Best Beijing Restaurants with a View

Plan your Beijing tour? Are you thinking of dining at a landscaping restaurant? We’ve listed some best restaurants in Beijing with a view, which can create a grand and romantic atmosphere for your meal . Whether it’s a view of the neon lights of the bustling city, a scene of the massive Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, or the imperial garden of Summer Palace, Beijing’s best restaurants with a view come up fabulous vistas and serve flavorful fare as well.

1. Capital M 前门M餐厅 (Views: Qianmen and Tiananmen Square)
Owned by a famous Australian restaurateur named Michelle Garnaut, this restaurant is elegant with a better view of Qianmen Tower and Tiananmen Square. This is Michelle’s fourth restaurant in China after the Fringe in Hong Kong, M on the Bund and Glamour Bar in Shanghai.

Capital M offers western style food with big dishes and featuring recipes of desserts (pavlova), smoked cod, baked beef steak, baked suckling pigs and more.

Graciously decorated with imported tableware and rugs, you are rendered with good service, a perfect place for friends gathering and couples’ romantic hangout.

Restaurant: Capital M
Average Cost: approx. 366 yuan per person
Add: 3/F, No.2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street 东城区前门大街2号3楼
Tel: 0086 (10) 6702 2727 Fax: 0086 (10 ) 6702 3737

2. The Courtyard Restaurant 马克南四合轩西餐厅 (View: Forbidden City)
Chef Brian McKenna creates a unique Beijing dining experience at this restaurant, situated opposite to the east gate of the Forbidden City. The restaurant features the innovative and creative cuisine with fantastic fare and impeccable service.

The Courtyard Restaurant offers French-style food including the favorite cuisines like yummy bread, salt baked fish, smoked cod, baked piglet, baked beef steak and more.

Located adjacent to the eastern gate of the Forbidden City and perched quietly in a courtyard, the restaurant commands a spectacular views with elegant decoration, an ideal place for business and leisure gathering.

Restaurant: The Courtyard Restaurant
Average Cost: approx. 815 yuan per person
Add: 95 Donghua Men Da Jie, Dongcheng District 东城区东华门大街95号
Tel: 0086 (10) 65268883

3. Xiao Wang Fu (Shichahai) 小王府餐厅(什刹海店)(View: Houhai Lake – Shichahai )
Shichahai mainly consists of three lakes – Qianhai (front lake), Houhai (back lake) and Xihai (west lake). Locally “Shichahai” is very often called “Houhai” (Back Lake). Shichahai was once a part of the old Grand Canal of the Yuan Dynasty 700 years ago and the area around Shichahai used to a main commercial area in Qing Dynasty (1368 – 1644).

The old Hutongs and courtyards were laid out during Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). Today you still can find many local people still live in these alley courtyards (Siheyuan) gradually formed about 800 years ago in Shichahai area. So in Shichahai, you have a feel of the past and appreciate the fabulous lake view as well.

The Xiao Wang Fu restaurant commands a fantastic view over a broad water surface of Houhai ( Back Lake) near the Lotus Flower Market Bar Street on the west shoreline of the Back Lake. Though not delicately and ornately built, you have a long sun room along the lake, giving you a unique experience eating Beijing flavor over the long-history lake, traditional dwellings and the sense of the old culture. After your dining, you stroll to the sites nearby visiting Yinding Bridge, Yandai Byway, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, hutongs and courtyards.

The recommended dishes include specially made lamp ribs, fragrant port ribs, Gongbao shrimp balls, roasted Beijing ducks, Hot and Sour Cuttlefish Roe Soup and more.

Restaurant: Xiao Wang Fu (Shichahai)
Average Cost: approx. 229 yuan per person
Add: 15, North edge of Qianhai, Xicheng Distict ( close to Lotus Flower Market ) 西城区前海北沿15号(近荷花市场)
Tel: 010-66175558 010-66131118

4. Naoki and Aman, the Summer Palace 颐和安缦-NAOKI(又名:直樹怀石料理)
(View: Summer Palace)
Summer Palace was a royal palace in later Qing Dynasty, only secondary to the Forbidden City. Summer Palace is actually not just a former royal palace where once Princess Dowager Cixi and the emperor lived and handled court affairs, it also epitomizes classical Chinese architecture, in terms of both garden design and construction. It is the largest royal garden in Beijing, now a good retreat for holiday makers.

