Beijing Capital Airport Departure Terminal 3

What does the terminal 3 international departure hall (boarding area) of Beijing airport look like and what kind of service and facilities can you expect from Terminal 3 departure section?

These are very common questions lingering in the minds of the first time foreign visitors who had no chance to have a close look at Terminal 3 when they arrived in Beijing.

Now you are finishing your Beijing Tour and going home by flight through terminal 3 of Beijing airport. Maybe you are thinking of doing some shopping at the duty free stores or sitting down for a coffee break or whatever, you want to know what Terminal 3 international departure waiting hall can offer.

Well, last May we flew out from Terminal 3 for London, we arrived a bit early at terminal 3 departure waiting hall and I did some research on Terminal 3 accordingly, writing down its facilities and process for check-in and waiting at terminal 3. Hopefully my post will be useful for planning your Beijing Trip.

Terminal 3 International Departure is mainly composed of two parts: Check-in counters and departure waiting hall (boarding area). The international flight check-in counters are on the fourth floor of the Terminal 3 building while second floor for arrival, first floor for Beijing Airport Bus, Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus, the underground floor for Beijing Taxi, Beijing Taxis and third floor for airline offices.

The fourth floor check-in area and international departure waiting hall (boarding area) is linked by light train lines running every minute or two. Once you are in the departure waiting hall, make sure which gate you will depart since there are totally 50 gates in the departure hall.

After your checking in at the departure counters on the fourth floor, you go through the international departure channel, and go down on an escalator to the second floor for customs and security check, then take a shuttle train to the second floor of the departure hall.

The first floor is for arrival passengers who will take a shuttle train in an opposite way to the arrival hall of terminal 3.

We are approaching the fourth floor departure area of Terminal 3.

We are approaching the fourth floor departure area of Terminal 3.
We are on the car lanes by the gates of the fourth floor of Terminal 3.
International departure waiting hall map (boarding area)
Wi-Fi is available in the departure waiting hall.
Drinking water is available in a short interval.
Toilets are available at a short interval.
International Departure waiting hall retail map
Sunrise Duty Free
Cathay House
Shopping at Cathay House
Duty Free
Selling local products
A waiting BA plane by the boarding area
Inside the cabin of the BA plane on an 10 hours 40 minutes flight from Beijing to London

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