Top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour? If you don’t eat any type of meat, even chicken or egg and are looking for high-quality vegetarian food, Muslim or or Buddha restaurants, Beijing will not let you with lots of vegetarian choices. We have selected the top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Beijing.

NO.1:Lotus in Moonlight Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinese name: 荷塘月色
Features: Based on the temple vegetarian food and blended with folk, court and Western vegetarina food, this restaurant has developed some unique features of its own.

Add: Building 12, Liufang Nanli, Zuojiazhuang West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Chinese add: 北京市朝阳区左家庄西街柳芳南里12号楼
Average cost:RMB80/PP

Lotus in Moonlight Vegetarian Restaurant
Lotus in Moonlight Vegetarian Restaurant

 NO.2: Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinese Name: 净心莲
Features: Nestled in a quite courtyard, this restaurant is famous for its originality and creativity, producing many new type of dishes, good taste and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Add: In the courtyard of Tongda Plaza, at the northeast corner of Changhong Bridge on the East Third Ring Road, Beijing
Chinese add:北京市东三环长虹桥东北角通广大厦院内
Average cost:RMB200/pp

NO.3: Jin Si Vegetable Food Restaurant
Chinse name: 静思素食
The Restaurant Motto: Multi-Win Policy – Animal Win, Environment Win, and Human win health and longevity

Add: Inside Meiyuan Hotel, near the south entrance to Beijing North Transportation Univeristy, Xixhimen, Beijing

Chinese add:北京市西直门北方交大南门高粱桥斜街甲30号梅苑宾馆内
Average cost:RMB50/pp

NO.4:Jia He Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant  (Closed)
Chinese Name: 嘉禾园

Features: Based on Shandong cuisine, the chels are good at making vegetarian food in the taste of meat dishes.

Add: north of the road 500m west of Jishuitan Birdge, Beijing

Chinese add:北京市积水潭桥西500米路北,北京地铁集团院内
Average cost:RMB50/pp
NO.5:Xiangyang Vegetarian (Dazhongsi)
Chinese Name: 香阳小筑

Features: This restaurat sticks to the vegetarian basics – no-smoke, no-alcohol, no-egg, no-meat, no-MSG and no-five Xing (garlic, leek, scallion…). It offers two kinds of dishes – pure vegetarian food and fake food.

Add: No 31-8, West Thirg Ring Road, Haidian District ( 50m west of Dazhong temple)
Chibese add:北京市海淀区北三环西路31-8号(大钟寺古钟博物馆向西50米)
Average Cost:RMB 50/pp

NO.6:Bodhi Chance Restaurant
Chinese name: 菩提缘

Features: This restaurant is frequented by numerous vegetarians though it is located in a narrow lane across the north gate of Taoranting Park. People can have taste all kinds of vegetarian food and a good feel of Chinese classic vegan culture.

Add: No.10-16, Heiyaochang Street, Xicheng District Beijing

Chinese add:北京市宣武区黑窑厂街10-16号
Average cost RMB90/pp
NO.7:Hometown Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinese name: 家乡素食

Feature: It is a New style vegetarian restaurant using all organic ingredients, healthy and tasty, good service and elegant decor.

Add: SMM98,Solana, Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese add:北京市朝阳区朝阳公园路6号SOLANA蓝色港湾商业区SMM98号
Average Cost:RMB50/pp
 NO.8:Lili Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinese name: 百合素食

Features: This restaurant is good at fake meat dishes, fake ducks, fake fish, fake seafood with similar tastes like real ones.

Add: Jia 23,Caoyuan Hutong, Beixiaojie, Dongzhimennei, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Chinese add:北京市东城区东直门内北小街草园胡同甲23号
Averaage cost:RMB 70/pp
NO.9:Vegetarian Generation
Chinese name: 素势代

Features: This restaurant is representative of the vegetarian restaurants in Beijing. In the past three years, Beijing Vegetarian Generation has developed over one hundred hand-made recipes.

Add: F1 Jinli Plaza, 5 Songyubei Raod, Choayang District, Beijing

Average Cost:RMB50/pp
NO.10:Gong De Lin Vegetarian Restaurant
Chinese name: 功德林素菜饭庄

Features: It is a time-honored vegetarian restaurant.

Add: 2 Dongdajie, Qianmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Chinese add:北京市崇文区前门东大街2号(台基厂路口西南角)
Average cost:RMB70/pp
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