Top 10 Beijing Markets

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Plan your Beijing tour? If you are not interested in shopping at high-end Beijing shopping malls, where everything seems to be overpriced at fixed prices, then why not dig into the plentiful free or flea markets where you can enjoy bargaining with the local vendors.

If you are not familiar with the markets in Beijing, you may follow me to explore the top 10 Beijing markets below. I’m sure you will get what you want to memorize your Beijing trip.

Note:  We have offered subway information on how to get to the following markets. You may use the Beijing  subway map  to guide you to get to  these  markets.  Happy Shopping in Beijing!

Top # 01: Silk Street Market 秀水街市场 

Silk Street Market ( 5-storey building )

Silk Street Market ( 5-storey building )

Brief introduction: The old market has been demolished. The new market is open to the public. The new building with an area of 30,000 square meters, known as the Silk Street Market, has been completed.

There are 1,600 booths in the new building. According to the developer of the building, the advantages of the old market will be available in the new one, targeting the shopping groups including foreign tourists and local white-collar workers.

Location: North of Dong Chang An Avenue, Jianguimenwai Street, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-51699003
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm
Subway: take subway line 1 and get off at the station of Yonganli (永安里), and exit from Exit A
Public Transport:  Bus No.1,9,28,37,43,120,126,403,639,640,668,728,and 729, arrival at Yonganli Station

Top # 02: Beijing Yashow Market 三里屯雅秀市场  

Beijing Yashow Market 三里屯雅秀市场

Brief introduction: Yashow is a paradise for bargain hunters in Beijing, a big draw for the tourist with some money to spend and some serious shopping to do too.It is located to the west of Sanlitun bar street in the northeast of Beijing. Yashow is surrounded by the bars, restaurants and cafes of the Sanlitun area, the hotest eating and drinking area for tourists in the city.

Location: Gongti Beilu 58, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-64150063
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm
Subway: take subway line 10 and get off at at the station of Tuanjiehu (团结湖), and exit from Exit D, then walk north to  Gongti Beilu (Worker’s Stadium North Road) and turn left and walk to the market at Gongti Beilu 58  (No.58, Worker’s Stadium North Road).
Public Transport: Bus: 113、115、406、416、431、701、758, 110、117、120、403、823

Top # 03: Panjiayuan Flea Market 潘家园旧货市场  

Panjiayuan Flea Market 潘家园旧货市场

 Brief introduction: Panjiayuan Flea Market, or Panjiayuan Market, or Panjiayuan Antique Market, or whatever names you use, is a must for those who like something really Chinese.From Monday to Thursday, it is open from 8:30am to 6:00pm. On weekend, it is open from 4:30am to 6:00pm.I suggest you go to Panjiayuan on weekends.

Only on weekends, you will find some vendor coming from all parts of China to show their personal stuff or artifacts they collect and sell on the ground in a designatedted area in the market. They just put a piece of blanket on the floor and put what they have on it.If you come here on other week days, you won’t see these free vendors.

It is actually a huge market place for selling and collecting Chinese folk handcrafts, maybe the largest in Asia! What you will see are jewelry, ceramics,calligraphy, teapots, ethnic clothing, Buddha statues, paper lanterns, Cultural Revolution memorabilia, PLA belts, Ming- and Qing-style furniture, old pipes, opium scales, and painted human skulls and many many more.Location: No.18, Huaweili Road, just 100 meters east of Panjiayuan Bridge on the east third ring road.
Tel: 5120-4671
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday open from 8:30am to 6:00pm; On weekend, open from 4:30am to 6:00pm
Subway: take subway line 10 and get off at the station of Panjiayuan (潘家园)
Public Transport: Take bus 28, 300, 368, 607, 730, 810 or 907 and get off at Panjiayuan Station.

Top # 04: Beijing Antique City 古玩城  

Beijing Antique City 古玩城

Brief introduction: Beijing Antique City ( former Beijing Curio City) is a brand new four-story building. It is located just to the west of Huawei Bridge on the east-south third ring road, about 300 meters south of Panjiayuan Flee Market, next to Days Hotel & Suites Beijing.It is the largest Chinese antique trade center in Asia.Beijing antique city has a total floor space of 26400㎡. The building is elegantly decorated.

