Beijing public toilets VS London Public toilets

Years ago using public toilets in Beijing was an experience not for the faint-hearted, dirty and smelly, a major tourist complaint from international tourists on their Beijing Tour. In the past 6 years Beijing has allocated over 400 million yuan (approx. 40 million GBP) investment to upgrade its public toilets. It has adopted a toilet star-rated system ranking the public toilets from one to five stars.
Now Beijing, with over 5,000 public toilets built and renovated, has become the world’s No. 1 metropolitan city in terms of public toilets. All the public toilets are free of charges. Most of the public toilets are equipped with remote-sensor flushing, automatic hand drier…
The squat toilets are widely used in Beijing and other parts of China, which are considered more hygienic for there is no body contact in comparison with the condition of some public toilet seats. But a squating culture of China clashes with that of seated toilts preferred by the Westerners, which are more comfortable and convenient for the elderly.
In recent years an increasing number of seated toilets have been available in the public toilets in Beijing. When you have sightseeing around the City of Beijing, it is very convenient for you just walk around 5 minutes to fnd a toilet.
You are kindly reminded that many of the public toilets in Beijing are short of toilet paper, especially for the low-rated toilets hutong areas, which are mainly used by neighborhood residents.
2 star toilets in Beijing
2 star toilets in Beijing
4 star toilets in Beijing
How to find the public toilets in Beijing?
1. Star-rated toilets in attractions
2. Residantial areas in hutong
3. The main streets
4. Shopping centers and department store
5. Hotel lobbies
6. McDonald’s
In London, it is quite difficult to find a toilet on the streets. And the number of public toilets in London are declining. Many of the limited public toilets implement a charge admission. The cost of answering nature’s call range 20 to 50 pennies each time.
50 pennies for toilet admission
Change for the 50 pennies coins via the change machine
Insert the 50 pennies and enter the loo.
How to find free toilets in London?
1. Museums and art galleries
2. McDonald’s
3. Shopping malls
4. Hotel lobbies
5. Inside the major attractions
A free toilet at the Portsmouth Railway Station, but with controlled openning time.
A signboard by a free toilet in the Train Station of Portmouth

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