Women Summer Dresses & Fashion Beijing, China

Among the Top 10 Photo Spots in Beijing, the 17-Arch Bridge at Summer Palace is my favorite photogenic spectacle. Summer Place itself is the epic demonstration of the traditional Chinese gardening with all its essential elements – lakes, hills, rockeries, pavilions, corridors, archways, bridges and temples.

The 17-arch bridge stands out as one of the great photography spots within Summer Palace. It is the largest bridge on Kunming Lake in Summer Palace that connects the eastern shore with South Lake Island, representing Penglai, a magic place where you are supposed to live forever without pain and no winter, a paradise on earth.

The charm of the bridge changes with at sunrise and sunset, the four different seasons, and also different angles of view. In winter, the golden sun’s rays shoot through the 17 arches in the bridge, a photogenic miracle.

Today my purpose to go to Summer Palace is not mainly for the shooting of the landscape or the 17-arch bridge in particular. Instead, I’d like to take candid photos of the people passing back and forth across the bridge, who are coming all parts of China and around the world since Summer Palace is a must see hot spot for first-time visitors to Beijing.

Candid street photography, or candid portrait photography is a good to record what is happening in a place you are not familiar with in terms of lifestyle, dresses, fashion and more.

My small view angle standing by the side of the 17-arch bridge provides you some visual information on the dresses Chinese ladies wear in summer. Of course,  they just some samples of what the local women wear in summer,unable to cover all of them.

People coming through the famous 17-arch bridge
Snap a photo of a smartly dressed lady by the bridge.
Two fashion girls hand in hand viewed from behind.
The two modern girls seen on the side.
The clean and white girl with hat and glasses
A girl iPhone photographing
A girl with a colorful kite viewed from behind
A smart girl with a bunch of flowers
People in summer dresses
Taking Pictures
Jumping high above the bridge
The beautiful sunset over the bridge and Kuming Lake in Summer Palace

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  1. I always wanted to visit China’s the Great Wall of China, once things calms down I’m visiting there, and I’m booking my package from you guys only.

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