At present it has antique over 600 dealers, mainly selling the classical furniture, the ancient clock and watch, the ancient rug, the ancient ceramics, the celebrity calligraphy and painting, the Baiyu ivory carving, the snuffbox, the ancient rug, the copperware image of Buddha, the ancient clock and watch, the ancient ceramic antique chinaware, the Tibetan cultural relic and much more.

Location: located just to the west of Huawei Bridge on the east-south third ring road, about 300 meters south of Panjiayuan Flee Market, next to Days Hotel & Suites Beijing
Tel: 5960-9999
Opening Hours: 10am-7pm
Subway: take subway line 10 and get off at the station of Panjiayuan (潘家园).  Beijing Antique City  is located to the south of Panjiayuan Flea Market.
Public Transport:  Take bus 28, 300, 3 52, 378, 7 57, 830 or 986 and get off at Shilihe Station.

Top # 05: Hongqiao Pearl Market  红桥市场   

Hongqiao Pearl Market 红桥市场

Brief introduction: The name of Hongqiao Pearl Market is a little bit misleading. This four-story building offers much more than just pearls. It actually provides everything from bags, shoes, clothes, silk, tea, table cloth, toys, souvenirs, to pears and jewellery. It is just located east of Temple of Heaven.Its main entrance – the west big gate faces the west to the road around the Temple of Heaven.

If you drive to the market, you are supposed to get off at its north side gate, newly opended to ease the traffic at the main entrance. The market has four stories. The first floor sells digital products, timepieces and glasses, Groceries, mobile phone parts and daily necessicities; the second floor offers clothes, shoes, cases and bags; the third floor provides pearls, jades and artifacts; the forth floor sells the high end jewellry.

Location: 36 Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen District (just opposit the east gate of Temple of Heaven)
Tel: 6711-8984
Opening Hours: 8:30am-7pm
Subway: take Subway Line 5  and get off at the station of Tiantandongmen ( East Gate of Temple of Heaven 天坛东门). Then walk to the north you will see the market.
Take bus 39, 43, 60, 116, 610

Tip # 06:  Tianya Hongqiao Jewellery Market   天雅红桥市场  

Tianya Hongqiao Jewellery Market 天雅红桥市场

Brief introduction: On the east side of Hongqiao Pearl Market is the recently opened Tianya Hongqiao Jewellery Market, a complement to the well-known Hongqiao Pearl Market. It is a five-story builing with two underground floors selling almost the same stuff as Hongqiao Pearl Market. The newly established building is lavishly decorated.

Location: Fahuasi Jie 136, Chongwen District, Beijing

Tel: 010-8766 7127    
Opening Hours: 8:30am-7pm
Subway: take Subway Line 5  and get off at the station of Tiantandongmen ( East Gate of Temple of Heaven 天坛东门).  Tianya Hongqiao Jewellery Market  is located just to the west of Hongqiao Pearl Market.
Take bus 39, 43, 60, 116, 610 

Top # 07: Liulichang Antique Street 琉璃厂  

Liulichang Antique Street 琉璃厂

Brief introduction: On both side of the street there are plenty of storefronts and vendor’s stalls selling collectibles and art supplies, including the renowned Rongbaozhai, the most prominent shop on the west section of Liulichang. It sells woodblock prints, copies of famous calligraphy, historic paintings (reproductions), and art supplies.

It is one of Beijing’s top art shops and well worth browsing. Actually Rongbaozhai is located on the west section of Liulichang Street. To get to Liulichang Xijie ( the west section of Liulichang Street) on your right side, you have to across the main street.

Location: Liulichang Street, Xuanwu District;
Opening Hours: 8:30am-7pm
Subway: take subway line 2 and get off at the station of Hepingmen (和平门), and exit from the Exit C2 (check old Beijing Walking Tour for more information.)
Bus No.s 6, 14, 15, 25, 50, 53, 57, 102 and 105.Top # 08: Baoguosi Culture Market 报国寺文化市场  

Baoguosi Culture Market 报国寺文化市场

Brief introduction: “Baoguosi” means Baoguo Temple ( Serving the country Temple ). It was first contructed in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) in the southern part of downtown Beijing. Baoguo Si was a Buddhist temple. During the Ming Dynasty, it was used to hold a member of the royal family.By the early Qing dynasty, the temple had already been turned into a popular bazaar for books and flowers.

