Monks at Sera Je College at Sera Monastery in Lhasa

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Plan your Lhasa tour? For many Lhasa visitors, Sera Monastery is one of the highlights in Lhasa. Located 3km north of downtown Lhasa, Sera Monastery is one of the three Gelukpa college monasteries in Lhasa.

The other two are Ganden Monastery and Drepung Monastery. The Sera Monastery is mainly composed of the Great Assembly Hall and three colleges (Tratsang). Its construction started in 1419 by Jamchen Chojey of Sakya Yeshe of Zel Gungtang (1355–1435) and completed 1434.

Sera Monastery has three colleges (Tratsang), including Sera Me College (Tratsang), Sera Je College and Ngkapa Tratsang.

The Sera Je College is the largest among three.  The Sera Je College (Tratsang) takes an area of over 17,000 square metres. It was originally a three-storey building; a fourth floor was put in the 18th century by protecting the building with a total of 100 columns. In the just passed August, I visited Sera Temple.

Luckily I was allowed to take photos inside the hall of Je College (Tratsangthe) temple after paying CNY25. To our delight, our visit coordinated with  a large gathering of monks. Theoretically speaking, I could take as many photos as I can. But being afraid of disturbing the statues of the Hayagriva, Chenresig or Avalokiteshwara and more deities, I only took a handful pictures.

The exterior of Je College in Sera Monastery


The exterior of Je College Sera Monastery

Sitting there and chanting
Each monk got a bowl of barley congee

Each monk got a bow of barley congee or soup.

Monks were eating barley congee

Monks ate barley tea

A close look at the monks finishing their congee or tea

A close look at the monks finishing their congee or tea

After eating congee, all the monks put on yellow hats.

The monks were leaving from Sera Je Tretsang

The monks were leaving from Sera Je Tretsang

Sera Monastery Travel Tips
1. Take a flashtorch since most of the temple have kept very old fresco.
2. Dont miss the 3pm debating by Je Collage
3. Transportation
1) Bus No.5 goes to Sera Temple for CNY 3
2)  Taxi fare: CNY15
3) Or half hour by bike
4. Opening hours: 09:00 – 16:00
5. Entrance ticket: CNY55

Any questions, just drop a line.

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