China Snow Town (Tips, Photos & Map)

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It is worth having a two-day side trip from Harbin to China Snow Town if you are interested in experiencing the coldest weather and heaviest snow in China.

China Snow Town, also known as China Snow Village or literally Zhongguo Xuexiang (中国雪乡) in Chinese is reputed as the most desirable place to experience the thickest snow and plentiful snow activities in China.

Location of China Snow Town

Located in the Xuexiang National Forest Park, China Snow Town is officially the seat of Shuangfeng Forest Farm (双峰林场) in Changtingzhen Township (长汀镇) at Hailin City (海林市), Mudanjiang (牡丹江), Heilongjian Province. The forest farm is under the administration of Dahailin Forestry Bureau (大海林林业局).

China Snow Town, recognized by Google also as Xuexiang National Forest Park, is located 15km to the northwest of Changtingzhen Township, 85km to the west of Mudanjiang and 350km to the southeast of Harbin by road.

The location of Xuexiang ( China Snow Town) Google

Xuexiang National Forest Park

China Snow Town is a one-horse town nestled in a valley surrounded by the thick mountain forest in Xuexiang National Forest Park. The Xuexiang National Forest Park is no longer allowed to cut trees for logging trade due to the new policies from the local government. The main task of these forest farms is to raise or take care of the trees in their controlled areas respectively.

Xuexiang National Forest Park’s unique geological location results in nearly 7-month snowing period in the town, the thickest snow in China. The snow in the town is both thick and sticky, a feature making the town a snow fairyland.

In winter, the traditional houses and courtyards in China Snow Town are decorated by the thick snow, creating magnificent natural snow engraving arts – snow mushrooms, snow curtains, snow rabbits, snow horses.

At night, the whole town is lit up by the red lanterns hanging outside their houses and on the streets, making the snow town a romantic place for wandering and unwinding.

Since 2000, Xuexiang National Forest Park has become more and more popular for its snow landscape featuring the snow arts bestowed by the nature. Gradually Xuexiang National Forest Park has been transformed from a traditional forest farm area into a hot snow destination, attracting thousands of visitors each winter.

Best Time to Visit China Snow Town (Xuexiang)

Now China Snow Town has become the password of Xuexiang National Forest Park . The best time to visit China Snow Town ranges from December to February.

How to Get to China Snow Town (Xuexiang)

Harbin, Mundanjiang and Changtingzhen are the the main entry places where you can take long-distance buses or hire a vehicle to get to China Snow Town.

China China Town (Xuexiang) – Changtingzhen – Mudianjiang (Google Map)

Xuexiang – Harbin Direct Tourist Shuttle Bus

Xuexiang ( Snow Town ) Shuttle Booking Hotline: 0453 – 7410892

Departure TimeArrival TimeStarting PointArriving PlacesBus FareNote
7:0012:30Xuexiang Tourist Service Centre1. Gonglu Daqiao Passenger Bus Station (109 Longrun Street) in Harbin
2. Zhongyang Street Station ( 4-1 Jiuzhan Street) in Harbin
120 yuan Start from Nov 29
9:0014:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
10:0015:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
12:0017:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
13:0018:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
13:2919:00SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29

Harbin – Xuexiang Direct Tourist Shuttle Bus

Xuexiang (Snow Town) Shuttle Booking Hotline: 0453 – 7410892

Departure Time Arrival Time Starting Points Arriving Place Bus Fare Note
6:0011:301. Gonglu Daqiao Passenger Bus Station (109 Longrun Street) in Harbin
2. Zhongyang Street Station ( 4-1 Jiuzhan Street) in Harbin
Xuexiang Tourist Service Centre in China Snow Town120 yuan Start from Nov 29
7:0012:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
Start from Nov 29
9:014:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
10:0015:00SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29
12:0017:30SameSame120 yuan Start from Nov 29