So Baoguosi Temple is more like antique marketplace than a temple. But it still keeps the appearance of a temple. It has three halls. Two of the three halls as well as the buildings circling the temple wall are used either as warehouses or showrooms.Now it has expanded to include an antique market(also known as Baoguosi Collection Market or Baoguosi Culture Market), a souvenirs and gifts market, coin markets and a stamp collection market.

Traders there also sell miscellaneous items as jade, coins, Buddha statues, old books, calligraphy works, paintings and many more!

Location: 1 Guang’anmen Neidajie , Xuanwu District, Beijing
Tel: 6303-0976
Opening Hours: 8:30am-5pm
Subway: Take subway line 4 and get off at the station of Caishikou (菜市口),  exit from the exit A. Then have a long walk to the west along the Guanganmendajie (Guangan Gate Inner Street 广安门内大街), you will see the market on your right side.
Take bus 42, 57, 410, 617 or 620 and get off at Guanganmen Station

Top # 9: Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing 中关村电子市场  

Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing 中关村电子市场

Brief introduction: Zhongguancun electronics shopping market provides a wide range of options for those who are interested in purchasing equipment ranging from MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, computers and anything linked to Electronics. 

The market is huge, composed of several shopping malls or shopping buildings! The most frequented areas include Dinghao electronic market 鼎好电子商城, Taipingyang digital market 太平洋数码城, Zhonghai electronic market 中海电子市场, Off-price shopping mall 上品优价百货, Zhongguancun plaza shopping mall 中关村广场购物中心 and many more.

Location: 27 Hai Dian Road,Hai Dian District, Beijing

Tel: 010-81191011
Opening Hours: 9.00am-9.00pm
Subway: take subway line 10 or 4 and get off at the station of Haidian Huangzhuang (海淀黄庄),  exit from Exit C1 or C2.
Bus: 26, 47, 302, 332, 320, 323, 732, 801, 862, 982, 983, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106

Top # 10: Zoo Market 动物园服装批发市场

Brief introduction: This is a huge wholesale market group which is composed of seven markets. Beijing Zoo Market is mainly composed of 7 sub-markets: 1) 金开利德 (Jinkaili) 2) 天乐宫 (Tianlegong) 3) 天皓城 (Tianhaocheng) 4) 东鼎 (Dongding) 5) 聚龙 (Julong) 6) 世纪天乐 (Shijitianle) 7) 众合 (Hezhong)And the most popular ones are Julong, Tianlegong and Shiji Tianle.

Buy them here for half-price but be geared up for bargaining hard or buy in volume.Everything is so cheap and so plentiful here!! Anywhere from 10-50 RMB for shirts, tops, jeans, pants, skirts, everything. Jewelry for about 10-15RMB. In some places they can be more expensive, but about 90% are the cheap prices listed above.

Weekday mornings are the best time to come and be prepared to spend a few hours walking around. There are also various places to eat in the area: KFC and McDonalds, Yonghe Soy Milk, Pizza Hut, Yoshinoya, Dairy Queen, A&W, Mexican Restaurant …

Location: Around Beijing Zoo, Xizhimen Waidajie, Xicheng District

Tel: 010-68312001
Opening Hours: 5:00am – 3:00pm
Subway: Take Subway Line 4, get off at Beijing Zoo Station ( 动物园)and exit from Exit D
Public Transport:  Bus No.s 7, 27, 103, 105 and 111.206, 209, 319, 334, 347, 360, 362, 534, 601, 632, 634, 697, 714, 808, 814, 特4, Yuntong 104, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106 or Yuntong 205 and get off at Beijing Zoo Station.Add on:

Top 10 Beijing Souvenirs 

Any questions,  please drop a line.


200 Responses to “Top 10 Beijing Markets”

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I will be in Beijing in February and was wondering if the Golden Resources Mall (Jin Yuan) would be worth a visit as I like shopping centres, and already planning on visiting Zoo Market and Zhongguancun Electronics Market. I will be also staying at the Radegast Lake View Hotel Beijing, is there night markets or shopping areas close by worth seeing?


  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Martin.

    It all depends whether the Golden Resources Mall is worth a visit. For more shopping malls in Beijing, please check the link below:

    There are two markets below close to your hotel.

