Beijing Daxing International Airport

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Beijing Daxing International Airport is popularly known as Beijing Capital (Second ) Internation Airport, Beijing’s second International airport.

The construction of Beijing’s new airport starts in 2014 and plans to be finished in 2019. The first phrase construction of the new airport is to supplement the Beijing Capital Airport which has been totally packed and it cannot be expanded infinitely.

Beijing capital airport is already at its design capacity with some 74 million passengers per year. The new airport is planned to have the ability to handle a reported 45 million in 2020, 72 million in 2025, and 100 million passengers per year in a long run – more than London’s Heathrow and New York’s JFK airports put together.

Upon completion, Daxing Airport will replace Nanyuan Airport in Beijing’s south, and become the Beijing hub for China Eastern, China Southern and their Skyteam alliance partners. it will be largest airport in the world when it opens in 2019.

The Location of Beijing Daxing Airport

The Location of Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing Airport is located in the north of Yongding River among the three areas of Yufa Township and Lixian Township in south of Daxing District in the southern Beijing and Guangyang District of Langfang City, along the Hebei border.

Daxing Airport lies approx.46km to the south of Tiananmen square, 68km to the south of Beijing Capital International Airport; 85km to the west of Tianjin; Shijiazhuang 225km, Chengde 218km and Qinhuangdao 276km.

It not only serves Beijing but also Tianjin and Hebei Province, linking Beijing airports, Tianjin Binhai International Airport and Shijiazhuang Airport, creating the largest airport cluster in the northern China.

The idea of the Beijing Capital’s second international airport was proposed back to the year of 2006. The two year later in 2008, China Development Reform Committee set up the team for selecting the new airport location. Tianjin Wuqing, Hebei Langfang and Beijing Daxing contended for the new airport. At last Daxing District made it.

In the 2011, the construction of Daxing Airport kicked off. The construction of Daxing Airprot has been involved with total investment of 80.3 Billion Yuan. In December, 2016, Daxing Airport’s main terminal building will be finished and it will be on a test operation in April, 2017. It will be put into full operation in October, 2017.

The Beijing Municipal Government has selected a consortium led by NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants as the designers of the Beijing’s second international airport at Daxing.

Beijing Daxing Airport will have 2 concourses, and 2 satellite terminals; 8 runways, 6 parallel alligned north-south, and 2 alligned east-west.

Airlines and destinations
Daxing will serve as a SkyTeam exclusive hub for alliance members China Southern and China Eastern, which is Qantas’ main Chinese partner and the other airlines.

Star Alliance member and Air China will keep the current Beijing Capital Airport in the city’s northeast.

Ground transportation
Daxing Airport is well integrated into central public transport systems. Beijing South Railway Station will be linked by subway to Beijing Daxing International Airport. A new expressway is also set for construction to connect Daxing and the center of Beijing.

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4 Responses to “Beijing Daxing International Airport”

  1. Tony Tran says:

    I will visit Beijing at the end of this month. I’d like to visit this new airport. How can I see it ? Any tour company offer this service. Thanks

  2. Daniel says:

    Dear Tony Tan,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    Sorry, at present, we don’t have any tours visiting the new airport. As far as I know, it is not open to the public yet.

  3. Stefan says:

    I think you need to update the map because the actual location of PKX is way further south. Where it shows “Daxing” on the map you used is just the beginning of the district at the northern end. Google Satellite view will help you!

  4. Daniel says:

    Dear Stefan,

    Thanks for your feedback and we’ll have it updated the soonest! Thanks!!

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