Changtingzhen Township – Xuexiang

Changtingzhen Bus Station to Xuexiang (daily 6:40, 13:30, 16:50 departure) or take a taxi directly to Xuexiang (about 200 yuan).
Shuttle bus from Xuexiang to Changting town (5:30, 6:30, 12:30 every day)

Mudanjiang — Xuexiang

Mudanjiang direct bus to China Snow Town (one bus every day) Departures: Mudanjiang (14:00) — Dahailin (16:50) — China Snow Town (20:00)
China Snow Town back to Mudanjiang (one bus every day) Departures: China Snow Town (5:30) — Dahailin (9:30) — Mudanjiang (11:30)

Harbin — Xuexiang (Train + Bus)

By Train: From Harbin station, take train to Mudanjiang City, and then transfer to Snow Town by shuttle bus
By Bus: Harbin West Passenger Station (哈尔滨西客运站) has a direct bus to Changtingzhen (长汀镇) every day. Departure time: 15:00, 20:00 to Changtingzhen Township, and then transfer by bus or taxi to China Snow Town.
Bus from Changtingzhen Township to Harbin leaves Changting Passenger Station at 5:00 every morning

China Snow Town Tourist Center ( You can buy bus tickets )

China Snow Town is a one-street town. The street is known as “Xueyun Dajie”, about 500 meters long. The tourist center is located in the middle section of the street, near Xueyunge Hotel 雪韵阁酒店.

Where to Stay in China Snow Town

At the time of my writing, there are some hotels in the town like Days Hotel & Suites Xuexiang and Xueyunge Hotel. The hotels in the town are far from meeting the increasing demand of tourists coming to the town at peak season.

So please book your hotel well in advance during the peak season.

Most of the workers at the forest farm have turned their courtyard homes into family inns which are mainly composed of several 4-person stone-bed room ( kang ) with shared or private bathrooms. Beside accommodation, they also offer food service, or three meals a day if you prefer. They even go out of their way to help you assisting in planning your local travel arrangement.

Recommended Hotel in China Snow Town
Xueyunge Hotel 雪韵阁酒店
0453 – 7410858
Add:  This hotel is located in the middle section of the one-street China snow town, close to the tourist center where you can buy the bus tickets for Harbin or Yabuli.

Top things to do in China Snow Town

1. Get up early to catch sunrise view at Yangcaoshan Mountain or Tudingshan Mountain. Book your tickets through the official agents or your host family.
2. Hike across from China Snow Valley (雪谷) to Snow Town, a challenging 15-km walking on the snow.
3. Go skiing at Snow Town Ski Resort
4. Taking photos freely on the street or around the houses in the town.
5. Taking pictures at the two paid sites on the street.
6. Just experience the coldest weather.
7. Have a bite of the local food.
8. Enjoy the local Er-Ren-Zhuan (Two-person performance).

Entrance Tickets for Xuexiang National Forest Park

The main entrance fee for China Snow Town ( Xuexiang National Forest Park ): RMB 75 ( valid for two days ).

Service Enquiry : 400-000-0453

Virtual Tour of China Snow Town

Follow us to have a brief virtual tour of Xuexiang, aka China Snow Town.

The entrance to China Snow Town
The one-street China Snow Town
China Snow Town
A street front grocery Store at China Snow Town
Have a bite of a hot potato.
Street vendors are doing business despite of the extreme cold outside
Snow Theatre ( put on performances each night)
family inns for basic accommodations in China Snow Town
Dreamland (梦幻家园) is a pay attraction for photo taking.

Snow covered houses

Rows of houses and courtyards are blanketed by white snow

Snow covered houses

Rows of houses and courtyards are blanketed by white snow
The snow house resembles a huge mushroom

The night view of China Snow Town
Night View of snow covered houses in China Snow Town
Sunrise glow over China Snow Town
Starting a new day
A cozy and beautiful scene in China Snow Town


China Snow Town ( Tips, Photos & Map)
Harbin Yabuli China Snow Town Direct Shuttle Bus
Harbin to China Snow Town Road Trip
Sunrise Glow over China Snow Village
Night View of China Snow Village
Yabuli Ski Resort

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41 thoughts on “China Snow Town (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. Hi, I am interested in making reservation for a night stay in Days Hotel and Suites on 10/2/2016. Can you advise how do I make the booking? Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    The Zhaou Shenglin Family Inn. I just want to re-confirm that each room has 4-Kang Bed? and the price quoted RMB400-500 is per room or per pax?