    Panjiayuan Flea Market

    Beijing Antique City

  3. Kevin says:

    I would like to know if there’s any Computer stuffs / Tablet PC wholesale market in Beijing? Please let know as i’m planning to come over there in month of March 14.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello Kevin,

    For electronics wholesale market, you’d better go to Zhongguancun Electronics Market Beijing 中关村电子市场. The market is huge, composed of several shopping malls or shopping buildings! The most frequented areas include Dinghao Electronic Market 鼎好电子商城, Taipingyang Digital Market 太平洋数码城, Zhonghai Electronic Market 中海电子市场, Off-price shopping mall 上品优价百货, Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall 中关村广场购物中心 and many more.

    Location: 27 Hai Dian Road,Hai Dian District, Beijing Tel: 010-81191011 Opening Hours: 9.00am-9.00pm Subway: take subway line 10 or 4 and get off at the station of Haidian Huangzhuang (海淀黄庄), exit from Exit C1 or C2. Bus: 26, 47, 302, 332, 320, 323, 732, 801, 862, 982, 983, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106

  5. kiran says:

    Hi there I am going china in April and wondered if you could suggest some vegetarian cafes or restaurants please. I have heard they are near to impossible to find. Thanks :)

  6. Daniel says:

    Hello Kiran,

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Not sure about some vegetarian cafes. There are many vegetarian restaurants in Beijing. Just a hint for you, see the Top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Beijing listed on the page below:

  7. Catherine says:

    Where can I find a baptism white suit for a baby boy.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hello Catherine,

    There are some online markets selling white baptism suit, but they are in Chinese, just for your reference. See the link below:

  9. zaifuddin majid says:

    Hello, i will at beijing this men 2014.

    can u suggest me where i can visit place to buy Studio and cinematic lighting such as LED Lighting..


    zaifuddin majid

  10. Daniel says:

    Hello Zaifuddin Majid,

    We are not quite familar with Studio and cinematic lighting. But you may go to Zhongguancun for a try. For more information on Zhongguancun,please vist the page below:

  11. Pandu says:

    My flight back from Beijing is at 5am and I want to make the best of my time before it. Can you suggest me what to do (eat and shop) before my flight? Btw, I’m staying at Grand Millennium hotel. Thanks!

  12. Daniel says:

    Dear Pandu,

    What do you man by “My flight back from Beijing is at 5am”? Do you mean you are leaving Beijing at 5am? Or just a typo, you leave Beijing at 5pm? Sorry, a little confused. Actually your hotel is not far from the famous Silk Street Market. You walk to the martket ( a 5-storey builidng ) for a carefree shopping. This market also offers cafe and a nice western restaurant and Chinese good as well.

  13. Laurie says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I will be in Beijing for 4 days and would like to know if I would be able to find baby clothing (including a Christening suit), good quality baggage set and Rayban glasses at any of these Markets: Silk, Pearl, Zoo and Zhongguancun

  14. Daniel says:

    Hello Laurie,

    You may go to the 3th floor ( chilidren’s wear ) at Silk Market. Hopefully you can find what you need.

  15. Shariza says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I will be going to Beijing for a conference from 27-30 April. I only have the Sunday 27 April and 30 April for sightseeing and shopping. Can you advise me whether going shopping on sunday is better or on Wednesday? I think of only going to the Zoo market since Im not very good at bargaining and im going alone. For sightseeing only to the Forbidden city area. Is this a good plan?

  16. Daniel says:

    Hello Shariza,

    Actually there is no big difference whether go shopping on Sunday or Wednesday. But in your case you’d better go shopping on Sunday (27April), so you can visit Forbidden City on Wednesday (30 April), less crowded than Sunday.

    You enter Forbidden City from its south gate and exit from its north. Don’t miss going up the Jingshan Hill (Jingshan park) to have a panoramic view of Forbidden City and the city as a whole. By the way, don’t use the service of rickshaws around Forbidden City. Many of the rickshaw drivers act unethically cheating their clients.

    The two posts below may be useful for your trip:

    How to visit Forbidden City

    Top Tourist scams in Beijijng

    Have a good time in Beijing!

  17. Daniel says:

    Hello Shariza,

    Just a follow up to my previous reply.

