How to visit Shidu

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Plan your Beijing excursions? Shidu day trip is highly recommended on your Beijing excursion list. Shidu Scenic Area is located in Shidu Town of Fangshan District, about 80km southwest of downtown Beijing.

Shidu Scenic area mainly refers to the Juma River cutting through the north of Taihang Moutains with a length of 20km. There used to be 10 ferries along the Juma River, hence the name “Shidu” which literally means “10 ferries”. Actually Shidu has totally 18 ferries though it is called “10 Ferries (Shidu).

Today the 10 ferries no longer exist, but the name of Shidu is still in use. Shidu Scenic Area is dubbed as “Little Guilin” for its beautiful water and mountains. The view of each Du (Ferry) has its own characteristics. Among the 10 Ferries (Shidu), Ferry No.03, Ferry No.07 and Ferry No.09 are the most beautiful.

Ferry No.03 (Sandu)
The rock sign of Ferry No.03 engraved with the words “Bamboo Peak Praying for Rain”.

Bamboo Peak Praying for Rain

Grand Canyon

Ferry No.07 (Qidu)
The rock sign of Ferry No.07 engraved with the words “The sun rises from the east”.The most attractive site in Qidu (Ferry No.07) is Gushanzhai, which is located in the Qindu Village.

Gushanzhai is an ancient dry river bed in a winding valley known for its queer rocks, gushing waterfalls. It is wild, weird and quite here in the valley of Gushanzhai. Ripe persimmons and the valley

Ripe persimmons and the valley

Me with a backdrop of torch tress

Me with a backdrop of torch tress

The valley in autumn

The valley in autumn

bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting

Ferry No.09(Jiudu)

Ferry No.09 (Jiudu) is the tourist center for Shidu Scenic Area with lots of home inns, hotels and restaurants. The famous Shidu bungee is also located here in the Ferry No.09.Cable car and Bungee

Cable car and Bangee

Various restaurants on the street in Ferry No.09

Various restaurants on the street in Ferry No.09

Vendors along the street


Ferry No.18 (the last ferry)
Shidu (10 ferries) actually has 18 ferries. So this is the last ferry with a rock sign engraved with the words – Three “Purity” Merged. “Three Purity” means beautiful mountains, clear water and light clouds.
Three “Purity” Merged.

Three Purity Merged.

Ferry 18 in Autumn

Ferry 18 in Autumn

How to vsit Shidu
1. By Bus

Bus No. 917
Bus Station: Tianqiao ( 天桥汽车站)
Destination: Shidu (十渡)
Bus Operation Hours: 6:00 – 17:00
Taking about 3-4 hour for a single trip

2. Self-drive
Drive southwest along Jingshi Exoresswau (京石高速公路), get off from the expressway at Exit of Liulihe (琉璃河出口),passing by Liui River, driving through Hancunhe Village, driving by Yunju Temple, and arriving at Shidu.
3. Entrance Fees
1) Bamboo rafting: RMB 100
2) Gushanzhai: RMB 40
Tel: 61340078



Fangshan District is well known for its persimmons


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10 Responses to “How to visit Shidu”

  1. ms weerasekera says:

    how much do we have to pay for the entrance?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Ms Weerasekera,

    First, no entrance fee for the so-called Shidu. But there are some pay activities within the Shidu area listed as follows:

    1. Juma River Drifting: RMB 80 p/p ( boat and safety jacket )
    2. CS Game: RMB 80 p/p per hour ( clothes, gun and coach )
    3. Donghu Lake Scenic Area: RMB 50 (东湖港风景区)
    4. Gushanzhai Scenic Area (孤山寨风景区) RMB 75
    5. Bungee: RMB 200

    Have a good time in Shidu.

    How to get to Shidu? Check out the link below:

  3. ms weerasekera says:

    Thanks …just another question how so we get from the beijing central train station to Beiwei road?

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello Ms Weerasekera,

    Beijing central train station? Do you refer to Beijing Railway Station? If so, you take Public Bus 622 or 20 and get off at the 8th station of Tianqiao (天桥站). The Tianqiao (天桥站)is near Beijing Natural History Museum. Nanwei Road ( not Beiwei Road ). You walk along Nanwei Road ( 南纬路) opposite the main entrance to the Museum, and soon you will find the bus station for Shidu.

    Bus 622 or 20 is about 480 meters on the east of the main road in front of Beijing Railway Station.

  5. sajad says:

    I am planning to visit shidu park the next week.Is it open in this season? and does the bus No.836 active yet?
    Thank you.

  6. Beijing Tour says:

    Hi sajad,

    As far as I know, Shidu Park will be open srarting from March 16. Bus No.836 should be still there.

  7. liu says:

    best season to visit the shidu ?

  8. Beijing Tour says:

    Hi Liu,

    You may visit Shidu from late April through September.

  9. Megan says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any accommodation near there? Do you have any contact details?

  10. Beijing Tour says:

    Hi Megan,

    We don’t have any contact phone numbers for the inns along the street and some farmhouse inns nearby. There are many family run inns and you can go there,looking for a place you like.

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