  3. Hi Gina,

    Not quite sure if each room has a 4-bed kang. But last time the room I stayed had a 4-connected-bed kang. Mr.Zhao is glad to have more connected beds on a kang. So I think most of the rooms have a kang with 3 or 4 connected beds. The room rates go with the market. The price RMB 400-500 is not bad.

    Don’t expect too much from the room condition! Small, crowded, basic, just a homestay with limited facilities.

  4. Hi, we are a family of 3 wanting to stay in Snowtown or Donsheng for 2 nights, January 2017. We would like to go by car not bus. How do we book for this. Thanks

  5. Hi Tracy,

    Well received your inquiry! One of our staff members will contact you on Monday. Thanks!

  6. Hi there, I am interested in booking a room for 2 people at Zhao Shenglin Family Inn 赵胜林家庭旅馆 for one night, 26 December 2016. Can you let me know how to book it? And how much?


  7. Hi Chan,

    Zhao Shenglin Family Inn is very basic and simple. I’m not sure you will be comfortable with this kind of inn run by a family. Personally I suggest you stay in a hotel.

    If you want to book a room at Zhao Shenglin Family Inn, you need to call them. But they cannot speak any English.

  8. We (11 Adults & 11 years old) are interested to go to China Snow Town on 25th December 2016 to 26th December 2016 and wanted to book for the package. Can you recommend us the established travel agent who can arrange for transport from Harbin to China Snow Town, 1 night staying in the village, 3 meals and transport from China Snow Town to Yabuli Ski Resort?

  9. Hi Shirley THAM,

    Sorry for my delayed reply! One of our staff members will contact you for the details. Thanks!

  10. Hi Daniel,

    I’m planning to go to Harbin this coming January and would like to spend a night at xuexiang. Could you help me with the planning/booking of transportation from and to harbin and one night in a kangtou please ? As I will most likely travel alone, is there any bus to take to minimise costs? Thanks a lot

  11. Hi Ms Sophie,

    Most of the family inn (kang beds) owners cannot speak any English. They often use the typical Chinese way online or offline to promote their family-run inns. Many of the owners offer pick-up service from Harbin to Xuexiang ( shared SUV or Mini-bus ) a decent price. So if you book one of their kang beds, you can also ask for the transfer service from Harbin to Xuexiang.

    As for the transfer from Xuexiang to Harbin, you can also use their service. Alternatively you take the bus from Xuexiang to Harbin, or take the early morning long-distance bus from Xuexiang to Mudanjiang ( I did last time ), where you connect the train back to Beijing or other places.

    Do you work and live in China? Can you speak Chinese? It is a bit challenging to travel to Xuexiang alone. Last time I toured Xuexiang on my own too. It was hard for me too. Xuexiang is packed with Chinese tourists, especially the tourists from the southern China most of whom have never seen snow in their life.

    The kang beds are very basic and don’t expect too much on the conditions in Xuexiang as a whole. My experience a few years ago tells me that Xuexiang is a nice place, but some areas in Xuexiang are a bit a ripoff.

    Personally, you should first book a kang-bed with shared shuttle service from Harbin to Xuexiang and back to Harbin or Mudanjiang. Actually you don’ have to return to Harbin. Mudanjiang is closer to Xuexiang.

    Last time I used Zhao Shenglin Family Inn 赵胜林家庭旅馆
    Rooms: 6 ( one with a private toilet and bathing)
    Price: RMB 400-500 ( 4-bed kang)
    Tel: 0453 – 7410753

    Zhao Shenglin Family Inn is just so so, very basic,just a kind of experience.

