Champs-Élysées in Paris & Wangfujing Street in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour? Apart from other must see attractions in Beijing, Wangfujing Street is recommended to be listed on your first trip to Beijing. Like Champs-Élysées to Paris, Beijing has also own iconic street – Wangfujing Street.

Both Champs-Élysées and Wangfujing Street have a metro line which happens to be named as the same metro line number – Line 1. With Metro Line 1, Champs-Élysées is linked to Concorde Square while Wangfujing Street is connected to Tiananmen Square.

Wandering along Champs-Élysées from Concorde Square to Arc de Triomphe is a must do activity for many first time  visitors to Paris, While visiting Beijing, walking from Wangfujing Street to Tiananmen Square is often chosen for a walking trip in Beijing.

With public transportion including metro, bus and taxis, you are easily able to reach Wangfujing Street. If you want to visit Wangfujing Street only, you are advised to leave the street for your hotel by subway. It is very difficult to hail a taxi on the Wangfujing Street. Sometimes you may come arosss a “black” taxi driver who will charge you an exorbant price.

Of course, after visiting Wangfujing Street, many travelers would prefer to continue to walk to Tiannamen Square, and further move on to Forbidden City for a half day trip in Beijing.

Champs-Élysées is teemed with bars, restaurants and world famous brand chain stores. Beijing’s Wangfujing Street is a pedestrialise street also rife with shops and restaurants ans street bars epsecially popular during summer time.

Beijing Wangfujing Street after dark is very much attractive with neon lights. Most of the stores on the street are open till 9;00pm or 10:00pm. Another important reason to visit Wangfujing Street is to have a bite of the street food at Wangfujing Night Snack Food Street. The food night street, a day time main street, turns to a snack street at nightfall.

While enjoying your amble on Champs-Élysées in Paris, don’t miss your walk along Wangfujing Street on your next trip to Beijing, the capital city of China.

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