    As far as I know, the whole Zoo Market is moving out of the original place and will be relocated to somewhere in the suburbs of Beijing. Its evacation is in process. So I don’t recommend you go there. Another reason is that Zoo Market is composed of several large buldings and not easy to navigate.

    If you go shopping in these markets, you have to be tough! Start with half, even one third of the price asked by the vendors. Enjoy your shopping!

  18. Doris says:

    Hi could anyone tell me where Byrone Market is near Beijing, and address if possible, I will be staying in Beijing at The Presidential Hotel in May and would like to visit there, I would need to go by taxi I think

  19. Amy says:

    Hi, we are traveling to China in October of this year. Our first stop is Shanghia then Beijing and our last stop is Hong Kong. Can you please tell me where the best area to stay in Beijing and Hong is? We want to see the forbidden city in Beijing and do alot of shopping. Can you recommend hotels that are centrally located in these areas that are 4 star or more? Thanks!

  20. Daniel says:

    Hello Amy,

    In Beijing, you may stay at Sunworld Hotel ( 4 star )or Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing ( 5 start ) which are both located in Wangfujing Commercial Area and the city center.

    Sunworld Hotel: 88 Dengshikou, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing: 48 Wangfujing, Dongcheng District, Beijing

  21. Jenny says:

    I have 1 day free in Beijing any suggestions for a day tour? Staying at the ritz financial area and wanted to know the best shopping and food near by? Thanks

  22. Daniel says:

    Hello Jenny,

    Your hotel is very close to Parkson Shopping center.

    Beijing Parkson Shopping Center 北京百盛购物中心
    Address: 101 Fuxingmen Inner St, Xicheng, Beijing, China
    Phone:+86 10 6653 6688
    Open Hours· 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

    As for one day tour, it all depends on your personal choices of the attractions in Beijing. You may visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Houhai…etc.

  23. Wasim says:

    hi there
    i will in Beijing for 2 days with my family including my husband and two kids.i am confused where to go!I also want to do some Chinese souvenirs,baby clothes etc.and also want see Beijing.Can you help me by suggesting the best.thank you.

  24. Daniel says:

    Hello Wasim,

    For shopping ( Chinese souvenirs,baby clothes ), you may go to Silk Market.

    As for how to visit Beijing with kids, you check the two following 4 links:

    1. Top 10 attractions in Beijing

    2. Top 10 Children friendly attractions in Beijing

    3. Where to stay in Beijing

    4. How to Visit Beijing in Two Days

  25. Ash says:

    We are traveling to Beijing in July and will have a couple of free days before our tour starts. We are looking to do clothing shopping etc and would like to get some tailor made pieces is the zoo market a good place to shop or can u suggest somewhere else. We are staying at the holiday inn central plaza

  26. Daniel says:

    Hello Ash,

    It is said that Zoo Market has started to move out of its original places. Actually the Zoo market encompasses several large commercial buildings which are centered around Beijing Zoo, hence the name of Zoo Market, not easy to be navigated.

    You may go to the Silk Market and on its third floor there is a tailor shop. Have a good time in Beijing!

  27. Sharon says:

    Hi, I am in Beijing and need to find an evening dress (very formal) – I have been to the silk market but could note find anything fancy enough – could you please give me a suggestion where to go, thank you so much, Sharon

  28. Daniel says:

    Hello Sharon,

    You may go to Shin Kong Place 新光天地.
    If you are a high-roller, Shin Kong Palace is right for you. This is a Taiwanese department store with over 900 international brands.
    Add: No.27, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025
    Tel: +86 10 6530 5888
    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Sun: 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
    Subway: Take subway Line 1, get off at the station of Dawanglu (大望路), exit from Exit A

    For more information, please check Top 10 Shopping Malls in Beijing.

  29. Robinho says:

    Hi Daniel. I am only going to be in Beijing for 1 day. I need to buy a CB radio and VHF and a UHF Radio for Ham operators. Can you please tell me where to go. I don’t want to go from floor to floor where they only sell mobile phones and computers, I won’t have the time!
    Thanks Daniel, you doing an amazing service helping people. God bless you for being kind and helpful to so many people around the world!

  30. Daniel says:

    Hello Robinho,

    Thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately it is first time for me to learn about a CB radio and VHF and a UHF Radio, too technical for me. Just one day in Beijing to search these products is a bit hard for you really.

