Top 10 Attractions in Shenyang (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Shenyang tour?  Shenyang,  the capital city of Liaoning Province,  boasts its own Forbidden City,  imperial tombs, resourceful museums and several  parks as well as impressive mountains.

Shenyang is located about 700km to the northeast of Beijing by road (Google)

Shenyang is located about 700km to the northeast of Beijing by road. It takes one and half hours to fly from Beijing to Shenyang.

Shenyang Major Attraction Map (Goolge)

I’ve rounded up the Top 10 Attractions in Shenyang for you to prepare for your trip  to Shenyang.

1. Mukden Palace (Shenyang Imperial Palace) 故宫

Mukden Palace (Shenyang Imperial Palace) is the main draw in Shenyang,  the magnificent palace resembles a smaller Forbidden City in Beijing.  It is located in the center of the old Ming and Qing city in Shenhe District of Shenyang.

The palace complex represents the highest level art of early Manchu palace architectures and Manchu’s unique history and culture in the early stage.

Shenyang Forbidden City was built  between 1625 and 1636. It was the residential palace of Manchu emperor Nurhachi (1559 – 1626) and his son, Huang Taiji. It was used by Manchu rulers until 1644.

After Manchu took over Beijing and established Qing Dynasty,  Shenyang Imperial Palace served as the temporary imperial palace for brief stay when Qing emperors came to the northeastern China for inspection or paying tribute to their ancestors.

In  1926, Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum was built based on the former imperial palace.  Now it has become a famous imperial palace museum with historical art value.

Entrance Fee: RMB 60
Location: 171 Shenyang Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang 沈河区沈阳路171号

How to get there:
take bus to Zhongjie Pedestrian Street or take subway and get off  at Huaiyuanmen

Shenyang Imperial Palace
Shenyang Imperial Palace

2. Zhao Mausoleum (North Tomb)  昭陵 ( 北陵 )

Zhao Mausoleum ( Luminous Tomb )  is the burial site of the founder of Qing Dynasty – Huang Taiji (1592 – 1643).  The tomb is located in the north of the old city of Shenyang, hence the name of North Tomb ( Beiling 北陵).

Beiling Tomb ( North Tomb ) area has turned into a modern landscape park ( Beiling Park ) coupled with imperial tombs. The tomb occupies an area of 160,000 square meters, the largest imperial tomb outside Beijing in Qing Dynasty.

The tomb’s animal statues lead up to a mound where the emperor and his empress were buried. The traditional architectures and ornamentation around tomb  site are magnificent.

Beiling Park is a good place to escape from the hustle-bustle of  Shenyang’s downtown.  The park is rife with pine trees, endowed with  a large lake  featuring with paddle boats and canoes for hire, bicycles for rental, food and snack vendors etc. Local residents come here to sing, play and picnic.

Entrance Fee (Park): RMB 6
Entrance Fee (Tomb): RMB30
Location:12 Taishan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang 沈阳市皇姑区泰山路12号
How to get there:
Bus: 136, 205, 210 (Beiling Park)
Bus: 217, 232, 326, 381 (West gate to Beiling Park)
Bus: 131, 157, 178, 205, 231(East Gate to Beiling Park)

North Tomb (Zhaoling Tomb)
North Tomb ( Zhao Mausoleum )

3. East Tomb (Fu Mausoleum) 东陵 ( 福陵)

Fuling Tomb is  the burial site of  Manchu emperor Nurhachi (1559 – 1626) and his empress .  The tomb is located in the east of Shenyang’s old city, hence the name of East Tomb. Fuling was constructed between 1626 and 1651.

East Tomb (Fu Mausoleum) is recognized by Google Map as “Qingfu Tombs” or “清福陵”.

It was later renovated and enlarged in the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong. Confronted by Hun River and a backdrop of Tianzhu Mountain, the imperial tomb is surrounded by the mountain and river, deep grass and dense forest with quiet  and beautiful environment.

From the entrance to the pailou, people need to climb 108 stone steps. East Tomb is smaller than Beijing ( North Tomb ) . But it is well tended with ancient tall trees.

Now Dongling ( East Tomb ) has been turned into a modern park where urban residents come here to rewind themselves by playing,  singing and dancing. Fuling Tomb is not only an l Chinese emperors’ tomb, but also is the best eyewitness to Chinese history and culture.

Entrance Fee (Park): free
Entrance Fee (Tomb): RMB40
Location: 81 Dongling East Street, Dongling ,Shenyang
How to get there:
Bus 218 and get off at Dongling

East Tomb (Fuling Tomb)
East Tomb (Fuling Tomb)

4. Marshal Zhang’s Mansion 张氏帅府

Marshal Zhang’s Mansion is the former Residence of Zhang Zuolin & Zhang Xueliang.

Zhang Zuolin (1875–1928) was the warlord of Manchuria from 1916 to 1928. He was killed by a bomb planted by a Japanese Kwantung Army officer on 4 June 1928.

Zhang Xueliang  ( 1901 –  2001 ) was the actual ruler of Manchuria and much of northern China after the assassination of his father, Zhang Zuolin, by the Japanese 1928. As an advocate of the Xi’an Incident, he spent over fifty years under house arrest  in Taiwan. He is reputed as a patriotic hero in China.

Their residence compound is mainly divided into two parts – the old East Yard and the later West Yard.  The East Yard is the earlier buildings of their residence with courtyards,  Xiao Qing Lou, Daqinglou, Guandi Temple and Ms Zhao’s House outside the east wall. The West Yard was the later buildings of western style. You will visit Zhang Zuolin’s living room and Zhan Xueliang’s office room.

