Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri ) – Tingri County

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Gangkar Town (岗嘎镇)is a town under the administration of Tingri County. During the years between 1960 and 1968, Gangkar Town was the seat of Tingri County Government. In July, 1968, the Tingri County Government was moved back to Shegar Town. Now Gangkar Town is also known as “Old Tingri” (老定日).
Gangkar Town (Old Tingri) has 27 village committees, administrating 34 natural villlages. Gangkar Town has a total population of 6368 with Tibetans as the main inhabitants as well as Han and Hui. The economy of Gangkar Town  is focused on agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism.

Old Tingri (Gangkar Town) has a convenient transportation with the National Highway 318 passing through the town. Old Tingri (Gangkar Town) is the important place for those who travel overland from Zhangmu Fort or from Shigatse to Zhangmu. The Old Tingri (Gangkar Town) has a yak transport team offering transport service for mountain climbers. Now there are 11 family inns in the town.
Old Tingri is also one of the perfect place to view Mt.Everest and other high mountains. Every year over one thousand tourists visit Mt.Everest Preserve Zone through the Old Tingri. Old Tingri (Gangkar Town) is about 60km southwest of Shegar Town, the seat of Tingri County.
We are going to drive through the Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri) from Zhangmu Fort

We are going to drive through the Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri) from Zhangmu Fort.

Old Tingri ( Gangkar Town )

Old Tingri ( Gangkar Town )

The street vendors at Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri )

The street vendors at Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri )

2 Responses to “Gangkar Town ( Old Tingri ) – Tingri County”

  1. Joan Robertson says:

    Please can you send me the above pictures of Old Tingri. I have been unable to print any of the above – it just comes out blank!

    I was in Old Tingri in September and am compiling an album of my trip but seem to have lost the photos which I took there – lovely place, so Tibetan.

    Thank you (hopefully)

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Joan Robertson,

    Last time I only drove past Old Tingri and took 5 photos of the one-street old town from my bus. If you neen them, I’m glad to offer them to you.

    PS. I will send you the 5 zipped photos by email.

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