How to Visit Mt.Huashan (Tips, Photos & Map)

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Five sacred mountains in China

Mt.Huashan, or Mount Hua is one of the five sacred mountains in China. The other four are Taishan in Shandong, Songshan in Henan, Hengshan in Shanxi and Hengshan in Hunan. Don’t be confused with Huangshan or Yellow Mountain,  another world famous mountain in China. For more information on Huangshan, check out Huangshan tour.

Mt. Huashan is reputed as the most precipitous of the five. Then how to visit Mt. Huashan?

Mount Hua is located about 150km east of Xian (Google)

Travel to Huashan by Train

Mt.Huashan is easily accessible by high-speed trains from the  five cities – Beijing ( 5 hours),  Xian ( 35 minutes),  Luoyang (one and half  hours ) and Shanghai ( 10 hours) .

With Beijing Xian Zhengzhou Luoyang high-speed trains completed, it is faster and more comfortable to travel from Beijing,  Xian or Zhenzghou (Luoyang) to Mt.Huashan by high-speed trains. Of course, you may take a long distance bus or rent a private vehicle from Xian to Mount Hua, but visiting Mount Hua by train is the best choice for individual tourists who prefer to travel on their own.

Huashan North Railway Station and Huashan Railway Station.

The Huayin City (where Mt.Huashan is located) has two train station, namely Huashan North Railway Station and Huashan Railway Station. Huashan North Railway Station is a new station used for bullet trains and high speed trains.

If you go to Huashan by high speed or bullet trains from Beijing, Xian and Zhengzhou (Luoyang), you will arrive at Huashan North Railway Station. For taking other trains, you will arrive at Huashan Railway Station.

Huashan North Railway Station is located in the north of Huayin City and Mt.Huashan.

Follow me to Mt. Huashan by train

Today I make an excursion from Xian to Mt.Huashan by train, Please follow me into the sacred mountain – Mount Hua. Last night I bought the train ticket for Train G672 for Huashan from the ticket office at Xian Railway Station though the train starts from Xian North Railway Station instead Xian Railway Station.

Xian North Railway Station is located about 15km from Bell Tower in the north of Xian, taxi fare RMB 35, or you may take the newly opened Subway Line 2 from Bell Tower to Xian North Railway Station, ticket price RMB 3.

My bullet train leaves Xian North Railway Station at 09:06am  

My bullet train No.2005 leaves Xian North Railway Station at 0815am

Still a tourist low season, there are not many passengers on the train.

Not a tourist high season, there are not many passengers on the train

Within 40 minutes, we arrive at Huashan North Railway Station which is located in the north of Huayin City.

Arriving at Huashan Railway Station

I take a clichéd picture of the exterior Huashan North Train Station 

The exterior Huashan North Train Station

How to get from the north station to Huashan Service Center

In tourist high season ( April – October ), there are two public bus lines – Bus Line 1 ( 华阴1路) and Bus Line 2 ( 华阴2路) offering free shuttle service taking tourists from Huashan North Railway Station to Huashan Tourist Dispatch Center.

The two bus lines start from the square in front of Huashan North Railway Station and ends at Huashan Eco-Square, namely Huashan Tourist Dispatch Center where you line up to purchase the entrance tickets, the ticket for shuttle buses up to the cable station and the tickets for taking cable car up or down.

There are no shuttle buses on the square in front of Huashan North Railway Station since it is still a low tourist season.  You can take a taxi at the price of about 15 -20 yuan from the train station to the ticketing office ( Huashan Tourist Dispatch Center).

Mt.Huashan Tourist  Dispatch Center

Today I have to take a taxi from Huashan North Railway Station to the Tourist  Dispatch Center for Mt. Huashan Scenic Spot ( Tourist Service Center ) which is located about 5km to the south of Huashan North Railway Station.

the Dispatch Center for Mt. Huashan Scenic Spot

Local taxi drivers don’t use the meter to calculate the taxi fare since Huayin is a small city. The taxi ride costs RMB 15 – 20 from Huashan North  Train Station to the Dispatch Center for Mt. Huashan Scenic Spot.

Mt.Huashan is a well organized scenic spot and rated as a 5-star attraction at the national level in terms of safety, cleanness and convenience. All passengers are supposed to go to the Dispatch Center for Mt. Huashan Scenic Spot where people buy entrance tickets and bus tickets.

