Harbin Taxi: Harbin Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone

Harbin Taxi Quantity

It seems the present number of taxis in Harbin is not enough to meet the increasing taxi market demand. Especially it is not easy for you to hail a taxi during rush hours.

Taxis in Harbin

Very often you have to wait much longer time before you can hail a taxi. Pre-booking a taxi is Harbin is highly recommended.

To rent a car with driver, please check out the link:  Harbin Car Rental

Taxi Models in Harbin

There are many types of taxis in Harbin
Main Types: Sonata, Jetta, Charade, Chery, Chery Qiyun, Saboos,  Elantra, Red Flag, Fukang…

Taxis are moving on the street in Harbin

Harbin Taxi Fares

•RMB 8 just for getting in for 3km

•RMB 1 for Fuel Surcharge per ride
•RMB 1.90 for each additional 1km

•1km charged for each 5 minutes stopped in traffic
•After over 12 kilometers daytime, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip
•After over 5 kilometers nighttime, 50% of the total fare added as surcharge for return trip

•No tipping.

Harbin Major Taxi Company Bookings Hotlines:

Tel: 0451-55531555
Tel: 0457-6999999

Hailing a Harbin City Taxi

• Hotels, Airport and Train Station are the good places to hail a taxi • It is hard to hail a taxi on the streets since most of the taxi stands in Harbin are useless. People prefer to hail a taxi near a bus stop instead of those taxi stands.

Harbin Taxi riders’rights

As a cab rider, you are entitled to the rights below:
Individual drive to your destination Go to any destination in and beyond Harbin;
Your driver should know the streets in Harbin and the way to major destinations in Harbin; Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;

No Tipping

Harbin Taxi Stands
There are over 200 hundeds taxi stands in Harbin. Most people ignore these taxi stands as well taxi drivers themselves. So you have to find a good place to hail a taxi, like bus stops, hotels…

Harbin Taxi Complaints

If you ever have any problems with a Harbin Taxi, contact the following:
Harbin Taxi Supervision:0451-84517388  84517388

Harbin Taxi Useful Information

•Pre-book a taxi in Harbin to avoid lining up for taking a taxi
•It is always difficult to take a taxi during peak hours or in bad weather •Refuse a forced pooling taxi Estimated taxi fares for the often used taxi service in Harbin: Harbin Airport – Harbin Downtown: RMB 100-140 Harbin Airport – Yabuli: RMB 1000 Harbin Train Station – Your Hotel Harbin: RMB 20-30

taxis on the street in Harbin

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    I will arrive Harbin International Airport on the 19th JUne, 2023 by the flight MU5615 at 21-00.
    I need taxi transfer from airport to the Holiday Inn Express Harbin Qunli, an IHG Hotel. Can I order taxi of any Taxi company here with your help. I dont speak Chinese so need taxi transfer to hotel. Can I pay with web-site by my UnionPay Card? Please advise what shall do for taxi transfer order? Best Regards/Aleksander

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