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Beijing North Korea Tour

Beijing is just a three-hour flight away from North Korea, also known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). North Korea, often referred as a hermit and magical country, is one of the last untouched places in the world. Visiting North Korea is a surreal and lifetime experience. North Korea is safe and legal to visit.

If you're interested in visiting North Korea, contact us now! We at Tour Beijing handle every last detail relative to your trip to North Korea, from your visa to your flight, accommodations, city transportation and to your sightseeing in North Korea. We are ready to provide you with information about your trip and answer any questions you might have.

North Korea Tour Map

» Beijing Pyongyang Kaesong 4-day Tour Package
Beijing - North Korea 4 Day Tour Destinations: Beijing Pyongyang Kaesong
Duration: 4 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour (Based on your own traveling party)
Departure Dates: Every Sat (July - December)
Airlines in Use: Koryo Airlines
Tour Code: BNK-01

» Beijing Pyongyang Kaesong Myohyangsan 5-day Tour Package
Shenyang - North Korea 4 Day Tour Destinations: Beijing Pyongyang Kaesong Myohyangsan
Duration: 5 Days
Tour Type: Private Tour (Based on your own traveling party)
Departure Dates: Every Tue (July - December)
Airlines in Use: Koryo Airlines
Tour Code: BNK-02

North Korean Border Glimpse Tour

If you don't fancy the idea of taking the flight from Beijing to Pyongyang on a North Korea tour, you have an alternative going to Dandong for a glimpse of the Korean Border. Separated by Yalu River which demarcates the Sino-Korean border , Dandong is a largest Chinese border city opposite to Sinuiju, North Korea.

Dandong is a port city connected by rail with Beijing, Shenyang and Sinuiju. Much trade with North Korea flows through the city. The city of Dandong can be easily reached from Beijing by taking the overnight train T 27 for Dandong and K28 back to Beijing which both take about 14 hours.

» Beijing Dandong Tour (North Korean Border Glimpse Tour)
Beijing Dandong Tour (North Korean Border Glimpse Tour)  Destinations: Beijing Dandong
 Duration: 4 Days
 Tour Type: Private Train Tour (Based on your own traveling party)
 Departure Dates: Daily
 Tour Code: BDT-01
 Price: Starting from US$ 310 p/p

5 Steps to Book Your Beijing North Korea Tour

Booking your Beijing Korea Tour is easy and convenient. Just follow the 5 steps below to apply online and contact offline:

1. Book online by submitting your necessary information for visa and flight booking ( Booking at least 40 days before departure date )

2. Get our reply with tour expense quotations

3. Adjust your tour with your specific request

4. Confirm & deposit ( 20% of the total tour cost at the time of confirmation )

5. Paying off the Balance ( at least 10 days before departure date )

How to get your Korean Tourist Visa

To get a North Korean visa, you need to provide us the following information (Your Privacy is Protected!) at least 35 days before your departure date:

1. A scanned colour copy of your passport (full double page);
2. 2 Recent passport photos (white background color photos);
3. Submit your personal information online: Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Name of your Vompany, Your Position, Home Address, Home Tel, Emergency Tel and Tour Date

1. You must be prepared for China multiple visa in advance on your own..
2. Just a kind reminder: The laws of DPRK prohibit journalists and photographers from travelling on North Korean tourist visas. If a journalist or photographer travel through us as a tourist and manages to take our tours, then we will be punished and will be put out of business.

1.Passport and Visa
You need to carry your passport (Visa) and air tickets always in North Korea. Just a kind reminder: you need six months validity on your passport.

2.Hotels in Pyongyang
Basically you will be arranged to stay in Yanggakdo Hotel or Taedong Hotel. They are both the appointed hotels for foreign visitors by the North Korean government, two of the nice hotels with good facilities. Kindly reimind you that most of the hotels have no toiletries and you'd better bring your own personal care. In addition, as a power shortage country, there sometimes happen blackouts in North Korea, so your understanding is much appreciated.

3.Sightseeing in North Korea
Sightseeing in North Korea is uniformly charged in a comprehensive travel package. Entrance tickets are not refundable for individuals no show. North Korea's highway facilities are sometimes under renovation, so you may encounter road repair or renovation. In this case, the local travel agency will adjust your travel route or shedule. No refund or extra payment for a changed itinerary, which is not an act of breaking tourism contract according to north Korea's law.

4.Food on Your Tour
North Korea has a unqiue habit of eating cool food. Naturally, sometimes your food served will be cool. In this case, we suggest you can bring some snacks ( instant noodles or bread ). If you need extra dish and food for your meals, you need to inform your tour guide one day in advance. You can carry food, alcohol and tobacco, but you need to be checked.

5.Tourist Van or Bus
North Korea's tourist buses are all used vehicles that are classified into 2 categories: one from Japan, South Korea, Russia and two from others countries. Normally all the tourist vehicles have been used more than 10 years, but their maintenance is relatively good, clean and comfortable. There are also buses made in China. You cannot request any type of tourist vehicles and all are arranged by the local tourism department.

6.About Currency
According to Chinese customs regulation, tourists at each entry or exit can take RMB 20000 and US $5000. More than this amount, you need to be declared at customs. RMB, dollars and euros can be used directly in North Korea. Note: it is convenient to bring some cash of small notes on hand.

7.Mobile Phone and Long-distance Call
You should abide by the regulation of the North Korea's customs:you can carry your mobile phones into North Korea, but you cannot use them. If you need to use your mobile phone, the phone call is extremely expensive. It is not recommended to buy sim cards. You are able to make long distance phone call in your hotel after paying need the deposit.

8.Computer and Internet
You can bing your computer, but you don't have any access to internet. No wirelss internet (If found, the consequence is very serious). In North Korea, you are alway offline.

9.Political Matters
Don't comment on the economic, political matters about North Korea and leaders of North Korea.

10. Type of Camera and taking Picures
You are allowed to carry compact digital cameras or video camera, but you are prohibited to carry professional cameras and a camera with a long focal length and powerful telescope. You are only permitted to take pictures without the permission of your tour guide.

11.About Tips
In North Korea, the basic tipping standard is between 5 and 8 Euros a day. Tipping fee is often included in your tour package.

12.Extra Expenses for Added Activities
In North Korea, you are not foreced to take part in or pay for other activities or sights excluded in your finalised travel plan, but during the period of Arirang mass performances ( July to September every year ), everybody must take part in the mass performances at the entrance fee of RMB 800/pax. Some other formal activity excluded in your travel plan includes the presenting of a bouquet to the bronze statue of President Kim II-sung at Mansu Hill (about 15 Euro/ bunch ).

13. Public Security in North Korea
Generally speaking, North Korea's public security is very good, but still you need to take care of your personal belongings.

14. North Korea's Standard Time
North Korea standard time is UTC + 9, one hour ahead of Beijing Time.

15. Dressing Code
Don't comment on the clothes local people wear walking on streets or the figures in pictures. You are not allowed to wears too-revealing clothes.

16. School Visit
If you are going for a school visit, you are kindly reminded that you cannot visit a school in the period between July and September each year simply becuase most students have summer vacations and take part in the arirang mass cultural and artistic performance.

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