Each entrance ticket for Mt.Huashan is valid in two days which also covers the admission for other three attractions – Xiyue Temple, Yuquan Temple and Xianyu Valley.

Price Information about Mt.Huashan

Entrance ticket fee ( valid with 48 hours ) :

RMB 180 (April – November);
RMB100 (December – next March).
Shuttle Buses going from the tourist center to the cable car station: RMB 40 (two ways)
Cable car ticket: RMB 80 (two ways Dec – Feb); RMB150 (two ways March – November)


In the Ticket Hall there is a China Bank ATM with English, and it works well. If you are  in dire need of cash, you can process your credit  get the cash you need.


0913 – 4361979
Complaint: 0913 – 462692
SOS: 0913 – 4625088

Note:   The ticket is valid within 48 hours. You don’t have to stay overnight on the mountain and you can stay elsewhere and return to the mountain next day.

The entrance ticket also allows you to visit other three attractions: Xiyue Temple, Yuquan Temple and Xianyu Valley. Xiyue Temple, in particular, is worth visiting! See my blog: How to Visit Xiyue Temple.

Five Peaks at Huashan

Mt.Huashan Scenic Spot is mainly composed of 5 peaks – North Peak (, the Central Peak(2037.8m), East Peak(2096.m), West Peak(2086.2m) and South Peak (2154.9m).

Hiking Trails

Basically people with strong legs would climb up to the North Peak before reaching other four peaks.

There are two walking trails leading to the North Peak. The most popular is the traditional route in Huashan Yu (Huashan Gorge) starting from Yuquanyuan Temple (west gate); the second trail is the Huangpu Yu (Huangpu Gorge) starting from Huashan East Gate.

Sketch Map of the Five Peaks at Mt.Huashan

A cable car is set over the Huangpu Yu (Huangpu Gorge) trail where you can take the cable up to the North Peak. On the top of the North Peak, people would climb from North Peak respectively to Mid-Peak, East Peak, South Peak and West Peak, then take cable car down from West Peak.

Of course, it is difficult for you to hike all the five peaks in a day. If you don’t have strong legs, you may retrace to the north peak,  take cable car down. Basically it takes about 4 hours walking from the North Peak to the West Peak.

Shuttle Bus and Cable Car Stations

There are two cable car stations – one at the North Peak and the other at the West Peak. You may take the cable up to the north peak, then hike to the West Peak and take the West Peak’s cable car down (about 4 hours’ walk).

You don’t have to retrace to the North Peak. Of course, you need strong legs hiking from the north peak to the west peak. . If you don’t have strong legs, you may retrace to the north peak,  take cable car down.

Note: The last cable car starts at 19:00 ( high season: March – November ); 17:00 ( low season: December – February ).

I first take the shuttle bus (RMB40 two ways) from the Dispatch Center to Huangpu Yu, the starting point for cable car up to the North Peak.

The shuttle bus from the Dispatch Center to the cable car up to the North Peak.

Cable car ticket: RMB 80 (two ways Dec – Feb); RMB150 (two ways March – November). The cable car ticket is separated from the entrance tickets and people have to buy at the cable car station. Each cable car accommodates 6 passengers.

Cable car

It takes about 6 minutes up to the North Peak.

It takes about 6 minutes up to the North Peak

We get off the cable car and continue to walk up for 15 minutes before we reach the North Peak.  Now we are on the platform of the North Peak with the West Peak and East Peak as the back drop. 

On the platform of the North Peak

Looking at the East Peak and West Peak from the North Peak where I stand. To climb all the peaks take about 5 hours.  

Looking at the East Peak and West Peak from the North Peak 1

If you don’t have strong legs, you may just stop on the north peak and enjoy the beautiful surrounding views. If you’d  like to continue your climb, you may do as the two gentlemen. 

Even more dangerous  – the Wipe Ear Precipice 

Passengers have hung thousands of locks along the safety chain at various places along the trail for good wishes.

Locks along the safety chain at various places along the trail for good wishes.

Hotels and Eating on Mt.Huashan

If you want to see the sunrise or sunset, you need to stay overnight on the mountains. there are some hotels with basic facilities. In high season you need to book in advance.