Entrance Fee : RMB 60
Location: 46 Shaofu Alley, Chaoyang Street,Shenhe District, Shenyang 沈阳市沈河区朝阳街少帅府巷46号
How to get there:
Bus: 105 113 117;  118,
Metro:  Line 1 and get off at Huaiyuanmen (怀远门)

Former Residence of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang
Former Residence of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang

5. September 18th History Museum 九一八历史博物馆

The September 18 History Museum is built to remind people of the date September 18, 1931 when the Japanese aggressors invaded the Northeastern China.

The museum was built between 1997 and 1999. It was opened to the public on September 18,1999. The museum has a total exhibition area of 9180 square meters. It has 8 exhibition halls and over 10 large backgrounds for displaying historical events.

Entrance Fee : free ( closed on Monday)
Location: 46 Huanghua South Street, Dadong District, Shenyang 沈阳市大东区望花南街46号
How to get there:
Bus: 212, 245, 253, 298, 299, 325, 328, 399

"9.18"History Museum
“9.18”History Museum

6. Liaoning Provincial  Museum 辽宁省博物馆

Liaoning Provincial Museum is the first museum after 1949 in New China.  It was established in 1949 based on the former residence of the warlord Tang Yuling.

Shenyang Provincial Museum has a total number of 115,000 pieces of exhibits dating back to the prehistoric times through the late Qing Dynasty.  Many of the artifacts are unearthed from Liaoning Province including calligraphy,  paintings, carvings, ceramics,  decorations,  copper wares,  coins, lacquer wares and the list could be much longer.

Entrance Fee : free ( closed on Monday)
Location: 48 Shaoshuai Alley, Chaoyang Street, Shenyang 沈阳市朝阳街少帅府巷48号
How to get there:
Bus: 214, 215, 216, 221, 228 , 230, 243, 248, 260, 326, 800 ,159  and get off at Shifu Square (市府广场)

Liaoning Provincial Museum
Liaoning Provincial Museum

7. Zhongjie Pedestrian Street 中街步行街

Zhongjie Pedestrian Street is a vehicle-free commercial street, 1500 meters long, the earliest shopping street in Shenyang  and the first walking street in China.

It was inaugurated in 1625 when Manchu moved its capital to Shenyang.  Now Zhongjie Pedestrian Street is packed with shopping malls, department stores, restaurants. Scattered in the alleys along the street  you can find numerous  free markets offering a great variety of goods.

Entrance Fee : free
Location: Shenhe District, Shenyang

Zhongjie Pedestrian Street
Zhongjie Pedestrian Street

8. Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area 沈阳怪坡

Guaipo Road (Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area) is located 30km to the northeast of Shenyang’ city center.

The weird and unnatural slope is 80 meters long, 15 meters wide with its east side tilting to the lower west. When you bike from the lower west end to the high east side, you feel much easier than you do it vice versa – biking down from the higher east to the lower west, hence the name of “Strange Slope”.

This strange phenomenon has attracted the attention of experts, celebrities and scholars who try to open the mystery. Some people say it is because of the function of magnet, others say the movement of gravity or eyesight difference. But nobody gives a perfect answer. The result is a large scenic park has been formed due to the fame of the slope.

The strange slope park now comprises the slope as well as the nearby mountains, rivers and ma-made sights with a total of over 20 attractions of various themes.

Entrance Fee : RMB 40 (including bike trial)
Location: Qingshuitai Township, Xinchengzi District, Shenyang 沈阳市新城子区清水台镇境内
How to get there:
From Shenyang Railway Station, take Bus 211 and get off at  Orthopedics Hospital ( 骨科医院) , then connect Bus 383 for the slope
From  Shenyang North Railway Station, take Bus 229,get off at  Orthopedics Hospital ( 骨科医院) then connect Bus 383 for the slope.

Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area
Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area

9. Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden 沈阳世博园

Shenyang Expo Garden is located 18km to the northeast of Shenyang’ city center.  This is the place when the World Horticultural Expo was held in 2006. The expo garden has an area of 246 acres  featuring 53 domestic exhibition gardens,  23 international gardens and 24 special gardens.

Now the expo garden is mainly divided into two areas – Horticultural Area  and Leisure Area. These elaborate gardens have plants and flowers from almost all the regions of the country and some from overseas.

Entrance Fee: RMB50
Opening Hours:09:00~17:00
Location: 301 Shuangyuan Road, Dongling District, Shenyang 沈阳市东陵区双园路301号
How to get there:
Bus 168 for the Expo

Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden
Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden

10. Shenyang Qipan Mountain 棋盘山

Shenyang Qipan Mountain is situated 20km to the northeast of Shenyang’s city center. Its  fame was mainly due to the Women’s World Chess Championship once held here.  It is said that the immortals – Lv Dongbin and Tieguai Li once played chess hers, hence the name of the mountain “Qipan”which literally means “Chessboard”.

Shenyang Qipan Mountain Scenic Area is a combination of nature and history, the largest natural landscape featuring undulating mountains,  winding creeks, dense forest, singing birds and fragrant flowers.  Come here spring for the green, summer for the scenery, autumn for the maple trees and winter for the snow.

Entrance Fee: RMB20
Opening Hours:All day
Location: 20km to the northeast of Shenyang’s city center
How to get there:
Bus 383 for Qipan Mountain

Shenyang Qipan Mountain
Shenyang Qipan Mountain

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