    Why not buy online, cheap and convenient. Just click and put the key words ” a CB radio and VHF and a UHF Radio”and you will get numerous products with prices. is world famous commercial website sponsored by a well-known IT company in China. Have a great day in Beijing!

  31. Daisy says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve seen various hours listed for the Beijing Zoo Market. Can you confirm the opening hours for this location?

    Many thanks!

  32. Daniel says:

    Hello Daisy,

    Beijing Zoo Market is actually composed of 6 markets ( 6 large buildings ). As far as I know, it is basically open from 5:00AM through 3:00PM. Some booths or stands in the markets will be cloded at 1:00 or 2:00 PM. It is preferable to go to the market between 9:00am and 2:00pm since it is a wholesale market and early morning buyers are often wholesalers. It is hard for you to beat the prices with those wholesalers. If you come after them, maybe you will have some bargains.

    It is reported that the whole market is moving out. Not having visited the market for a long time, I have no idea as to what has happened to the market recently. Good luck!

  33. Nidal says:

    Hello everyone,

    I love your site It is very interesting and helpful … actually I saw accidentally a website that sells a great clothes called “taobao” I wonder if there’s any stores in Beijing that sells the same clothes ?

  34. Daniel says:

    Hello Nidal,

    “Taobao” is a huge huge online store with its selling stands operated by millions of individual sellers. What they sell ranges from clothes buttons to a possible helicopter. So it is nearly impossible to locate a similar place in real life. By the way, for clothes, you may go to Silk Market. Have a great time!

  35. Mimi says:


    Going to beijing end of August /september. Love shopping n love bargains. Love to make tailored clothes. Have a bad back n as such,looking for reasonable hotel close to least it easy to hire a local to accompany me on shopping n show me a few a plus size in clothes us size 18 in clothes.where is best to go


  36. Daniel says:

    Hello Mimi,

    You may go to Silk Market for bargains if you are good at bargaining. Most of them speak some English and no need to have an interpreter.

    Some of the hotels below are within the walking distance to the market:

    1. ibis Jianguomen
    Add:No 6 South Jianhua road Beijing, BJ, China

    2. Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel Beijing
    Add: 18 Jianguomen Inner Street Dongcheng, Beijing
    Tel: 010-6526 6688

    3. Fairmont Beijing
    Add: Yong’an Dongli, Beijing

  37. Max says:


    First of all I must compliment you on your website it is very helpful.

    We are going to be in China for one month, and our camera just broke. We are thinking about buying a new one in Beijing, but from what I can understand electronics are not as cheap as they used to be in Beijing.

    Do you know a place besides Zhongguancun for cheap electronics, or should we wait til we reach another place in China?

    I really hope you can help us.

    Kindest Regards

  38. Daniel says:

    Hello Max,

    All the major digital cameras in Beijing and other parts of China are imported, tending to be much higher. Hong Kong is the only place where you may buy a bargain. For me, I would buy online, a bit cheaper than those sold at conventional stores.

    Besides Zhongguancun, you may go to Bainaohui Computer Shopping Mall 百脑汇电脑商场
    Add: 10 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 朝阳区朝阳门外大街10号
    Opening hours: Daily 9am – 8pm
    Tel: 6599 5912
    Cash only

  39. LYSSA CALICA says:

    It is my first time to visit Beijing,China and i want my visit to be memorable. Can you tell me the places that i need to visit. I also love shopping for souvenirs so i am wondering what is the best market to visit in Beijing,China. especially those so-called “bargain markets”.

    -I hope that you could give me some advice because i am going this October-

  40. Daniel says:


    How many days are you going to spend in Beijing? Basically you need to have three full days to cover some so called “must to see” sights in Beijing, which are roughly scheduled as below:

    Day 01: Beijing City Tour: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace

    Day 02: Full day excursion to the Great Wall of China: either to Mutianyu Great Wall or Badaling Great Wall

    Day 03: Again city tour in Beijing: visit the old part of Beijing and Olympic Sites: Shichahai ( Houhai, Hutong tour, Drum Tower, Lama Temple) and Water Cube…

    As for shopping, you may go to Silk Market as mentioned in this article.

    Hopefully,you have a great time in Beijing!

