Beijing Ski Resorts Review

If you make a Beijing tour in winter, skiing is highly recommended on your Beijing tour plan no matter you are an experienced skier or you never have had any experience of skiing.

Beijing is a metropolitan enclave that requires only 1-4 hour’s drive to reach the ski slopes. Several ski hills sit right on the edge of the city.

A dry and less snow city, most of the Ski Resorts in Beijing produce some of the best man-made snow in the world with hi-tech snow making equipment and groomers to make sure that the runs are always in perfect condition.

There are dozens of ski resorts around Beijing within the range of one hour – 4 hours’ drive. The following 4 ski fields are mostly welcome due to its featuring market positioning catering for different groups of skiers.

Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Resort is the most successful ski resort in Beijing. Each year it receives over twenty hundred thousand skiers.

One and half hour drive puts you in Nanshan Ski Resort located in Miyun County in the northeast of Beijing. Majority of the skiers coming to Nanshan are young people who are energetic and skilful in skiing and snowboarding.

1 Jingcheng Highway – Exit 15, Shunmi Road – Nanshan Ski Resort
2 Airport Highway – Airport North Line – Exit Pinggu – turn lift after Chaobai River – Shunmi Road – Nanshan Ski Resort
3 Jingshu Road – Kulijshu Traffic Circle – Kaifang Traffic Circle – Jingmi Fast Lane – Turn right at West Bridge – Nanshan Ski Resort
4 Take Bus No.980, the Dongmi Special Railway line, stop at West Bridge, take taxi to Nanshan Ski Resort

Jundushan Ski Resort 

Jundushan Ski Resort is favored by the people with the age bwtween 40-55. It is located in the famous Xiaotangshan Landscape Resort Area in Changping District, about over 50 kms from the center of Beijing.

Extending your trip to one hour finds you in Junshan Ski Resort.
1. Exit 13C at Badaling Highway – Xiguan Traffic Circle – Dongguan Traffic Circle – Jundu Ski Resort
2.Exit 11 (Xiaotangshan) at Badaling Highway – Jingmi Yinshuiqu – northward after seeing the guidepost – Jundu Ski Resort
3.Jingcheng Highway – Heading Changping – Exit in Xiaotangshan – Xingshou – Jundu Ski Resrort
4. Take Bus No. 345 (branch), or No. 918 at Deshengmen, stop at Dongguan Traffic circle, then take small bus No. 12 until Jundu Ski Resort 

Snow-world Ski Resort  

Snow-world ski resort is most family friendly, only 40 minites’drive from downtown Beijing, the nearest to Beijing city center.

Beside normal skiing activities, Beijing Snow World Ski Resort offers snow flying disc, romantic sleigh drawn by dogs or houses, Ice garden, and Snow garden. Most parents would come to Snow-world to play ice and snow with their kids.

1. Go out from 13A at Badaling Highway, northward 6kms at Ming Tomb, on Changping Traffic circle, then turn left about 800 meters at Tailing Park
2. Take Bus 345 (lateral) at Deshengmen, then get off at Zhengfa University, then take Bus 3 (Huancheng), get off at the Snow World Ski Resort. 

Wanlong Ski Resort 

Wanlong Ski Resort is situated at Honghualiang, 12km in the east of Chongli County in Zhangjiakou City, about 260km northwest of Beijing.

It is the largest mountain ski resort in Northeast China. At the time writing, there are totally 22 trails in Wanlong Ski Resort, including advanced, intermediate and primary levels, occupying over 700,000 square meters. Every trail is equipped with a perfect snow–made system.

In comparison with the three resorts above, Wanlong Ski Resort is mainly targeted at high-end and high-level skiers. Each year, it takes over fifteen hundred thousand skiers from all over the world.

Normally you have two options of going from Beijing to Wanlong Ski Resort – either by driving along Jingzhang Expressway and directly getting to Wanlong or first taking a fast train from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, then connecting a local van or bus from Zhangjiakou to Wanlong Ski Resort.

Some photos of the trails in Wanlong Ski Resort:

Wanlong Ski Resort A
Wanlong Ski Resort B
Wanlong Ski Resort C
Wanlong Ski Resort D
Wanlong Ski Resort E
Wanlong Ski Resort F
Wanlong Ski Resort G

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