    If you need any further information, please let me know.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

  12. Hi,

    Would you like prefer the quotation for 2-day Snow town tour from Harbin, baed on 4 people travelling on Feb.12 to Feb.13 ? We can join or private group. We will arrive to Harbin on Feb.11, and plan to go to snow town on Feb.12, stay in village 1 night, back to Harbin on Feb.13 before we leave from Harbin by night train at 21.28. Thank you so much.

  13. Hi Wannaporn,

    Thank you very much for reading my travel blog – China Snow Town. I went there on a fam trip in Jan, 2015. It was an amazing place. But the overall condition there is not up to the good standard you will see in big cities like Harbin, Beijing,etc.

    I have forwarded your travel request to our service center. One of our trip advisors will contact you tomorrow for the details. We’ll do our best to facilitate your 2-day Harbin Snow Town tour. It’s a good idea to have a private var or suv for your party of four to share the cost.

    By the way, don’t expect too much on the living and eating conditions in the cold and remote village. Wish you a pleasant trip in advance!!

  14. Hi Daniel, I’ve read your article and all the messages above and like a lot of people I would like to go to xueaxiang for a two-three days trip and experience a night in a kangtou . My friend and I live in China and speak basic chinese but would you recommend to travel through a tour guide anyway ? We would like to avoid too much hassle but of course have to consider the budget.. Could you please tell me how to book two beds in the Zhao shenglin Inn ? I only see a phone number and I’d rather book online as my chinese is really not so great. Thanks a lot in advance

  15. Hi Ms Sophie,

    It is nearly impossible to book a tour guide in Xuexiang who can speak English or French. Basically you need to hire a tour guide from Harbin, which will be beyond your budget deifinitely.

    If you can book a kang-bed room at a local family inn, normally they can provide shared van transfer service from Harbin to Snow Town.

    So there are two tricky things: 1) how to get from Harbin ( or other cities ) to Xuexiang; 2) how to book a room in Xuexiang.

    Though the snow scene in Xuexiang is amazing, the local service and hospitality are far below expectation. Everything is overpriced. I don’t known if things have been changed for better or even worse.

    Most of the local family inns use the online social media in Chinese ( Wechat, QQ, ….) to sell their rooms. The owners have very much good business and are interested in working with large hotel booking sites and vice versa.

    But I do find a hotel booking site which sells the hotels and kang-bed rooms even including Zhao shenglin Inn. But I’ve never used their hotel booking service to book a small family inn. Just for your reference.

    Xuexiang Hotels

    By the way, is largely owned by

    Have a great time in Xuexiang ( Snow Town )!

  16. HI Daniel,

    thank you so much for your very helpful answer. I assume like most of the touristy towns in China it will be a bit of a rip off there, but the landscape probably makes it worth it ! Thanks again for the great tips 🙂

  17. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for your feedback and upbeat attitude! You are right and nothing is perfect. Just be vigilant against possile dark sides and look forward to the bright sides.

    Enjoy your trip!

  18. Hi Daniel, we are still trying to work out transport from Harbin to Snowtown, we have booked our room. How to book bus in advance is our problem, also we need to book from Snowtown to Mudanjiang. Can anyone that has done this recently, please give advise thanks

  19. Hi Tracy,

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Snow Town to Mudanjiang
    There is an early daily long-distance bus going from Snow Town to Mudanjiang. Please reconfirm with your hotel staff. Everybody knows the bus. No worry about this.

    2. Harbin to Snow Town.
    It is a bit tricky to locate the shuttle bus from Harbin to Snow Town. Usually the hotels and inns in Snow Town offer shared-van transfer from Harbin to Snow Town. Again try to contac your hotel in Snow Town for assistance for the shared transfer.