  41. Jay says:


    I will be visiting Beijing next month. I will be staying in the Xinbeiwei hotel. I would like to know how far I will be from flea markets and also would like to know what the crime is like in Beijing and if it would be safe to do site seeing/shopping at night in this area?

    Many thanks for your time

  42. Daniel says:

    Hello Jay,

    Your hotel is relatively close to Hongqiao Pearl Market. The name of Hongqiao Pearl Market is a little bit misleading. This four-story building offers much more than just pearls. It actually provides everything from bags, shoes, clothes, silk, tea, table cloth, toys, souvenirs, to pears and jewellery. It is just located east of Temple of Heaven. Its main entrance – the west big gate faces the west to the road around the Temple of Heaven.

    Hongqiao Pearl Market is about 3.6 km to the east of Xinbeiwei Hotel. You have a 1 hour walk from your hotel to the market. Or you may take a taxi. For more information on the market, check out the link:

    Beijing is basically a safe city. But you should not lower your vigilance on possible travel scams in Beijing. Please check out the link below for more information on the possible tourist scams in Beijing:

    Top 10 Tourist Scams Beijing

  43. Charlotte says:

    Hi Daniel!

    I will visit Beijing next week and stay at
    Radisson Blu Beijing
    6A East Beisanhuan Rd
    Beijing, 100028 China -Excl Hong Kong Sar

    Where do you advise me to go shopping? And how do I get there?

    I´d like to shop for shoes, clothes, bags, sunglasses, etc. Typical women things ;-)…

    Have a nice day!/Charlotte

  44. Daniel says:

    Hello Charlotte,

    I recommend you go to Silk Street Market ( a 5-storey building ). The market is about 9 km south of Radisson Blu Beijing. You may take a taxi from your hotel to the market, the taxi fare about RMB35 (about US$6). Below is the Chinese characters to show your taxi driver ” Please send me to Silk Market”:


    Have a good shopping in Beijing.

  45. Charlotte says:

    Thank you so very much, Daniel!

  46. Daniel says:

    Hello Charlotte,

    It is my pleasure. Just a kind reminder that if you shop in Silk Market, don’t forget to bargain; don’t be afraid to bargain. If a vendor says “RMB 150″, basically you should say “No, RMB 50″. Ha, never agree to pay over the half price of the stuff quoted by the vendor. This is my personal experience, just for your reference. Be a little bit tough. Enjoy your shopping!

  47. M.A.Mohsin says:

    Well hello Daniel,

    I’ve seen your comments/replies on everyones questions and i find it very helpful.

    We recently started with an “Import & Export” firm and we are planning to go to China within this week.
    What we are trying to Import/dealing with is as followed:

    – Shoes
    – Mobiles
    – Leather Jackets
    – Spectacles

    What i want from you is Manufacturers details from the above mentioned products? So i can get the best deals.

    Note: I also want to know what we can export to China from India.

    Your help regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards/mohsin

  48. Daniel says:

    Hello M.A.Mohsin,

    As local residents in Beijing, we’ve some basic information on eating, shopping, sightseeing, entertaining and so on. But we are not familiar with import and export, with little information on the Manufacturers details.

    As far as I know, is a Chinese based trading platform to do import and export business. Hopefully,this website will be helpful for you.

    Have a good business!

  49. Badma says:


    I am a new student at Renmin university and I am looking for a store to buy decent quality small refrigerator, rice cooker and kitchen appliances at reasonable price. Please, comment the subway directions to the stores. Thank you.

    Oh and also, kindly recommend hotels in walking distance from the renmin university within 200-300 yuan per night. Thanks a lot!

  50. Daniel says:

    Hello Badma,

    1. Just across the east gate to Renmin university there is a shopping mall known as Modern Plaza. On the 6th floor you find some home appliances and you may go there for a look. Official web:

    2. Hotels near Renmin University.
    Just recommend one hotel below:
    Name: Hanting Express Beijing Zhongguancun Renmin University of China Branch
    Chinese name: 汉庭酒店(人民大学店)
    Add: Building 9, dormitory of Dahua Clothing Factory, Sanyimiao ( near south gate to Renmin University )
    Chinese add: 北京市海淀区北三环西路三义庙新华服装厂大华衬衫厂宿舍9号楼
    Tel: (010)51515166

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