency which i can communicate to organize a 8D7N group tour for us?

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi lau aih ngiik,

    Thanks for your enquiry!

    You may check the page below and send your enquiry, one of our staff members will contact you by email within 24 hours.


  5. Syima says:


    May I know when do the autumn foliage maple leaves turn yellow / gold / red in Xi’an?
    I plan to travel there in mid September, would that be a beautiful time to witness the leaves in colour?


  6. Daniel says:

    Hi Syima,

    Autumn is still a bit too early for fall foliage in Xian. I think mid-october is the best time for autumn hues.

  7. Iz osman says:


    I would like to know if i visits Xi’an on late December, am i able to go to Terracotta museum and Mt. Huashan?

  8. Daniel says:

    Hi Iz osman,

    Yes,both Xian and Mt.Huashan are open all year round.

  9. Ehdonchong says:

    Hello, just wish to find out how to get to Inner Mongolia from Xian.

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi Ehdonchong,

    Inner Mongolia is a province. Which city are you going to visit first in Inner Mongolia? If you want to go from Xian to Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolian, you may take flight from Xian to Hohhot ( one and half hours ) or take train ( about 14 hours ).

  11. Lindt says:

    Is March a good time to go to Xian

  12. Daniel says:

    Dear Lindt,

    Thanks for your inquiry! Please check out the following link ( How to visit Xian in March ) for more information:


  13. Rania says:

    I plan to visit Xian next month from 5 February till 11 February, actually is Chinesse New year holiday . Is it a good time to visit xian
    Thank you

  14. Daniel says:

    Dear Rania,

    It is all right to visit Xian during the Spring festival. A bit cold and wear warmly. Have a nice time!

  15. Louise says:

    Dear Rania
    I was thinking of visiting Xian from the 3-5 May, do you think it will still be crowded with visitors owing to it being the end of the Labour Day Holiday?

  16. Daniel says:

    Dear Louise,

    This year’ Labor Day Holiday lasts 4 days from May 01 to May 04. It will be very crowded. But May 5 will be a little bit better. Have a good time!

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