Shenyang Taxi: Shenyang Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

Shenyang Taxi Quantity
Plan your Shenyang tour? At the time of my writing, Shenyang has 170,000 registered taxis operated by 193 taxi companies according to the statistics. And Shenyang is favored with a very good public transportation system. It is convenient to take taxi in the city.

If you need to hire a car with driver for your transfer or full day use, please check out the link: Shenyang Car Rental with Driver.

Taxi Models in Shenyang
As for the brand of  taxis here in Shenyang, there are Jettta, Santana, Zhonghuan and the like.

Shenyang Taxi Fares:
•A flat fee of RMB 8 covers the first 3km
•RMB1 with each additional 550 meter
•RMB9 for the first 3km at night.
•If you choose the air-conditioned taxi, the flag-all price is RMB 9

Shenyang Taxi Company Bookings
If you need to book a taxi, please make the call as following:
旭龙 Xulong: 024-86222222
安运 Anyun: 024 – 96158

Hailing a Shenyang City Taxi
•The best places to hail a taxi is near the Station, Scenic Spots, as well as Hotel.

Shenyang Taxi rider’s rights
As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination and no compulsory car pooling
Go to any destination in and beyond Shenyang
Your car driver knows the streets in Shenyang and the way to major destinations in Shenyang;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tipping

Shenyang Taxi Stands
There are no particular taxi stands in Shenyang. People just hail a taxi anywhere it is safe.
Shenyang Taxi Complaints
If you have any problem or lost your stuff in a taxi in Shenyang, please contact the following:
Shenyang Taxi Complaining No.  Tel: 024-96123

Shenyang Taxi Useful Information
•Using a meter instead of bargaining with the cab driver
•Refusing a forced pooling taxi
•Shenyang Airport-Shengyang Downtown: RMB 60
•Shenyang Airport-Shenyang Railway Station: RMB 70-80

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19 thoughts on “Shenyang Taxi: Shenyang Taxi Fares, Tips and Phones

  1. Hello. What the price for a taxi to go

    Shenyang airport


    Times Plaza Hotel, No.99, North BeiZhan Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang

    Thanks you very much


  2. Hello M. HERVET,

    The taxi ride ( 30km ) from Shenyang airport to your hotel costs about RMB 70

  3. Hi!

    what is the price from shenyang taoxian airport to 中国沈阳市沈河区北热闹路林园小区?

    thank you very much,


  4. Hello. What the price for a taxi to go

    Shenyang airport


    Tian Xing Hotel
    No.38 Guangyu Street, Yinzhou District, Tieling 112000, China

    Thank you very much.


  5. Hello Ezzuddin Azmi,

    Just for your reference, Shenyang Tieling taxi drive takes about RMB200. You may also take a long-distance bus from Shenyang to Tieling. Have a good trip!

  6. I have used three taxi’s since arriving Shenyang and each time the driver charged way more than was on the meter. each trip showed 21 to 27 on the meter but driver wanted 100, 80 and 50. they some how printed me receipts for those amounts but the receipt did not come from the meter. Is this typical of all taxi’s in Shenyang to rip off people from the West?

  7. Hello Steve,

    You should pay the price on the meter and refuse to pay the price demanded by your taxi drivers. As far as I know, it is a rip off.

  8. Hi Daniel,

    Anshan wuhuan hotel is about 105 km to the southwest of Shenyang. The taxi ride costs about 160-180 yuan. Basically you need to negotiate with your cab driver.

  9. Hello Daniel,
    Would you please tell me how much it cost for a taxi from Shenyang jen hotel at Shenyang railway station area to Royal ocean world water park and is there any taxi van that can accommodate 6 persons ,and is it possible to rent a taxi for the whole day
    Kind regards

  10. Dear Nagia,

    Taking a standard 4-seat taxi costs you about 100 yuan ( 35 km and about 40 minutes).

    Basically there are no 6-seat taxis running on the streets in Shenyang. Trying to contact your hotel or local travel agencies for renting a van holding your party of 6 .

  11. Dear Ghufran,

    Shenyang airport is about 30 km to the southeast of Shenyang Ibis ( City center), approx. 70 yuan ( 40 minutes’s drive).

  12. I lost my phone and it contains valuable information in it. I really need to locate it…. it’s sadly low on battery and as a result is off

  13. Ni hao….

    I lost/forgot my Samsung S5 phone in a taxi yesterday late after 20:30, yellow and white taxi. I’m based in Kempinski hotel. We were 4 gentlemen from South Africa going to Bar11 /Eleven Bar Club. If you found it, please drop it Kempinski Hotel Reception.

    Thanking you in advance.

  14. Hi

    When I was last in Shenyang there were two times in the day (morning and afternoon) when the taxis go back to base and you can’t get a taxi anywhere. Is this still happening?

  15. Hi, I have a trip to Shenyang my flight arrives at 11:50 pm (china standard time) What time do taxis stop operating?

  16. Hi Jordan Sage Adams,

    No worry! Basically you will always expect taxis waiting outside if there are still arriving flights at the airport. Have a nice time in Shenyang!

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