Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour?  If you are looking for some romantic places to foster, rediscover or repair your Love for one another in a new, romantic, exotic place, Beijing will not let you down.  Here I’ve compiled a list of romantic places in Beijing. Hope you like them. 

Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing


Place # 01: Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing
Chateau Changyu Beijing is situated in Miyun County, northeast of Beijing, one and half hour-drive from downtown Beijing. It is the joint venture of China, America, Italy, Portugal and other countries. Here, you can relax and rewind yourself, drinking, walking with beautiful buildings and grassland, an ideal place for wedding photography, birthday party, wedding anniversary…

Its European-style hotel has various rooms featuring typical European decor and are equipped with European furniture, lamps and artwork. Red wines are also available in room.

In addition, this Beijing hotel offers abundant recreational options. Guests can play chess or cards, indulge in video games or enjoy trips to the sauna or spa. Guests looking for something a little more competitive can go bowling, join in a basketball game or go swimming.

the Commune by the Great Wall

Place # 02:
the Commune by the Great Wall
The Commune by the Great Wall is a group of modern architecture near the Badaling section of the Great Wall. Ms Zhang Xin is the mastermind and investor for the project.

The Commune has furniture and other interior decorations from such distinguished designers as Serge Mouille, Thierry Hoppe, Von Robinson, Philippe Starck, Alex Strub and etc. No matter you stay here only one night, just stick around for a romantic lunch, The Commune by the Great Wall be a perfect spot for a couple seeking a unique experience.

the Schoolhouse by the Mutianyu Great Wal
the Schoolhouse by the Mutianyu Great Wal

Place # 03:
the Schoolhouse by the Mutianyu Great Wall
The Schoolhouse used to be an abandoned elementary school in the Great Wall Village. Now it has been changed into garden-like campus. Its canteen offers foods using the fresh local ingredients and made in their own sanitary kitchen.

The schoolhouse canteen’s regular menu is focused on light Italian food with homemade ice cream, sorbets and chocolates. After lunch, you may learn the art of glass making and watch the glassblowers in action in the courtyard.

You will be amazed by the rich variety of the glass exhibits in their art room. Come here for a romantic lunch with the Great Wall Mutianyu in sight. What’s more, take Handmade Glass Souvenirs home as kind of fondling memory.



A boat cruising on the Shichahai Lake
Place # 04: a boat cruising on the Shichahai Lake
The local boat company makes use of the boats which are 7 meters in length and 1.7 meters in width. It is made in line with the old Chinese Traditional painting dating to the Song Dynasty 800 years ago.

All the boats are paddled by the boatmen who wear in yellow vests and bamboo hats. All the boats are equipped with all the red lanterns. You can enjoy some tea and local snacks on the boat.

And at the same time, you also have the chance to get a close view of the local people’s daily life on the banks while enjoying the sweet tune from the Chinese stringed and woodwind instruments played by the ladies on the bow of boats.

Nanluoguxiang, Nan Luo Gu Xiang

Place # 05: Nanluoguxiang, Nan Luo Gu Xiang
Nanluoguxiang is situated between Gulou Dongajie (Drum Tower East Street ) at its north and Dianmen on Ping’ an Dajie at its south.

The lane is now famous for the cafes and bars and clothing and handicraft shops that line its hutong laneways as well as its traditional hutong and courtyards (siheyuan).

It is another bar area besides Houhai Bar street, Workers’Stadium and Sanlitun bar street. Nanluoguxiang is a perfect blend of past and present, a quiet drinking and eating place for much privacy.

The Place

Place # 06: The Place (My Trip to The Place – a blend of shopping mall, office building…)
The Place is located about 500 meters north of Guiyou Mansion or Silk Market Building. It is in the center of CBD ( Central Business Center ).

The Place is mainly composed of the huge screen in the middle and two luxury buildings on its both sides. People walk around under the screen enjoying the space art, high technique, lighting.

The Place is also a place for luxury shopping and gourmet experience. There are several open-air bars for you to relax. The Place is a blend of shopping mall, office building, Space Art and Fashion. The Place is designed by Jeremy Railton. He is also the designer for the world largest electric screen in Las Vegas.

798 Art Zone

Place # 07:
798 Space
798 Art Zone, or Factory 798, the Beijing “Greenwich Village” or “SoHo”, a part of Dashanzi in the Chaoyang District of Beijing that holds a rich artist community.

It is located in a 50-year old out of service military factory complex with a functional Bauhaus-influenced design. It is an ideal place for couples with passion for arts, also one of the frequented places for wedding photography.

Summer Palace, the former largest royal garden in China

Place # 08:
Summer Palace, Summer Palace Beijing
Situated at the northwest suburb of Beijing, the Summer Palace was originally a royal garden and a temporary dwelling palace for emperors of Qing Dynasty.

The water surface of its Kunming Lake is spacious like sky, charming, gentle and appealing. In the vast mist covered water stand the magic hills and wonder islands; the Seventeen-arch Bridge spans the green water like a rainbow.

The West Dike of the lake runs from north to south. Walking along the lake within the former royal garden, or boating on the lake itself, with breeze blowing over your face, you and your lover are temporarily lost in your two people world.

Beihai Park, former royal winter palace

Place # 09: Beihai Park
Beihai Park is an extremely popular park among Beijingers and tourists alike. It is very large, and almost two-thirds of it is a lake.

The park sits in the center of Beijing,and it used to be the royal garden of the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Emperors.The park is rife with greenery and assorted pavilions, corridors and gardens abound.

In summer, Beihai is an ideal place to go to escape from the blazing summer heat. You can paddle around in a bizarre assortment of boats. There are odd, duck-shaped paddle boats.

In the winter, the lake freezes over and Beihai turns into a huge skating rink. Within Beihai is also the famous Fangshan Restaurant, the best known of the Imperial Court style restaurants where you can eat Qing Dynasty type food.

Great Wall Courtyard Inn

Place # 10:
Great Wall Courtyard Inn
Situated at the foot of Beijing Badaling Great Wall, the Great Wall Courtyard Inn is a Siheyuan-style building of Ming and Qing Dynasty.

The courtyard is about 500 meters away from Badaling Great Wall and 1000 meters away from Badaling Broken Great Wall.In the daytime, you can enjoy the undulating sights of the Great Wall. After the Great Wall hiking, you can go to the hot spring nearby to wash off your dust and tiredness.

The traditional courtyard is not luxurious, but bright and clean, making you relax your body as well as your mind. It has a nice lobby of 150 square meters where you can meet other travelers. The inn is equipped with modern accommodation facilities.

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  1. The most romantic places in Beijing? Are you serious? Maybe the great wall lodges and the summer palace but none of the other places can be listed here … and particularily not Changyu “chateau” …

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