Lhasa Railway Station Transportation, Taxi, Public Bus

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Plan your Lhasa tour? Lhasa Railway Station is located in the southwest of Lhasa city, about 20km from Potala Palace, 1km south of Lhasa River across Liuwu Bridge.
Basic information on Lhasa Railway Station
Enquiry Phone Number: 0891 6756907
Add: Liuqu District of Lhasa City
The official opening; July, 2006
Sea level: 3641m
The architectural style: a combination of Tibetan traditional and modern elements
The main colors of the station: the traditional Tibetan white and red
The passengers volumn: 2700 per day
The heating facilities: Environmentally-friendly solar power

Exterior of Lhasa Railway Station


Both the entrance and exit at Lhasa Railway Station

Lhasa Train Routes
Beijing – Lhasa 4064 km 44.34 hours
Chengdu – Lhasa 3360 km 43.11 hours
Chongqing – Lhasa 3654 km 44.35 hours
Lanzhou – Lhasa 2189 km 27.37 hours
Xining – Lhasa 1880 km 25.36 hours
Shanghai – Lhasa 4374 km 48.43 hours
Guangzhou – Lhasa 4980 km 55.38 hours
Taxis at Lhasa Railway Station
If you arrive at Lhasa by train, and would like to take a cab to your downtown hotel in Lhasa, basically it is very convenient for you to hail a taxi in front of the Lhasa train terminal station. Most of the taxis are parking by the main road in front of the Lhasa Railway Station.
Lhasa Taxi Fares
CNY 10 just for getting in for 5km
CNY 2 for each additional 1km
Minnight 0:00 – 07:00am 
CNY 10 for getting in for 5km
CNY 2.2 for each additional 1km
No tipping.
Normally the train station to Lhasa downtiwn drive costs you between CNY20 – CNY30 prt your specific hotel location in Lhasa.

Taxis at Lhasa Railway Station


Lhasa taxi at Lhasa Train Station

Public Buses at Lhasa Train Station
If you want to experience a public bus ride from Lhasa Railway Station to your downtown hotel, you walk out of the train station and turn right, then walk about 100 meter, you will see a large public bus terminal with plentiful buses running between Lhasa Railway Station and numerous stops in the downtown of Lhasa.
Major public buses direcly from Lhasa Train Station to the downtown of Lhasa:
Public Bus 1
Public Bus 6
Public Bus 13
Public Bus 14

Public Bus Terminal at Lhasa Railway Station


Public Bus 1 at Lhasa Railway Station

Liuwu Long-distance Bus Station at Lhasa Railway Station
Liuwu Long-distance Bus Station is comparatively new. It is just next to Lhasa Train Station on your left hand if you come out of Lhasa Railway Station.
Enquiry Phone Number:
0891)6947217 0891-6947216  0891-6947204
Major Bus routes with bus fares
Lhaa – Changdu CNY282
Lhasa – Kathmandu CNY522
Lhasa – Shangri-la CNY552
Lhasa – Yadong CNY152
Lhasa – Zhangmu CNY 262
Lhasa – Ali CMY 750

Liuwu Long-distance Bus Station

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  1. BOUR says:

    I want to take bus from katmandou to lhasa is it posssible do you know the price the fréquency
    and the time of the travel
    Bests regards

  2. admin says:

    Please check the local long-distance bus schedule in Katmandou.

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