  20. Hello,

    I want to go to Jingpu lake from mudanjiang and on the way back I want to go to China snow town and spend a night there…is it possible that I come directly to China snow town from Jingpu lake ? is yes then how ?
    we are 2 person and we also need 1 nigt stay at china snow town..

    can you please advise via email … Thanks

  21. Hello,

    I want to go to Jingpu lake from mudanjiang and on the way back I want to go to China snow town and spend a night there…is it possible that I come directly to China snow town from Jingpu lake ? is yes then how ?
    we are 2 person and we also need 1 nigt stay at china snow town..

    can you please advise via email …


  22. Dear Farhan,

    I’m not sure whether you can go directly to China snow town from Jingpu lake. Basically you may first go to the city of Mudanjiang where you take the long-distance bus to China Snow Town.

  23. Dear Farhan,

    As far as I Know, you need to first go to the city of Mudanjiang where you take a long-distance bus to China Snow Town.

  24. Hi Daniel,

    I’ve read through all your post and information. Very informative about snow town. I’m planning a DIY trip with my family this December to Snow Town and Yabuli. I have 4 days 3 night for Yabuli and Snow Town. Need to seek your advice which itinerary sound more doable Harbin to Yabuli stay 2 night then to Snow town stay 1 night then back to Harbin 5 hours by bus or
    Harbin direct to Snow Town stay 1 night then to Yabuli stay 2 night then back to Harbin.
    I’m not sure which is more convenient considering the transport transfer.

    Please advice 🙏🏻

  25. Dear Leanne,

    Thanks for reading the information!

    Sorry, as for your question, I’m not 100% sure which is better. But for me, I would choose Harbin to Yabuli stay 2 night then to Snow town stay 1 night then back to Harbin 5 hours by bus. It seems the two make no big difference. Have a good time!

  26. Hi Daniel,

    We are planning to go on a 2D1N trip to Snow Village this Dec. 25. I was wondering: Would it be doable to go without joining a local tour? We can speak basic Chinese. Also, for the different activities such as: visiting 羊草山, dogsledding, skiing, snowmobiling,etc, how do we join those activities? And what else would you recommend us to do when we visit snow village. THanks!

  27. Dear Jan,

    Not quite sure whether you can visit 羊草山 in the early morning for the sunrise on your own. Basically you need to buy a ticket via your hotel or other agents to use the local transfer service.

    You can do dogsledding, snowmobiling on your own, but I don’t know where to ski in China town.

    Sorry for my limited knowledge about the present situation of China Snow Town. Good luck!

  28. Hi Daniel,

    Do you know around how much is the cost to rent the snowmobile to Yangcao Maountain and dogsledding in Snow Town? Also, do you know how we can rent the snowmobile?

  29. Dear Victoria,

    Sorry, I don’t have the update price information on the rental of the snowmobile to Yangcao Mountain and dog sledding in Snow Town.

    Last time I bought the voucher for the activity of seeing the sunrise at Yangcao Mountain, and the voucher included the snowmobile service.

  30. We are planning to go on a 2D1N trip to Snow Village this Dec. 22. We can’t speak Chinese. How much for 2 persons to join trip ? . Thanks!

  31. Dear jaja1579,

    Thanks for your inquiry! One of our trip adviors will contact you for the details. Much appreciated!

  32. Hi Daniel
    We will be in Harbin on 10 April 2018 for 3 days, then will get a train to A Cheng (1N). 2N stay at Yabuli & train to Hailin for 1N. Will there still be snow? Any economy accommodation for just 1 night. Thank you for your kind advice.

  33. Dear Elin,

    It is too late to visit Harbin, Yabuli and China Snow Town in April. For snow scene, February latest for Harbin and March for China Snow Town.

  34. Hi Daniel, it was delightful to read ur post on the China Snow Town. I will be going to Harbin in Jan next year and would love to stay a night in Snow Town. We are a group of 4, planning to DIY, hence we would be most appreciative of your help! The shuttle bus that we can take from Nangang Bus Terminal, would there be space for each of us to bring along our full-sized luggages? Also, would it be easy to find the boarding area in Snow Town for the shuttle bus to Yabuli? Lastly, do we buy tickets from the driver when we board the bus, or should we book/purchase in advance from the bus terminal to guarantee our seats? Thank u!

