Huangshan Travel – My First Day on Mount Huangshan (2)

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At 12:30pm we had lunch at the Chinese restaurant on the first floor in Beihai Hotel. After lunch, we took a 2-hour break. At 3:00pm we started from Beihai Hotel for our afternoon walking tour of the views in the North Sea.

In terms of the sea of clouds in Huangshan, the Huangshan landscape is divided into five parts: East Sea, West Sea, North Sea, Front Sea (South Sea) and Sky Sea (in the middle of Huangshan Mountain). Our sightseeing this morning was focused on East Sea.

0.05km Walk from our Beihai Hotel to Dawn Pavilion

The Down Pavilion was our first sight in the afternoon sightseeing. The steps leading to the pavilion is a little steep, but it isn’t hard to climb up if you keep your slow pace.
Dawn Peak
As the name implies, the Dawn Peak is one of the best place to see the sunrise in Huangshan Mountain.

The peak is 1625 in altitude. From this peak, you can also see and admire the granite forest peaks in Huangshan Mountain.

Standing on the Down Peak with the Beginning-to-Believe Peak as a backdrop

People on the Refreshing Terrace to enjoy the granite Peaks around

Refreshing Terrace

We just continued to walk from Dawn Peak, soon we met the Refreshing Terrace, a perfect platform to overlook the granite peaks and the sea of cloud.

The rocks consist of fine granular porphyritic granite. The rock platform overhangs the cliffs.

Refreshing Terrace

Refreshing Terrace 2Photo 2

Stone Monkey Gazing over the sea of clouds

Next to Refreshing Terrace is the peak called “Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds”. But the short hike from Refreshing Terrace was a little tiring with steep steps.

Walk from refreshing terrace to Monkey

Posed by the Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds

Stone Monkey Gazing Over the Sea of Clouds

Watching Sunset
The time for today’s sunset was 5:50pm. I stood on the peak of where I saw Monkey Gazing over the sea of clouds waiting for the sunset.

This is a nice, but not the best point to see the sunset in Huangshan. Later I found the sunset view was beautiful, though not so exciting as expected.

The Sunsetting behind the Red Cloud Peak

The sun is setting

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