Beijing Shilihe Household Building Materials City

Are you going to upgrade your home in Beijing? No matter  you are a do-it-yourselfer or would like outsource your home decor, Beijing Shilihe Household Building Materials City is your one-stop market.

Though its Chinese name “City” suggests its expansiveness, Shilihe market is less a city than a street, a household building materials commercial street. Shilihe Market is the largest home improvement market in Beijing, similar to a cluster of Home Depot stores in the States or Canada as well.

Getting there is just a breeze. It is located in the southeast corner of the Third Ring Road in Beijing. Take subway line 10 ( or Line 14 anf 17 ) and get off at the station of Shilihe Zhan ( 十里河站)and exit at Exit K2 or J , you will be on the market street ( located at 100 meters east of Shilihe Bridge, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区东三环十里河桥东100米 (十号地铁K2出口).

Take subway line 10 ( or 14 and 17 ) and exit at the EXIT K2 or J

The over-one-kilometer-long street is lined with numerous buildings housing over 1000 booths and shops specialized in all kinds of materials for home decor and building: lighting, plumbing, furniture, building materials and all the others.

Juranzhijia Furniture Gallery

When you go out from Exit K2 of Shilihe Subway Station ( Line 10 ), you will easily find a Kohler outlet in sight ( See the photo below). Kohler kitchens are the result of the best in American design, also a global leader in kitchen and bath design. And you ought to have them.

KOHLER, a global leader in kitchen and bath design
TOTO Toilets products and many more
Ming He Xing Home Decoration City
Heating equipment market
High Quality Flooring and Tile
Appolo Tiles
Home Paints
Shilihe Lights Decoration Centre
A Lights Shop in Shilihe Lights Decoration Centre
Juranzhijia Lights and Lighting Market
Juranzhijia Home Design Center

Address: Shilihe Village, Shibalidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Placemaking: 1998. Now the market place occupies a total area of about one million square meters.
Market Name: Beijing Shilihe Household Building Materials City
Or Beijing Shilihe Household Building Materials Commercial Street

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