  35. Dear Priscillia,

    Thanks for your inquiry! My article only serves as a reference for you. It is a big shuttle bus and normally you can easily put your large suitcases, or give larger suitcases to the driver for him to store in the luggage compartment of the bus.

    It is better to buy your tickets in advance from the bus terminal to guarantee our seats.

    By the way, If you arrive in Harbin by high speed train at Harbin West Railway Station, you don’t need to go to Nangang Bus Station for the shuttle bus, you can easily take the shuttle bus starting from Harbin West Railway Station to Yabuli or China Snow Town. The shuttle will pass by Nangang Bus Station.

    It is very easy to find the boarding area in Snow Town for the shuttle bus to Yabuli since the so-called China Snow Town is basically a one-street town.

  36. Hello, I’ll be visiting China snow town this march.i would like to know how to get there from Harbin? And there’s another way i can go to china snow town if there is no shuttle bus? Hope can hear from you soon.


  37. Dear Nzaaaaa,

    You can two choices if you don’t want to use the public tranport.

    1. Hire a car with drier

    2. Share a van usually offered by the inn or hotel you are going to stay in China Snow Town.

    Have a nice time!

  38. I plan to visit China Snow Town in early Dec. When exactly does the shuttle bus service from Harbin operate in Dec?

    As for night light-up, do they decorate lights from early Dec?


  39. Dear Paul,

    Basically it will be lit up in early Dec. But as for the shuttle bus, it is too early to give a clear reply. Thanks!

  40. Hi Daniel,

    Im visiting harbin this dec 2019 and would like to go to snow town how much is the bus fare nangang is there a straight route to snow town rather stopping at yabuli?

    But if we stop a yabuli how many hours is being alocated before going to snow town.

    Please also share the updated entrance ticket to snow town.


    Alan Sy

  41. Dear Alan,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    I have just updated the direct shuttle between Harbin and Snow. Please check out the below ( also the updated the page):

    The direct shuttle service between Harbin and Snow Town

    Harbin – – Snow Town Shuttle Service:
    There are two starting points for the shuttle bus from Harbin to Snow Town. Check out the two starting points below:

    1. Depart from the entrance to Longyun Tourism
    Add: 4-1 Jiuzhan Street, Harbin
    龙运旅游门前 (九站街4-1号)

    2. Depart from Beidahuang International Hotel
    Add: 175 Hongqi Avenue, Harbin + 60 minutes

    Shuttle Bus Timetable ( from Harbin to Snow Town)
    6:00 – 12:00
    8:00 – 14:00
    9:00 – 15:00
    10:00 – 16:00
    12:00 -18:00
    13:00 – 19:00

    Snow Town — Harbin Shuttle Service:
    The shuttle bus starting from the service center of Snow Town to the following places in Harbin:

    1. Beidahuang International Hotel
    Add: 175 Hongqi Avenue, Harbin

    2. At the crossroad of West Erdao Street, Zhongyang Avenue, Harbin

    3. No.4-1 Jiuzhan Street in Daoli District, Harbin

    Shuttle Bus Timetable ( from Snow Town to Harbin)
    7:00 – 13:00
    9:00 – 15:00
    10:00 – 16:00
    12:00 – 18:00
    13:00 -19:00
    13:30 – 19:30

    Bus fare: 120 yuan per person ( single bus trip)
    Ticket booking inquiry : 18045399579 / 15714539993
    24-hour enquiry in China Snow Town: 400-000-0453

    The main entrance to China Snow Town: 95 Yuan
    Ferry Bus: 10 yuan
    See the sunrise at Yangcao Mountain : 280 Yuan
    Hotel: about 400 – 600 per night
    Three meals a day: about 100 yuan

    It is said that there are some tourist scams at Snow Town. Just be vigilant!

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