The Best Place to View Peony in Beijing

In the traditional floral symbol of China, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honour. Peony is often considered China’s national flower ( though not officially declared ).  Peonies in the city of Luoyang are of-lauded as the most beautiful in China and the peony festival in Luoyang is held annually between April and May.

If you don’t have enough time to go to Luoyang to see peonies during Luoyang Peony Festival while travelling in Beijing, you will have a good alternative – Jingshan Peony Festival, the local peony festival in Beijing with its venue in Jingshan Park, just north of the northern exit to Forbidden City. Jingshan Peony Festival lasts from Mid-April to the end of May each year.

Jingshan just sits across the north exit gate to Forbidden City. After finishing your visit to Forbidden City from south to north, you exit from Forbidden City’s north gate. Exiting from the northern gate, raising your head, you will see a pavilion with three-layered eaves perched on a hill. The hill is called Jingshan Hill ( Coal Hill or prospect Hill) and the Jingshan Hill with its surrounding area is officially known as Jingshan Park.

There are three gates to Jingshan Park – the Southern Gate ( across Forbidden City ); East Gate and West Gate.  Entry ticket: RMB 2 per person; RMB10 per person during Peony Festival April and May. Opening hours: 6am – 9pm all year round.

The venue for Jingshan Peony Festival is located in the north of Jingshan Park, just to the north of Jingshan Hill, the largest peony garden in Beijing.

The official statics show that there are over twenty thousand peonies with 559 types in the garden.  Some of the peonies have long been kept as precious royal types and some of them are from Luoyang and Heze which are nationally famous for their brilliant peonies.

Planing your Beijing tour between Mid-April and May? Don’t miss a short side trip to Jingshan Peony Festival if you are a flower enthusiast.

The Peony Garden is behind Jingshan Hill with a pavilion with three-layered eaves on the top
The Largest Peony Garden in Beijing
Each Year the Peony Festival attracts a great number of visitors
Peonies are big and fragrant
Peonies are in full blossom
Purple-colored Peonies
Facing the sunshine
White, pink and red peonies
Beautiful Peony
Peonies in the sunset glow

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