Beijing Fengtai Railway Station

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Beijing Fengtai Railway Station has a long history dating back to the year 1898. It is located at Zhengyang Avenue in Fengtai District of the southern Beijing. It used to be a small comprehensive railway station incorporating passenger trains and freight trains. It had passenger trains to Shanghai, Taiyuan and Guangzhou with 30 daily trains passing by each day. Fengtai Train Station has been closed for passenger service since June 2010.
Fengtai Railway Station will be reconstructed starting from 2013 on a scale similar to Beijing South Railway Station. It will be turned into a major train station for high-speed traind for Beijing – Guangzhou rail, Beijing Hong Kong rail and more.
Beijing Fengtai Railway Station will be completed in 2015, adding up to the present major 6 railway stations – Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing East Railway Station and Xinghuo Railway Station, total 7 train stations in Beijing. The completion of Fengtai Railway Station will greatly alleviate the passenger transport pressure on Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station.
Subway Line 10 will be linked to Fengtai Railway Station. An expressway and subway line will connect Fengtai Raiway Station and Beijing second international airport – Beijing Daxing International Airport that will be completed in October, 2017.
The new Fengtai Railway Station will become a new transport hub in the southern Beijing that comprise intercity rails, suburban rails, city public transport and metro lines. It will further develop the local economy and help ease the traffic burden of the northern Beijing.
Beijing Fengtai New Railway Station

Beijing Fengtai New Railway Station

The main Fengtai Railway Station building is a square structure similat to the China Pavilion in Shanghai Expo. The base is a two-layer classical terrace. The upper building is supported by four red-colored pillars. It has a white roof high in the middle. Platforms and railways are constructed under the main building.
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