Wuyunfeng Hotel (华山五云峰饭店)
Tel:  15319160066
Location: about 30minutes walking distance to the East Peak
Over 100 twin and triple rooms, a good choice for a short stay to catch a sunrise at the East Peak.

Dongfeng Hotel ( East Peak Hotel)  东峰饭店
The best choice for viewing the sunrise from the East Peak
Tel: 0913 – 4301312

Xifeng Hotel ( West Peak Hostel )
It is a basic and friendly place for your overnight stay  西峰饭店
0913 – 4301310

Beifeng Hotel ( North Peak Hotel )  北峰饭店
The busiest hotel on the mountain.
Tel:  15719136466 ( mobile)

Hotel at the foot of Mt.Huashan
Jingyuan Hotel Tel:  +86-(0)913-4368688
Lianhua Hotel Tel:  +86-(0)913-4368888
Huashan Hotel Tel:  +86-(0)913-4658111

Huashan Sunrise and Sunset Time in a year 

Months                 Sunrise                Sunset
Jan-Feb:               7:42-7:47          17:45-18:03
Mar-Apr               6:35-7:10          18:35-18:56
May-June             5:29-5:44           19:08-19:28
July-Aug              5:31-5:44            19:44-19:57
Sept-Oct               6:15-6:29             18:04-19:10
Nov-Dec               6:03-6:24             17:35-18:47

More Travel Information on Huashan

Best Time to Hike Huashan

The best time to visit Huashan is from April to October, a high tourist season in Huashan. Each 15th day of March ( Chinese lunar calendar ) is the “Mountain Praying” Day when there are a number of grand temple activities and celebrations.

Quick Guide for Hiking Mt.Huashan

Just pay attention to environmental protection. Please do not litter. It is recommended to take your trash back and don’t leave it on the mountains. In addition, bonfire and smoking are forbidden in Huashan.

Also follow the safety tips in the scenic area, do not make big actions, and do not climb the areas that are not allowed.


For an emergency, you may go to the following hospitals:
(1) Shaanxi Hornored Soldiers’ Hospital
Add:Kangfu Road, Huayin, Weinan(2)Hospital of Huayin City
TEL: 0913 – 4612337,  0913 – 4612249
Add: 47 Taihua Road, Huayin(3) Mount Hua Xiehe Hospital
TEL: 0913 – 4362815
Add: Huayin

Bank services

You can use ATMs service at the Huashan Tourist Service Center:
China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Contact Information for the Mt. Huashan Administration

Hotline: 0913-4361979 ( Mon to Sun, from 8am to 6pm)
Suggestions or complain bad services:  0913-4362692 (Mon to Sun, from 8am to 6pm)
For emergency or first aid dial: 0913-4365088 (24 hours)
Travel Bureau of Huayin City: 0913-4613358
E-mail at [email protected]
Fax: +86-(0)913-4362691

Add on:

How to visit Xiyue Temple

Tip: Hassle-free Xian Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Xian guided tours:

Xian Tour
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Any questions, just drop a line.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for the invaluable info that you publish in your blog, and the photos which make all this much more real and easy to foresee, esp. for a solo traveller !
    many thanks

  2. I just want to ask you, as I cannot read and speak mandarin (chinese), how can i get the travel from xian to mt huashan without getting lost? I will be travelling with 2 twin children aged 9 yrs old. I am travelling 9 December 2015

    Many thanks

  3. Hi Amy,

    You may take the high speed train from Xian North Railway Station to Huashan North Railway Station where you either take a taxi or shuttle bus to the sightseeing service center. At the Huashan Sightseeing Service Center you buy your tickets for the entrance and the shttule bus to the cable station. Have a good time in Mt.Huashan!

  4. Hello
    Thanks for the Mountain Information.I will visit February 2016 to do the Cliff side Plank Walk.Will it be closed for maintenance or bad weather? Mt. Huashan is the main part of my trip so intend to spent first night at base Hotel for early start and next night on Mountain for sunrise.Will mean 2 full days to travel all peaks with Cable cars.Do you get much snow in February? With luck there will be snow with clear sky’s while on the mountain.

  5. Hi Eamonn,

    1. Normally it will be open in February.
    2. Cable car up from the north and cable car down from the west.
    3. Hope you are lukcy to have some snow on the apexes.