As one of the best boutique hotels in Beijing, the Aman at the Summer Palace is built on the basis of the original architecture of the Summer Palace and it totally merges into the landscape of the Summer Palace, which is in comformity with the belief of Aman: the perfect blend between man and nature.

Naoki is a French-style Japanese restaurant opened by a Japanese chef. The décor in the restaurant looks plain per the overall style of Aman. Sitting in the room with the opening of the French windows, visitors can have a beautiful view of the landscapes outside, a mix of French, Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Recommended cuisines: Rizhao chickens, Lobster soup, Huoye steak and a few Japanese set meals.

Restaurant: Naoki and Aman, the Summer Palace
Average Cost: approx. 1490 yuan per person
Add: Inside Aman, 1 Gongmen Front Street, Summer Palace 颐和园宫门前街1号颐和安缦酒店内
Tel: 0086 10 59879999, ext 7456

5. Red Tomato Chuzhenfang (the bird’s nest shop) 红蕃茄楚珍舫(鸟巢店)
(View: Bird’s Nest – National Stadium )
This restaurant is located on the first floor in Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing, which is just on the east of the Bird’s Nest, a closest restaurant to the National Building ( Bird’s Nest).

The windows of the restaurants are full of the massive bird’s nest building. At nightfall, the window grass turns into a miracle fresco. As a Hubei favor restaurant, it is decorated with ancient arts and musical instruments from Hubei Province, making it a place of Chinese classical atmosphere. Eating and drinking over the melodies of the Jingchu culture.

Recommended cuisines: Dupo chikens, Casserole Hui Fish, Steamed Wuchang Fish and more Hubei cuisines.

Restaurant: Red Tomato Chuzhenfang
Average Cost: approx. 132 yuan per person
Add: First floor on Grand Skylight Catic Hotel, 18 Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District 北辰东路18号凯迪克格兰云天大酒店1楼 Tel: 010-84981055

6. China Grill 北京亮餐厅 (View: Beijing Central Business District – Manhattan in Beijing )
China Grill is one of the highest restaurants in Beijing and it is located on the 66th floor, Park Hyatt Beijing, No.2 Jianguomen Outer St., Chaoyang, Beijing.

The long and the top to the bottom grass windows allow each dinner to have a chance to view the outside landscapes – China World Hotel, CCTV New Office Tower and the bustling Chang’an Avenue. The night view is dazzling, every minute making you intoxicated.

Recommended cuisines: Seafood platter, Appetizer bread, mashed Potatoes, Black pepper lobsters and more.

Restaurant: China Grill
Average Cost: approx. 833 yuan per person
Add: the 66th floor, Park Hyatt Beijing, No.2 Jianguomen Outer St., Chaoyang 建国门外大街2号柏悦酒店66楼
Tel: 010-85671099 010-85671840

7. Migas Restaurant and Lounge米家思“西”餐厅 (View: Sanlitun )
This stylish restaurant offers Spanish food with the chefs from Spain. It has an elegant environment decorated with Miro-esque paintings. On the top floor there is a spacious place of over 500 square meters with a 360-degree of the view over the Sanlitun area – one of the most busy and bustling places in Beijing rife with with stores and shopping malls.

The delicate restaurant serves up a wide selection of modern Spanish tapas with a good wine selection. Sitting there, appreciating the views from the terrace.

Recommended cuisines: Mojito, Olive oil fried bass, and Black cod salad

Restaurant: Migas Restaurant and Lounge
Average Cost: approx. 310 yuan per person
Add: 6/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun 三里屯路81号那里花园6层
Tel: 0086 10 5208 6061

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