  6. Hello,
    We intend travel from Singapore to Chong Qing to visit a friend and from there would like to cover Hua Shan 华山 and Beijing as well. Likely a 10 days to spend for this trip. Which is the best way or route in terms of flight & train? And probably like to experience an sleeper overnight train.
    When is best weather option May or Sep for this travel?

    As for Huashan, i saw some plank there other safer hike option? Please advise.

  7. Hi Jeou,

    Both May and September are a good time for hiking Mount Huashan. But eschew visiting Mt.Huashan during the public holiday ( May 01 – 03 ).

    Below is my suggested itinerary:
    Chongqing – Xian ( flight or overnight train )
    Xian – Huashan ( Mt. Huashan ) by high speed train
    Huashan – Beijing by highspeed train

    Wish you a good trip!

  8. I heard there are dangerous trails between North and West Peak hike. We are age 65 +, reasonably fit.
    We plan in one day , go up one cablecar & down another cablecar to prevent back tracking .What hiking trail ,passes etc. should we follow? How easy is to follow the trails? Is there local guide available for hire once we reach Huashan? Who do we contact? How much charge for local tour guide per day? Thank U. Bonnie

  9. Hi Boonie,

    Normally it takes about 4 hours walking from North Peak to West Peak. You may follow the signs or ask other travelers on route. It is not easy to hire an English speaking tour guide from Huashan Tourist Center. You may book a tour guide from Xian. But it is very expensive to hire a private tour guide ( 400-500 yuan ).

    For more information, please check out its official website of English version :

  10. Hi Jimmy Chan,

    We are not sure about your level of phobia on heights. You may may feel your hike on the mountain summits and ajust your travel plan. Have a good luck!

  11. It can be tricky to find an ATM with an English option in a lot of places in China.

    Do you have any idea if the ATM at the Tourist center has an English option?

    Thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Craig,

    Yes, there are several ATMs inside the Tourist center. But we are not sure whether they have English options. But you turn to the staff for help if you cannot read the Chinese.

  13. I’m staying at the Huaxin hotel in Huayin City, walked about 2 1/2 – 3 miles to the Tourist Center.
    Tried several China Chemical Bank ATMs on the way, no English. There are also a couple there in the parking lot of Tourist Center next to a police shack and they did have an English option, but after selecting English, it’s just a blank screen.

    In the Ticket Hall I found a China Bank ATM with English, and it worked well. I was in dire need of cash after hotel said they couldn’t process my credit card and used all my cash to pay for the room.

    Hope this helps someone in the future 😉

  14. Hi, I would like to know if there will be a lot of people in Mt. Huashan during the Spring Festival? I am planning to visit the mountain during the spring break.

  15. Dear Laine,

    Though it is the Spring Festival, it will not be crowded due to the cold weather. It is all right to hike the mountain during the season. Take care and Have a fun!

  16. We are planning to visit Huashan from Xian for a day trip. From the Dispatch Center, we will take the shuttle bus to the cable car station, take the cable car to the North Peak. We are planning to hike over to the West Peak. How long is the hike and the difficulty like incline? From the West Peak, we are planning to take the cable car back down to the Dispatch Center.
    We don’t want to do dangerous paths! Is the above a good itinerary for a couple of 63 year olds? We have been to Huangshan and Great Wall climb and we were fine. Also do you recommend the must visit without crossing the dangerous paths?

    Thanks you in advance!

  17. Dear Mary,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    For your age, I suggest you just walk around the north peak. If you are in good shape, you can try to hike along the path leading to the west peak. You may backtrack if you feel unable to complete the trip to the west peak.

    Have a nice time!

  18. Hi, I would like to know whether there are any rules on what we can do and cannot do at the mountain?

  19. Hi Rin,

    Welcome Huashan! Just pay attention to environmental protection. Please do not litter. It is recommended to take your trash back and don’t leave it on the mountains. In addition, bonfire and smoking are forbidden in Huashan.

    Also follow the safety tips in the scenic area, do not make big actions, and do not climb the areas that are not allowed.

    Have a nice trip!

  20. Is the hiking way open 24 hrs? How about food toilets and minsu kind of stay? I really like the details i wish to know more how long until the bus reaches the north peak? Can we walk instead of taking a bus or a cable?

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